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The Powwow Highway, Act 1 t Scene 5

The Powwow Highway, Act 1 t Scene 5

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Published by David Seals

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Published by: David Seals on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Act One, Scene 5.
PROTECTOR circles around the stage to the next scene, with BUDDY and PHILBERTinside.BUDDYI’ve changed my mind. We’ll cash the check at the drive-up window. Cash is better.PHILBERTI’m hungry.BUDDYThe bank closes at six. there it is. You know, Philbert, I ‘member seein’ those BIA bullsa few days ago when I was down here to get some feed fer my old man. They were thescrawniest lookin’ excuses I ever seen.PHILBERTNothin’ like the Buffalo. Juicy ribs.BUDDYYep. Pitiful lookin’ bulls. Pull in there. We better go by the stockyard and sale barn whenwe’re through here.PHILBERTThey’d butcher big tenderloin steaks, with no fat. The best meat there ever was. Nothinglike these yellow-fat cattle of the Veho.BUDDYI don’t know if I can accept inferior stock on the hoof. Locust of the Plains, destroyingthe grasslands. Fuckin’ cowboys.PHILBERTMe eat.BUDDYSure. I’ll drop ya off at the cafe and go check out those starving bulls.PHILBERTNo one drives Protector but me.BUDDY
Jesus Christ, Philbert, I gotta see those bulls. We can’t let those multinationalmotherfuckers screw over the Tribe.PHILBERTMe drive.BUDDYOkay.A garbled voice at a semblance of a DRIVE-UP BANK WINDOW comes alongside theCAR.BANK (Voiceover)Good evening. How may I help you.PHILBERT (confused)Huh?BUDDYRoll down your window. I gotta cash this check.PHILBERT (but the window won’t roll down)It won’t roll . . .BUDDYC’mon Phil.BANKSir?PHILBERTIt won’t . . .BUDDY (gets out his door)Goddamnit . . .Another semblance of a CARLOAD of an INDIAN FAMILY pulls up behind them, fromthe CHORUS, wearing ordinary modern blue jeans, and then another CARLOAD behindthem.
CHORUSHey Red Bird, get movin’.BUDDYI’m tryin’ to. Here, I wanna cash this.He tries to put the check in the proffered arm into the bank by the driver’s door.BANKSir . . . you can’t . . . pedestrians, I’m sorry, we can’t accept transactions frompedestrians.BUDDY (puts check in the tube)Huh? What? No, I’m in this car.BANKI’m sorry Sir, you’ll have to get back in your car. The fire department forbids pedestriansat the drive-up window.BUDDYJesus Christ!CHORUSWatch yer mouth Buddy, we’re good Catholics here.BUDDYWatch yer own shit, Louie. Louie Vanishing Bear.‘Louie’ jumps out of his car and rushes Buddy before he knows what’s happening. Hetackles him and they wrestle to the ground.CHORUSC’mon you chickenshit Cheyennes!PHILBERT (gets out and fights too, as others rush in)Oh hell.It’s turned into a big fight, almost like the cliche saloon-fight of the movies, with men andwomen and children throwing things and flying around from punches, almost like adance or a ballet.

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