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Duality Sexual Alchemy

Duality Sexual Alchemy

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Published by Joe E Bandel
Part 3 of the Duality essays
Part 3 of the Duality essays

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Published by: Joe E Bandel on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Duality­ Sexual Alchemy
The greatest secret of all time is the use of the male and female energies to perform what issometimes known as high magic. Because of the puritan ethic that dominated society in the pastdeath was often the result of revealing too much. It is hoped today's society will be more tolerantof this sacred mystery.In chapter one we explored the normal stages of male ego development. Ego development andspiritual growth proceeded through a series of stages or steps culminating in a type of awarenessbeyond mental awareness that has been called Cosmic Consciousness.This is the direct perception of self evident truth and the archetypal nature of existence. Thispath of development has also been termed the mystical path. It is driven through prayer andmeditation.In chapter two we took the opposite and suggested it may represent the normal stages of female ego development. In retrospect we can see this path represents biological stages of development with emphasis on three distinct phases each female may progress through. Theseare the stages of maid, mother and crone. They are driven by biological factors. Family,relationships and service are very important.These two opposite paths both appear reasonable and logical and we are confronted withparadox. Both views extend from the lowest levels of awareness to the highest levels of awareness. Both are natural opposites of the other.Classic books like "Men are from Mars;Women are from Venus" give further evidence thatmales and females do experience life differently. I will go so far as to claim that males willdefault to a spiritual/intellectual view of living while being intensely drawn towardsensual/biological experiences. Males will be drawn to the female path and experience it brieflybut they can not sustain contact with it.Females will be intensely drawn to a spiritual/intellectual view of living but default tosensual/biological experiences. They will be drawn to the male path and experience it briefly butcan not sustain contact with it. They will loose interest in constant head tripping.Another factor of interest is that almost any female can experience the complete range of egodevelopment through dating, pregnancy, child birth, and menopause. Some females may be moresuccessful than others but they all reach the pinnacle and regain their connection with Goddess.This is a holistic path.The male path is quite different in that many males are not able to progress up the steps to thehigher levels of ego development. They remain stuck at uncompleted stages for their entire lives.Progress to the next stage is not allowed until the current stage is mastered. This is a linear path.We form relationships with the opposite sex to help us grow as individuals and as lovepartners. The dynamic energy exchange between these two paths propel us to become whole.In this chapter we will form connections between the two views that reflect personalexperience and help balance our inner male and female aspects. The degree format is not used inthis chapter. Instead the male and female are seen as interacting with each other at ten separatelevels.The similarity between this chapter and such practices as "drawing down the moon" arenoteworthy.
 The man and woman agree to work together as an inseparable team to accomplish theirdesired goals. Since they are meeting primarily on the mental plane it is vital they have as manyinterests in common as possible. These common interests will help to bridge the vast spiritualgap that will face them later in the work and strengthen their sense of purpose. They are drawntogether through a magnetic attraction called love. Romantic love relationships are sacred.Combined their energy is magickal.The man should have a very idealistic and spiritual nature. He will be using male energy as acatalyst to lift her spiritual nature to those spiritual heights where she can contact the Goddesswithin.When this contact is made she becomes the Goddess and by transforming his generated energycauses it to manifest objectively as healing energy or she directs it for stated magical objectives.He has the surplus energy she needs to achieve her goals. Alone his energy is wild andundirected. Together they can achieve miracles.Using the male and female energies correctly is a form of tantric sex magic. This may or maynot involve sex or orgasm. What is required is foreplay and sexual tension that is prolonged untilintense sexual, emotional, and spiritual energies are generated between them.Through physical contact these energies merge into her aura and stabilize. If they are fullyclothed holding hands together will allow this exchange of energies to take place. In essence anytype of male/female interaction will create sparks. This is the spark of sexual excitement.In magical work sincerity of purpose is important, not ritual. Whatever is done must beoriginal and meaningful to them alone. It must inspire emotions and arouse their desires. Toperform this type of sexual alchemy takes time. Mentally and emotionally explore each otherstep by step. There are ten steps.Each of the following objectives must be mastered completely before going on to the next.Each objective describes the male and female response as the male generates spiritual energy andinvokes the Goddess within her. These steps are the two previous chapters combined as theydescribe the romantic interaction between two people in love.There are ten stages or objectives that relationships progress through under normal conditions.See if you can recognize these first five.1. In this first objective the male struggles to be both body and spirit. He strives to become onewith the Christ spirit within him while still maintaining an awareness of his physical body.He looks at her and recognizes the Goddess. He sees her as a spiritual being placing her on apedestal and mentally kneels before her. He has expectations and standards for her that are sohigh only a Goddess could fulfill them. He does not feel worthy of her love. She feels his energycoming into her aura and body.Mentally she identifies with the spiritual Goddess within her and opens herself to embrace hisenergy. This is true Goddess love. She acts through instinct and recognizes what sensations hisenergy produces in her physical body.All options are explored. She allows this. She loves herself and the whole world. She acceptshis worship of her. She is the Goddess. His love makes her feel lovable.2. In this second objective she becomes the ideal for him as he gets to know her better. Mentally
he tries to understand her. She is beyond logic and reason.All answers merely bring more questions. She is a great mystery. She is good, she is evil, sheis life, she is death, she is sin, she is salvation, she is illusion, she is reality.His intellect is inadequate and he tries to intuitively understand her instead. He is in acomplete intellectual fog and at her mercy. Words can't express his feelings toward her.Her body rejoices with eagerness. Everything is right. She is a physical Goddess. Her bodyobeys her mind. she feels stability and peace. She has no expectations of him at all. Everything isnew and fresh. All is fulfillment.She feels his energy influence her sensually. Her emotions are becoming aroused. There isgreat joy and freedom in exploring these new sensations. She identifies more and more with herbody as she sees its effect on him. Her body can not be wrong. It can deal with anything thatcomes along. He is wrapped around her little finger. She uses her body deliberately to getreactions from him. She uses body language.3. He begins to trust his intuition above other things. She is the Goddess and he is in love. Thereis no one else for him or ever will be. She is his Goddess. He is content to bask in her radiance,to merely be close to her. He never felt he could find someone that was so right for him. It's likea fairy tale dream. He wants to have sex with her. Her energy makes his entire body shiver.Her new body awareness is strange and she feels timid, shy, and uncertain. She feels weak andpowerless compared to him. The very force of the emotions he is generating threaten tooverwhelm her.Instead of reaching spiritual heights the force of his emotions is plunging her down the steepincline into sensual materialism. Recklessly and joyously she forsakes all spiritual values and letsit take her where it will. This is also part of being a Goddess. She wants to have sex with him.4. He finds joy and peace in daydreaming about her. He lets his imagination run wild as heexplores fantasy after fantasy. His daydreams become more real than she is. It is what shespiritually represents that he is in love with. He tries to draw this Goddess down into her physicalbody with his imagination. When they have sex he is making love to the Goddess and not to her.She feels apprehension and sorrow at her sudden exposure to the intensity of his emotions. He isnow generating tangible psychic force and she must accept it and transform it. This force at firstseems hostile and threatening. It stirs her emotions wildly. This is her first eye opening exposureto the forces that can be generated this way.It is both terrifying and exciting. How can he have so much energy? It is too much for her soshe tries to channel his energy upward to the Goddess. Sex is not what she thought is would beand she instinctively feels that something is not right about how he feels about her. He doesn'treally know her.5. He realizes she is holding back and having difficulties with his energy. He turns his vastcreative energies exclusively toward developing a type of energy she can work with. Throughtrial and error he examines the nature of the energy he is sending her. He perfects and refineseach type of energy until he can send each type to her at will. Physical sex entraps both of themand she becomes pregnant.She is totally overwhelmed by the varieties and force of the energies he is sending. This is a

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