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Duality the Female

Duality the Female

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Published by Joe E Bandel
Part 2 of the Duality Essays
Part 2 of the Duality Essays

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Published by: Joe E Bandel on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Duality­The Female
Now the fun begins! Let's take the information in chapter one and replace it with its naturalopposite. Where death is mentioned use birth instead. Where spiritual is mentioned use materialinstead. In short, create a document that reflects the opposite type of ego and personalitydevelopment than described in chapter one.As a theory suppose this "opposite" type of ego development reflects the normaldevelopmental process for females. Let's see if this is feasible and of interest. Remember, thefeminine nature exists within all of us, male and female.As a study of duality we will presume “Duality­The Male” reflects the normal process of personality development in males. This is just an exercise to see what happens and is not to betaken too seriously.“Duality­The Male” does represent the known stages of ego and personality developmentknown through mystery schools of the past. Trying to create an "unknown" or "hidden" oppositetype of ego and personality development is a study in the concept of duality. "If something istrue, it's opposite must also be true."No offense is intended. It is hoped additional insight into the dynamics of male/femaleinteractions may be discovered. It is also intended as an aid in the perception of duality and theenergy dynamics within male/female relationships and love in general. With this viewpoint thefemale is born with Goddess awareness having an intuitive perception of all things. She is born"psychic".
Neophyte Degree
As a child she has the ability to easily express herself with words. Everyone is struck by herinnocence and perceptiveness and they listen to what she has to say. She wants to share herGoddess perspective with others. Her words sting with truth. She is a Goddess within a child'sbody and understands all things are possible. Good things can happen to everyone. She isoptimistic and has the ability to do what ever she wants.Intuitively she knows all karma resolves itself in the end. She can be carefree. As a teenager itis easy and natural to rebel against socially acceptable behavior. Her parents become alarmedand restrain her unmercifully to no avail. She learns to manipulate people and pull their strings toget what she wants.Emotionally she has no strongly focused personal desires. She flits from one thing to the nextin seconds and has everything she really wants. She feels joy and happiness as each wish isfulfilled. Life is good and she knows her desires will come true. It is hard to wait. There is nostrong concept of time and the days blur together.She dreams about her future life and what she will be when she grows up. She wants to be abride and marry a prince. She has total control over her destiny at this point. With her Goddessawareness she can create the life she chooses. She is in control. Her intuition is highly developedand she can see how long term goals will work out. It is important she has a dream to inspire her
to greater things.Intuitively she knows there is no right or wrong. All things are potentials for exploration. Shegoes against her parents and gets others in trouble. She keeps secrets. There is apathy anddepression because of an inability to choose only one direction out of the many that are pullingher in different ways. She might have trouble getting started but still she finds great joy and pridein the accomplishments of others.Culture, religion, and philosophical concepts are very confusing. She appears very naive.Everything seems to go against her inner nature and is not harmonious. She is told how to think and how to act and she resents it. She rebels and rejects authority. The elders are blind, they don'tunderstand what she sees with her Goddess perception.People are born, animals are born, plants grow from seeds. She is fascinated that one day shewill be able to give birth. What will it be like? Where does the baby come from? How can themiracle of birth be? It seems unreal. Will it hurt her?Her parents and society tell her sex is bad but how can it be bad if it produces babies? Sheintuits that sex is a need for a full life. With the beginning of her periods sex becomes a portionof her life that can not be ignored. The same is true for the mood swings that surge like wavesthrough her.
Zelator Degree
She discovers that by appealing to others she can achieve physical goals easily. Everyone wantsto please her. All nature appears bountiful and cooperative. There is enough for everyone. Allshe can do is good and she is impersonal love. She has light feelings of innocence andworthiness.She is naive and tries weakly to enter into physical life. She is in her early teens, the Goddessawareness is withdrawing. She reacts to physical and emotional stimulus. She is turning her back on the Goddess within and facing an exciting and unknown world with mental awareness.She notices others are fascinated by her body. She can wrap them around her finger by teasingthem and flirting. She admires her body and seeks to be more beautiful. She spends her days in joy, experimentation, and curiosity loving herself. She is becoming more of a Goddess.Nature and the world surround her with life, vitality, and sensuality. She identifys with it. Sherejects her spiritual nature and accepts physical life. She has to live. Life is a joy and a reward.She can do anything. All things are possible. She identifies with a physical sensual body and asharp inquisitive mind.Mind and body are highly integrated. Her connection with the Goddess awareness is mental.She doesn't need to think about it anymore. There is a sense of belonging and companionship insocial activities. Her intellect is brilliant. As she withdraws from her Goddess awareness shelooses her source of spiritual energy. Spiritual growth can no longer be done alone.She doesn't always get her way in things and gets into trouble. As her spiritual energy leaves,she becomes increasingly involved in wild emotional currents. Her mental clarity suffers and herintellect and reasoning ability gradually drop as they are overwhelmed by the emotions.She will seek company, laugh with good companions, and enjoy the delights of the world. As
she begins to deliberately use people she has less compassion, becomes cold hearted and lonelier.
Practicus Degree
In spite of all efforts she looses contact with her spiritual Goddess awareness as she growsolder. At the end of this cycle there is not even an intuition connection. What she is left with isher intellect.At the beginning of this cycle she mentally identifies with the spiritual Goddess, but opensherself to embrace all things. This is true Goddess love. She acts through instinct.With the beginning of her periods she begins to recognize the physical nature in herself. Alloptions are explored to the fullest. She loves herself and the whole world. Her body rejoices witheagerness. Everything is right. She has entered the physical realm and the Goddess is stillsupreme as an ideal although unreachable.The body obeys the mind. She has all the answers and understands all things or thinks that shedoes. All is self­evident. There is stability and peace. She has no expectations. Everything is newand fresh. All is fulfillment. This is the first half of this degree.The second half is more difficult. She moves from a position of empowerment to a position of weakness. As sensuality and the emotions become stronger, her spiritual Goddess nature isdismissed carelessly. There is great joy in freedom. Everything is fresh and clear. No intellectualfog. She identifies more and more with her body and her physical environment.Her body can't be wrong. It knows what is good for it or not good for it. Everything is clear.The body can deal with anything that comes along. She trusts her body over reason. Her bodycan get her things that her reason can't.This birth of body consciousness alters her thought processes. Abstract symbols becomedifficult and unimportant. She uses words, emotions and body language. Her new bodyawareness is strange and she feels timid and shy, uncertain.The physical self becomes unhindered in its attempts at self expression. It rushes forward intotal control. She feels weak and powerless. All is against her. There is no power. She has a greatdesire to accomplish great things and become somebody at any cost. She plunges recklessly and joyously down the steep incline into sensual materialism totally forsaking all spiritual values.
Philosophus Degree
Having broken her connection with Goddess she feels apprehension and sorrow at her suddenexposure to a hostile and threatening world. She does not feel safe and secure anymore.This begins the birth of the lower human ego because the physical world and the emotionalworld are more real than the spiritual one.There is a sense that all is chaotic and she is beset with cares and worries that are all too realand clear. Everything is too real and too physical. There is no escape from the present moment.This is the first eye opening exposure to the true terrors and delights of the material world. There

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