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OAK Energy Ball Meditation

OAK Energy Ball Meditation

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Published by Joe E Bandel
OAK Energy Ball Meditation
OAK Energy Ball Meditation

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Published by: Joe E Bandel on Nov 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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OAK Energy Ball Meditation
Vital life energies need to circulate freely within both the physical and non­physical bodybefore they can become integrated and function as one complete unit. These energies flowthrough natural circuitry within the body. This circuitry is often blocked with repressedemotional energy that is trapped within the physical body and stored there.There are many ways to release these pockets of trapped and repressed emotional energy.Rieki or massage can do it and so can yoga or other types of physical exercise. A more gentleapproach is through some type of meditation that safely brings this energy into awareness.Freud's method of free association does this. Dianetics Book One processing does this in an evenmore effective manner. The OAK Energy Ball Meditation does this even more effectively.When these circuits are fully open a form of alternating bio­electrical energy is allowed topass through that is responsible for most psychic phenomenon and conscious awarenessexperiences. When the current is allowed to flow only one way as in direct current these psychicphenomena are not likely to occur.Radio and Television are examples of modern applications using alternating current. Thealternating current or sinus rhythm is pervasive within the human body. This includes brainwaves, nerve energy and heart beat. It is the lower energies of fear, pain, sexual energy and angerthat block these pathways and accumulate to dangerous quantities within the physical body.It is ironic that the development of these same energies in a free flowing and healthy statebring the most power to manifest things in life. They are the energies people regard ascharismatic. The development of charisma and personal magnetism depends upon the generationand accumulation of these energies and their healthy use. Training in the martial arts is anexample of a method of generating and developing these energies.The development and accumulation of physical or sexual energies is not safe until the psychehas been purged of all past repressions and "buried" traumas that form black pockets of negativeenergy within the body. Development of lower energies tend to activate these pockets of "black"repressed energy sometimes resulting in "knee jerk" behavior where we do and say thingsimpulsively without even knowing we are doing or saying them. This happens when therepressed and trapped emotional energy breaks free and travels through the nervous system.In the medical profession this is called "psychotic" behavior and is not what we want to bedoing! Instead we purge these repressed energies out of our system one at a time. The safest wayof doing this is working from the "top" downward.We do this by generating "mental" or "spiritual" energy and forcing increased bio­electricalenergy flow within our bodies. The OAK process is in my opinion safe enough for anyone touse. As a precaution, though, people in poor physical, mental, or emotional health should notfollow any of these procedures without their doctor's consent. I am not a doctor. The followingexpresses my opinion about what is happening and why it happens.I must stress the incredible power of this method. In a matter of days we gain an increasingnumber of "insights" into our personal affairs. At first these will be "insights" into our personalphilosophy of life as our mental outlook begins to clarify and complete itself. This happensthrough working with mental energies.When our belief system is complete enough our awareness will transfer itself to the mental
level permanently. From this mental level we will be able to objectively deal with the"repressed" emotional pain and trauma from the past. Moving into the mental level makesworking with past emotional trauma much safer.Our ego will be centered at the mental level where it is safe and in control. This is veryimportant because releasing this "black" energy into awareness is very traumatic. As I wentthrough this process I was seeing a psychologist as a precaution to ensure I was in no danger of "losing it".The gains and personal insights I was making at that time were so remarkable my psychologistdescribed my personality as "fluid"! At the same time my ego was very strong and plastic and inno danger of being fragmented in any way.Anyone can experience the same rapid personal growth and may at times be alarmed. Most of the time we will be joyous at the chance to rid ourselves of these "ghosts" from the past thatprevent us from living the type of life we really want. THIS IS THE REAL THING!This meditation purifies both the physical body and psyche so it can handle the more powerfuland intense sexual and physical energies. It also opens one up to the lunar and solar cycleswhereby monthly and seasonal energies are added to your own personal efforts and personaldevelopment is greatly accelerated.
This exercise should be done at least once a day and if possible twice a day. The entireexercise lasts only about ten minutes but its effects are felt throughout the day and the night inspontaneous "insights", lucid dreaming, and a marked increase in psychic abilities in general.
Seat yourself comfortably with your spine straight and your hands resting comfortably on yourlap.Take a few deep breaths to relax and get into the right frame of mind. Close your eyes andvisualize a ball of energy about four inches above your head. Keep trying until you can visualizethis ball of energy easily and vividly.The action of visualizing a ball of energy "outside" of the body is a very complex action. Itinvolves a high degree of abstract thought and is at first very difficult. It requires a lot of energyin the head area as well as the ability to focus this energy.The most important suggestion here is that practice makes perfect. A headache may resultfrom this exercise if a person is not used to abstract thought of any kind. This is not seriousunless it persists. A few days of not doing the exercise should correct the problem.This exercise causes increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain and to the pituitary andpineal glands stimulating them to increased activity.The idea of step one is to gradually strengthen these glands and increase their hormoneactivity. They are the master glands of the body and control other endocrine gland activity. Thisis the first step in increased health benefits.Visualizing the energy ball as a rotating ball of energy helps to stabilize the visualization.Rather than clockwise or counter clockwise I always felt better rolling it like a snowball with theenergy going up the back and down the front. This is similar to the way kundalini energy goes up
the spine and then flows down the front of the body.After visualizing a stable rotating ball of energy about four inches above your head, begin tovisualize a second ball of energy surrounding the pineal gland in the center of the brain. This willdirectly stimulate the pineal gland. Simply forget about the first ball of energy and let it be. Turnyour focus on creating a ball of energy right in the center of the brain.Do the same thing as before mentally rotating it to help the energy stabilize. You may feel astrange sensation in your head as you are doing this. Increased blood flow is going to your brain.When this ball of energy is stabilized go back to the first ball of energy that is above your headand refresh it.At first it will be difficult to visualize two energy balls at the same time. Rapidly switchawareness from one to the other until both are visualized at the same time. Continue this untilboth energy balls can be visualized quickly and easily. Each ball of energy is created out of adifferent type of energy. Take your time and make certain you are doing the meditation correctly.
With both energy balls clearly visualized try to mentally force them together into one bigenergy ball. At first they will resist going together because the energy is not “synchronized”. Itwill seem like trying to push two balloons together. You will sense the resistance. Be persistentand keep trying until both energy balls merge together into one larger energy ball.When the energy balls do finally merge together into one big energy ball there will be adefinite shift of awareness that can be felt. The center of the big energy ball will have shiftedtoward the back of the head and it will feel as if half of it is protruding from the top and back of the head. Before this both balls were centered on and over the middle of the head.This will be accompanied by an intense sensation of light and energy as illumination. Somehave described the sensation as getting a buzz or getting high. There will be no mistaking whenthe two types of energy fuse together. It is a very powerful experience. Some people have beenfrightened by the experience and refused to continue further with the meditation.Now it will feel like a basketball sized energy ball is half in your head and half outside theback of your head. This feeling will be very pronounced and definite.Two types of energy are now synchronized together and working as “one” energy. Try tomaintain this “locked together” visualization as long as possible. “Spiritual” energy is directingand fusing with pineal gland energy and stimulating all of the endocrine glands in a beneficialway. The pineal gland is the master gland of the body and will begin to work with the spiritualenergy and distribute it throughout the physical body.This begins the process of physical rejuvenation and increased health with all of the glands“synchronized” and working together. This is your direct connection to “Cosmic Energy”.
After successfully visualizing the big energy ball, visualize a second energy ball centereddirectly behind the eyebrows where the pituitary gland or “third eye” is located. Forget about thebig energy ball and focus on the new energy ball rotating it as before until it is stable.When this is clearly visualized try to merge the two energy balls together. As before they willresist at first but when they do merge there will be a definite shift of awareness toward the center

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