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The Lucid Dream Exchange Magazine Issue 30

The Lucid Dream Exchange Magazine Issue 30



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Published by: api-3842309 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Past Lives in Poetry
Nightmares and Lucid Dreams
The Surface of the Dream Is Not the Whole of Me
"False" Awakenings and the Language of Lucid Dreaming

Number 30\ue000 March 2004
The Lucid Dream Exchange
The Lucid Dream Exchange
Ruth Sacksteder
Co Editors
Lucy Gillis & Robert Waggoner
Lucy Gillis

Laura Atkinson,
Beverly D'Urso, Christoph Gassmann,
Shirley Hadley, Ben Kidd, Linda Magall\u00f3n,
Janice, Katie, Margaret, Sentinel, CS

Cover Art
Standing on the Moon
\u00a9 Laura Atkinson
Statement of Purpose

The Lucid Dream Exchange is an independently
published reader supported quarterly magazine that
features lucid dreams and lucid dream-related articles.
Our goal is to educate and inspire lucid dreamers
through sharing lucid dreams, exploring lucid dream
techniques, and discussing the implications of lucid

dream activities.

All work in The Lucid Dream Exchange is the
copyright of the respective contributors unless
otherwise indicated. No portion of LDE may be used in
any way without the express permission of the
individual author. Views and opinions expressed are
those of the contributing authors and are not necessarily
those of the editors of The Lucid Dream Exchange.

An Excerpt From the Lucid Dream Exchangeappears

monthly in the on-line magazine Electric Dreams. No
excerpts are printed without the permission of the
contributing author.


Send your submissions via e-mail to
lucy_gillis@hotmail.com. Include the word "lucid" or
"LDE" somewhere in the subject line. Please indicate at
what point you became lucid in your dream, and what
triggered your lucidity.

*Submissions are printed at the discretion of the LDE editors.*

The print copy of LDE is $5.00 per issue to cover
printing and postage costs. Contact Robert at
Dreambob@aol.com if you wish to purchase print
copies. To receive LDE for free (via e-mail) send a
blank email to:

Next Deadline
Submission deadline for LDE 31 is May 5 2004.
Publication date is June 1 2004.
In This Issue

DreamSpeak - Part Two................... 2 The Dream C.A.G.E. ......................... 7 The Surface of the Dream

Is Not the Whole of Me.............. 8 Nightmares And Lucid Dreams..... 11 "False" Awakenings and the

Language of Lucid Dreaming.. 14 Past Lives in Poetry......................... 15 Potpourri.......................................... 16

Cover Art
Standing on the Moon
\u00a9 Laura Atkinson
August 29 2003

The dream begins that I am standing upright and looking at the
night sky. I don't recognize where I am. There are no buildings in
either direction. I initially think I am standing on a beach
somewhere, but there is no ocean.

I look at the stars again and they are too big and too bright
(lucidity trigger). I was able to look down at my feet, and notice I
am standing in white powder-like
substance. I turn the opposite way I
am standing and see the earth. At that
point, I realize that I am standing on
the moon.

I suddenly have a telescope in my
hand. Looking through this telescope,
I see what I can only imagine is the
edge of the universe...but it can't be
the edge because there is no edge...I
am confused by what I am looking at
but amazed by the beauty of it.

This edge starts to fold up like a
paper fan. The realization that this is how people can connect from
other places in the world: don't walk the flat path, fold up the
edges to bring the two ends closer together and jump across.

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