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The Late November, 2011 edition of Warren County Report

The Late November, 2011 edition of Warren County Report

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Published by Dan McDermott
Warren County Report is the most-read newspaper in Front Royal and Warren County Virginia
Warren County Report is the most-read newspaper in Front Royal and Warren County Virginia

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Published by: Dan McDermott on Nov 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Volume VI, Issue 24 · Late November, 2011
County Report
20,000 Readers • #1 Newspaper in Front Royal & Warren County!
‘Occupy’ arrives – the view from NYC & DC
 A  1
GoodbyeSweeney, Helenand Mary 
- Page 7 -
The Rock Worship Center
Penn Statescandal andus?
Page  • Warren County Report • Late November, 011Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.WarrenCountyReport.com
Inormation on submitting donations through Dec. 31 may be gathered ateither organization’s website – endertales.com or Momsinmotion.net
 Wings or Lie raises money or Duchenne treatment
By Roger BianchiniWarren County ReportA special 11-11-11 undraiser atHistoric Jordan Springs in Freder-ick County has raised over $,00or two brothers suering rom thesame deteriorative muscular diseasethat took the lie o local resident,18-year-old WCHS grad Glenn Mi-kulak, last year.And actually, according to organiz-ers that amount will increase sig-nicantly due to the promise o ananonymous donor to match all otherunds raised rom the 11-11-11 eventthrough the end o the year.Co-sponsor Glenda Mikulak toldus, “I had reserved Jordan Springs a-ter Glenn’s passing not knowing whatwould be happening but thought thedate was signicant to have a party.Tree weeks prior I turned it into acause and then a chance meetingwith Kim Moon and it brought themusic and cause to lie – so we allcollaborated. Te community imme-diately rallied with many silent auc-tion donations.“Wings or Lie’s goal is to raise themoney necessary to send two broth-ers to exas to begin treatment with anew VECOR machine and then tobring the machine home to continuetheir treatment. Te machine itsel costs $5000,” Mikulak explained.“O course there will be training andtravel expenses. Tis amily has twoboys with Duchenne, so one machinewill be able to help both o them.”Mikulak reports a riend o her lateson has seen signicant slowing o the progress o his Duchenne orm o Muscular Dystrophy ater treatmentwith the VECOR device inventedby Dr. Donald Rhodes, who is locatedin Corpus Christi, exas.Wings or Lie is co-sponsored by Mikulak’s “endertales” and KeriAyers “Moms in Motion”. Te und-raising eort is continuing throughthe end o the year at which timethe money raised will be matchedby the anonymous donor mentionedabove. Inormation on submittingdonations may be gathered at eitherorganization’s website – endertales.com or Momsinmotion.net
 Wings kicko 
Te kicko 11-11-11 event in-cluded a silent auction, donationsand ree perormances rom severalarea musicians, including Te Bando Unknown Origin, EyeCandy, andguitarist-singer Amanda Edlow. Ed-low joined Unknown Origin chan-teuse Kim Moon to orm an addi-tional dynamic musical duo.Te beneciaries o the undraiserexplained their sons’ situation.“When our oldest son was our, hewas diagnosed with Duchenne Mus-cular Dystrophy. We instinctively 
The Wings for LIfe crewOrganizer Glenda Mikulaksports an 11-11-11 WIngsfor Life T-shirt
Corner o f R t. 55 & 522, Fron t Ro yal. Con venience and  visibili t y  for  your Re tail and Pro fessional ser vices as 
 well as general o f ce use.
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Late November, 011 Warren County Report Page 3Read all issues in their entirety FREE on www.WarrenCountyReport.com
knew that our lives had been unde-niably altered orever. We had lostcontrol o the most important thingto every parent - the health o yourchild. Our hearts break everyday dueto the pain and the stress o eelinglike there isn’t anything in your pow-er that you can do. It is so terribly di-cult to look at our son and see himcry over not being able to walk andwanting to so badly. Te eeling o helplessness that we have is beyondwords. Each day, we see him strugglewith some o the smallest things thatwe so easily take or granted. Terehave been times in which I havedreamed o what it would be like tosee my son walk down the hall to-wards me when I pick him up romschool, jump in the shower when weare getting ready to go somewhere orplaying school sports with his bud-dies. Tese images oten play overand over in my head.“Five years ago, God blessed uswith our second son. As you canimagine, we were truly devastatedto learn the news that he too wasdiagnosed with DMD. He once toldus that it makes him so sad that hisbrother is in a wheelchair. Fightingback the tears, I couldn’t help butthink that he too might have this di-cult road ahead o him.“Tough our lives are not simpleand the road we travel is not easy, wehave aith in the Lord Jesus Christthat one day our rainbow will shineagain. We love our boys and cherisheach and every moment with them.We will continue to pray or a cureor both o our children and all boysaected by DMD so that no one willever again have to eel pain o thesewords written in this letter – Godbless.”Amen … and here’s to the cure be-ing discovered ASAP … and in themeantime there is the hope o stem-ming the disease’s progress with de- velopments like Dr. Rhodes VEC-OR machine that utilizes electricalstimulation o precise areas o thebody.
Glenn’s example
O her late son, who was the im-petus or the event that grew into theWings or Lie undraiser, Mikulaktold us, “Glenn touched everyonewho met him with his ability to bepositive and happy while acing suchan unair ate. He lived his 18 yearsas a dreamer and a doer. He will beremembered or his courage and willcontinue to be an inspiration.”“Glenn’s legacy to all o us is the ex-ample o achievement under duress;o hope where hopelessness mightseem the answer; o lie lived to theullest under the constant shadow o death,” one anonymous riend said.“Designing and building is my pas-sion. I try to use all that I have andmake the best o it. I anticipate thecure in the uture. While it’s gettingharder … or me everyday physically,I am doing all I can … I hope I’m aninspiration to other people,” Glenntold us when he took his 10,000-pieceK’Nex ship to WCHS or display hissenior year. And perhaps acknowl-edging his pending ate on a not-too-distant horizon, he added, “Tis shipwill be my legacy.”
“We will continue to pray or a cure or both o our children and all boys aected by DMD so that no one will ever again have to eel pain o these words written in this letter– God bless.” – parents o brothers seeking unds or new treatment option
The Band of Unknown Origin enters a light of unknown ori-ginGlenn Mikulak during spring 2010 display of his 10,000-piece “K-Nector of the Seas” at WCHS
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