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Happy Ever After - part 6 - The Argument

Happy Ever After - part 6 - The Argument

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Published by cocoboca2993

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Published by: cocoboca2993 on Nov 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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He's been working away..all week you haven''t seen him in days heard from him even some problems with the phones you missed him so much but your angry too because today was important he said he would be home and he wasn''t you been sittingon the stairs all night crying sobbing you got yourself all made up beautiful face hair nails smelling exquisite nice dazzling dress heels ready to go out and he promised!He gets in past ten and sees you but you don't even look at him you are so hurtand angry you shoot upstairs and slam the door hard he is bewildered he knows something''s wrong but not sure what, he puts his bag down and follows you up he hears you sobbing through the door he asks what''s wrong but there''s no answer he sits slumped at the door calling out your name after a while you shout can''tbelieve you forgot! You promised you would be here! You can''t think me very special if you could be so thoughtless and heartless i hate you so much! You have ripped my heart out and stomped on it!You can''t stop crying tears rolling uncontrollably down your face mascara running your make ups ruined the one you spent hours perfecting with excitement! Youcry so much you become disoriented and struggle to breathe..he says I''m so sorry baby work and everything I could n''t concentrate please let me make it up toyou..You scream no!! You should of been here! He bows his head an smiles he starts tosing your song..isn't she lovely..isn''t she wonderful..lol you scream shut up!That isn''t gonna work with me! He starts to write something that only you an he can read and understand he pens it for awhile and pushes it under the door andbites his lip waiting for your reaction.. And behold after you''ve argued nearly hour and a half! The door clicks unlocked you peer your hand out and smiles taking it in his.. You pull him up inside.He sits with you kissing your teary eyes he hands you a tissue and you blow yournose he strokes your hair and stares lovingly you really know-how to make a scene he he ;) you playfully hit him he apologizes takes your hand and kisses the inner-part the butterflies race back to your stomach he whispers c''mon get readywe going out you moan what?! It''s too late now! He says please..So you get ready wash your face and he watches you intensely smiling then he goes to warm up the car and when you come down the stairs my god you are stunning he doesn''t even have to say you can just see it in his eyes..he walks over ad kisses you sticky lips kiss as you break a smile across your face and giggle you get in the car and ask where you taking me??He says relax you will love it he he..you drive off it starts to rain an he reminds you remember the first time we met how it rained he he ;) I've loved the rain since then he he. So the car pulls into a tavern and you look around and say this place?! Why here it''s not even open! He smiles get out so reluctantly you get out fix your skirt and lead the two of you in but suddenly he says in need toget my wallet you go-ahead IL be right there!You raise your eyebrow sensing something isn''t right lol you lead on and as youget in the door it''s pitch black and ajar you feel for a light switch and suddenly the lights burst on and the room shudders with cheer..SURPRISE!! As you jump for dear life lol and burst into tears again! Everyone in the room laughs outscreaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY! your knees go to jelly and start to knock you fall back and he catches you your mother and sister rush over and hug you you sit down an get your breath back you stare up at him and say you sneaky bastard lolHe smiles mischievously and strokes your arm..later that night he watches you dancing you catch his gaze and he smiles you walk over to the table and he sits there worn out you jump in his lap and kiss him so tightly and snugly peeling your

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