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Frequently Asked Questions about Family Clinic Plus Emotional Wellness Screenings

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Clinic Plus Emotional Wellness Screenings

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Frequently asked questions about Family Clinic Plus Emotional Wellness Screenings
Frequently asked questions about Family Clinic Plus Emotional Wellness Screenings

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Published by: Child and Family Institute on Nov 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Frequently Asked Questions about Child and Family Clinic Plus (CFCP)Emotional Wellness Screenings:
1)What is an emotional wellness screening?
An emotional wellness screening is check-up for your child’s emotionalhealth. The screening is a paper and pencil questionnaire that takes about 20minutes to complete. The questionnaire is available in multiple languages(e.g. English, Spanish, Japanese) and will be given in the most appropriatelanguage for your child. If your child needs help with answering the questions,a staff member will be available to help your child. The screening coversdifferent areas such as your child’s mood, fighting, bullying, worries andfocusing.2)
My child is doing great. Why is it important for her/him to have an“emotional wellness checkup”?
Just like you get your child’s physical health checked every year, it isimportant to check on his or her mental well being. Sometimes children whoare experiencing emotional health difficulties have learned to hide their problems. Children with undiagnosed and untreated emotional healthproblems are more likely to do poorly in school, drop out of school, get introuble with the law, have trouble finding a job, and use drugs. There is now alot of information showing that the earlier we catch and treat emotional healthproblems, the better children will do in the long run.3)
If I agree to the screening where will it be done?
The Child & Family Institute (CFI) and (name of the school/agency) haveteamed up to offer a range emotional wellness services at this site to helpchildren and their families learn about the skills that contribute to good socialand academic experiences. (The school’s name) identified an office in theschool building where CFI staff will be meeting with children and families.The screenings will be done in this office.
Will my child miss class to do the screening? How long will it take?
The Social Work Assistant doing the screening will arrange a time in advancewith your child’s teacher to meet with him/her in the CFCP office. Thescreening measure is a short questionnaire made up of 35 questions. TheSocial Work Assistant will be available to help your child with directions,translations if needed, and reading. Most children are able to finish it in about15 minutes. After they are through the SW Assistant will return them to class.
What is my child feels more comfortable filling out the questionnairein a language other than English?
The questionnaire is available in English, Spanish and Japanese. Childrenwho are best able to answer questions in another language (e.g., Cantonese,Russian or French) will be provided with the appropriate interpreting service.Children who have sensory impairments will also be given the appropriatesupport (e.g., a sign language interpreter).6)
What kinds of questions are on the screening measure?
The questionnaire asks kids to rate how often (i.e., “never, sometimes or often) a particular statement is true for them. Here are some examples:
Please mark under the heading that best describes you:
NeverSometimesOftenAfraid of new situations. ____________Have trouble with a teacher.____________ Want to be with a parent morethan before.____________
Will the results be given to me?
Yes, all results will be shared with parents by letter and by phone within (# of business days) of the screening. Each questionnaire is reviewed bymembers of the CFI clinical team at the school (i.e., the Social WorkAssistant, Psychologist or Clinical Social Worker and the AttendingPsychiatrist). If there is a concern that your child is in serious distress you willbe contacted immediately.
Will the results become a part of my child’s school record?
 No, screening results are confidential and will be kept in the CFI office andwill not become a part of school records.
Who will see the results?
Results of screenings will be reviewed by members of the CFI clinical team atthe school as well as parents of the child.

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