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Burn Victim - Onion Style News Story

Burn Victim - Onion Style News Story

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Published by Richard Elliott

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Published by: Richard Elliott on Nov 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SCRIPT TITLEWritten byName of First WriterBased on, If AnyAddressPhone Number
INT. STUDIO - DAY2 Presenters sat at a news desk in a news room-esquestudio.PRESENTER 1Good evening and welcome to theshow, I’m [NAME]PRESENTER 2And I’m [NAME]. Coming up tonight we bring you the scandal of Santa’sNaughty List Leak and the shockingtrue story about a man insuring hiscigars against fire.PRESENTER 1But first, we bring you the grim tale of a man horrifically injuredin his own home.PRESENTER 2That’s right. JoeyAdamswas working on his motorbike on hispatio early Sunday evening, when itaccidentally slipped into gear.PRESENTER 1Joey, still holding the handlebars, was dragged through his patio doorsand partway through his livingroom, before the bike finally cameto a halt.PRESENTER 2His wife, Melissa, rushed to hisaid, to discover her husband layingamongst the remnants of theircoffee table, badly bruised andcut.PRESENTER 1Joeywas rushed to hospital byparamedics, but was quicklydischarged after being diagnosed with only minor injuries, and nolasting damage.PRESENTER 2Sounds like he got off prettylucky.PRESENTER 1Well you’d think that, but Joey’sstory doesn’t end there.
PRESENTER 2That’s right, merely hours afterbeing discharged from hospital withonly a few bumps and scrapes, Joey was re-admitted, only this time with severe burns to his thighs andbuttocks.PRESENTER 1The story of how this came to be,is indeed a tragic one. Once backhome, Joeyand his Wife beganclearing up the mess that had been made from the bike ploughing wildlyout of control through their home.Once all of the gasoline, brokenglass and bits of coffee table hadbeen swept up, Joeyfelt it wastime for a break.PRESENTER 2He quickly made his way to the restroom and as he was going about hisbusiness, decided that it was timefor a smoke to calm him down.PRESENTER 1He sat on the toilet until hefinished his cigarette, ponderingthe days events, and as hefinished, he flicked the buttbetween his legs.PRESENTER 2What happened next, Joeyis alittle hazy about, but his wifeMelissa tells us that she heard analmighty bang come from therestroom.PRESENTER 1As she had done earlier, she ran toher husband’s aid to find him lyingon the floor, with severe burns tothe back of his legs and hisbuttocks and the toilet exploded.PRESENTER 2What had happened was that whenMelissa was mopping up the gasolinefrom the bike crash, instead ofdiscarding them in the bin, she’dput them down the taoiletand notflushed.2.

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