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miniromag generator shegaon

miniromag generator shegaon

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Published by: DIPAK VINAYAK SHIRBHATE on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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During the past few decades the developed technologicalnations of the world have been engaged in an energy and resources race thathas brought us to the position of energy crisis. This recent energy crisis hasforced the world to develop new and alternative methods of energy generation.The mini- romag generator is a magnetic energy device,which uses free energy provided by magnets and the earth’s energy field to produce magnetic current equivalent of 3- ½ volts and 7 amps. The generator not only runs on this renewable energy or free energy but it is also designed torecycle the magnetic energy back into the earth’s energy system.
Earth is surrounded with protective blanket calledatmosphere. The atmosphere consists of various layers ,out of whichionosphere is the highest layer at 300 km above the earth surface. Theionosphere is a sea of energy that is pulsating and is bring commonly slipplied by a universal energy system. This energy field supplies all of the energyneeds our planet.This earth`s energy field or magnetic energy of earth isnot confined to the simple force people observe between two magnets.Magnetic energy is more accurately describe as on infinite variety of energymanifestation that are multidimensional in nature. The magnetic energy canmanifest as force fields, as fields with various characteristics likeweightlessness, it can be transmitted through air & space, it can replicate other energy or matter, it can change the characteristics of energy & matter, it can be blended with various elements to produce various results like heat & cold,it can convert matter like garbage into more pure energy & the list go on andon.
Unlike conventional energy generator mini-romaggenerator is a magnetic device which convert earth`s magnetic energy intomagnetic energy, which we can use.The unit incorporates the use of permanent magnetsturning with a rotor to generate a magnetic energy. Generator requires startupof 2100 rpm for 42 seconds.When magnets of generator are spun at 2100 rpm speed& their fields are harnessed with the proper elements, they produce afrequency very similar to the ionosphere . The small signal generated by theunit travells at a speed behond space & time, and energy structure similar to itare attracted to it at same velocity. Because of the universal phenomenon of attract – attract, energy structure in the ionosphere begin to gather & similar energies are attracted to each other & swirl into a vortex as the unit attractsthem. This attract-attract phenomenon allows magnets to assist in atremendous amount of energy generation. The unit then circuits the magneticenergy to other mechanisum to do useful work.This simple unit is like a water wheel, it only function if aflow is moving through it & it will continue turning as long as it is being usedto power something.An important object of the present device is to provide arevolutionary new concept concerning the utilization of power by directlycapilalizing on the natural resources like magnetic energy. There is noincorporation of a secondary energy source except at start up, to cause thismagnetic generator to continuously function.

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