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Billy Meier - Earth Atmosphere Collapse Due to High CO2 Level

Billy Meier - Earth Atmosphere Collapse Due to High CO2 Level

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Published by lansel3478071
Potential risk of earth atmosphere collapse due to high CO2 level. Actual oxygen level in our atmosphere is mentioned.
Potential risk of earth atmosphere collapse due to high CO2 level. Actual oxygen level in our atmosphere is mentioned.

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Published by: lansel3478071 on Nov 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Earth Atmosphere Risk a Planetary Oxygen Collapse Due to Increased CO2 Level
All texts in this document can be found at:http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_481Regarding a Planetary Oxygen Collapse
... But now a question regarding the oxygen collapse, respectively, the atmosphericcollapse, on the planet Akart, of which you spoke on February 3rd of this year in the476th official contact conversation. What must I understand “oxygen collapse” and“atmospheric collapse” to mean?
An oxygen collapse, respectively, an atmospheric collapse, arises as a result of amassive over-impregnation of the atmosphere by the molecule CO2, which enters theatmosphere, as well as the oceans and other bodies of water, as well as the soil of theEarth, and radically alters the climate. An oxygen and atmospheric collapse would beevoked by a massive excess of CO2, which means a bad fate for the entire Earthhumanity. It would evoke a threatening catastrophe consisting of the destruction of lifeitself. This is caused by the incessantly growing overpopulation, through whichconstantly more monstrous amounts of CO2 are produced and, with that, not only the air is impregnated, but actually everything up to the highest heights of the mountains and thedeepest depths of the oceans is impregnated. The molecule already exists in dangerousamounts everywhere on the entire Earth and unfolds its dangerousness which does notonly express itself in the destructive manner, being climate change, with all the naturalcatastrophes which more and more take the upper hand, which always demand more andmore human lives and cause destruction which cannot again be repaired in a practicalamount of time. And actually, all of that is founded singly and alone in theoverpopulation of the Earth humans, who senselessly multiply like noxious vermin andthereby also produce more damaging material of all kinds, and CO2, and therebyimpregnate the atmosphere and reduce the oxygen content - this, along with all other destructive machinations like the logging and clearing of the rainforests - the green lungsof the Earth - and, bound to that, the creation of infertile desert areas. Naturally the Earthhas always contained the molecule CO2, but the CO2 content has drastically risenthrough the irrational pushing ahead of the overpopulation which constantly burns morefossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum and gas, principally through the internal combustionengines of road and marine vehicles, work machinery, and aircraft engines, as well asthrough nonsensical kinds of motor sports. In addition to that is still the enormousoverproduction of animals, which are bred as means of nourishment for the humans andwhich exhale, and release from the colon, horrendous amounts of methane and other gasses. But also, due to the thawing of the permafrost, enormous amounts of all kinds of dangerous gasses are released which enter the air. Further, it is also the Earth humanhimself who puts CO2 in the air through his exhalation, and indeed already in dangerousamounts, as a result of the monstrous overpopulation. Every year, in this way, the Earthhuman is to blame that millions of tonnes of dangerous materials are produced, along
with other poisons, and are blown into the air, and that increases as the incessantlygrowing overpopulation increases. And actually today Earth humanity stands on the brink of the serious threat that everything is leading to a collapse, as was the case with Akart.And if a stop, in a rational way, is not finally ordered to the overpopulation then it allincreases more and more, and faster, whereby, finally, nothing more can be saved. If,therefore, the CO2 content continues rising unabated, then the catastrophe is no longer avoidable. And a rapid reduction can, singly and alone, only come about through the prevention of overpopulation, because actually only in that way does all the nonsensical production of CO2 also rapidly decrease. But if that is given no heed then the oxygencontent and the atmosphere of the Earth would be so overburdened by CO2 that acollapse would unavoidably result. And if the concentration of the molecules climbs inthis manner then the respiration of all relevant life forms on the Earth would be soimpaired that it would no longer be possible for them to take up sufficient oxygen. Wheninhaled, the CO2 concentration already becomes deadly for Earth humans, and for theother actual oxygen-breathers, when it only amounts to eight percent.
That will naturally not be made public by the scientists and by the governments;quite the contrary. They will hold useless climate conferences and make decisions whichare even more senseless, as, for example, that within a certain period of years the CO2output is to be reduced by such and such a percent. Truly, this is completely nonsensicalfussing and posturing because, even if that which is decided were to be achieved, theentire thing is not even a drop on a hot stone. This is because, already in the time betweenthe resolution and its realisation, hundreds of millions more human beings will populatethe Earth and produce still more filth and CO2 than the quantity that was decided upon.Therefore, the entire climate conference is counter-productive and idiotic because theonly correct solution would be one from conferences concerned with the reduction of theoverpopulation, at which resolutions, which are effective worldwide, for the radicaldecimation of the overpopulation, would be made and carried out and certainly by meansof a worldwide, regulated control of births. This would thereby have to be such that manymore completely natural cases of death come about than the number of births.That would be the real and humane solution, which could be carried out in a simplemanner and would also guarantee that all evils and catastrophes evoked by the human beings of the Earth can be reduced and that the worst could still be prevented.
You have already taught that to the Earth human beings since your youth, in thatyou sent your explanatory writings to those in positions of responsibility on the Earth andto all the media. Unfortunately, however, up to today none of your efforts have bornevaluable fruit. On the contrary; you have now been attacked and reviled up to the currenttime, while, since time immemorial, others with rank and name are built up as starsalthough they simply only reveal that which you have taught for decades, about whichyou have warned and which now is being frighteningly borne out, as a result of climatechange. This corresponds to an incomparable disgrace, because it would only have beenfair if your predictions had thereby been mentioned.

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