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Published by: api-3860503 on Oct 19, 2008
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Training Index
Fundamentals of JFC/Swing: Part II
About This Short Course
By MageLang Institute
[Short Course |Magercises |Do w n lo a d ]
The JavaSM Developer ConnectionSM (JDC) presents a Short Course
on the Fundamentals of JavaTM Foundation Classes (JFC)/Swing
written by Java Software licensee, the MageLang Institute. A
leading provider of Java technology training, MageLang has
contributed regularly to the JDC since 1996.
The MageLang Institute, since its founding in 1995, has been
dedicated to promoting the growth of the Java technology

community by providing excellent education and acting as an
independent resource. To find out more about MageLang's Java
technology training, visit the MageLang web site . (Be sure to set a

bookmark before clicking on this link to make it easy to return to
this short course.)
The goal of this two-part course is to help you understand the
Swing component set and the advantages it gives you over the
Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) used in JDKTM 1.1. You will learn
about other upgraded capabilities, including Swing controls, layout
managers, and events, as well as new capabilities not readily
available in AWT.

This is Part II of a two-part course on the Fundamentals of Swing. Part I provided a general introduction to Swing. After you complete Part II, you will be able to use this component set anywhere you previously used AWT components.

Part II includes information on using Swing's Pluggable Look & Feel
and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. In the MVC
discussion, you will learn to use the more advanced Swing controls.

You will also learn the advantages of designing your user interfaces
w it h t h e MVC m o d e l.
A general familiarity with the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) and
Fundamentals of JFC Swing: Part 2
http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/onlineTraining/GUI/Swing2/index.html (1 of 3) [8/22/2000 10:53:15 AM]
the delegation event model is assumed. If you are not familiar with
these capabilities, see The JavaTM Tutorial section on "Event
Ha n d lin g."
These course notes and exercises require a JDKTM 1.1.5 or higher
environm ent.
About the Authors
John Zukowski is a Software Mage with MageLang Institute. He is
the author of John Zukowski's Definitive Guide to Swing for
Java 2, Mastering Java 2, Java AWT Reference, and Borland
JBuilder: No experience required. John also serves as theFo c u s
on Java guide at the Mining Co.

Scott Stanchfield is a Software Mage with MageLang Institute. He
recently developed and is teaching courses on porting OS/2
applications to Java and advanced features of VisualAge for Java.

He is the maintainer of the VisualAge for Java Tips and Tricks
Do you have questions about this short course? The
author, John Zukowski of the MageLang Institute held
Office Hours, on April 15th and 29th, 1999 where he
answered questions about the short course.
View transcripts for this tutorial:
April 15, 1999
April 29, 1999
Start the Short Course
Copyright \u00a9 1998-1999 MageLang Institute . All Rights Reserved.
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Fundamentals of JFC Swing: Part 2
http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/onlineTraining/GUI/Swing2/index.html (2 of 3) [8/22/2000 10:53:15 AM]
[ This page was updated: 20-Jul-2000 ]
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and other software from Sun Microsystems, call:
(800) 786-7638
Outside the U.S. and Canada, dial your country's
AT&T\ue000Direct\ue000Access\ue000Num berfir s t .
Copyright \u00a9 1995-2000 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use .P r iv a c y \ue000 P o lic y .
Fundamentals of JFC Swing: Part 2
http://developer.java.sun.com/developer/onlineTraining/GUI/Swing2/index.html (3 of 3) [8/22/2000 10:53:15 AM]

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