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7 Shadows of Things to Come

7 Shadows of Things to Come

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Published by api-3726691
An article I posted on my MySpace website (you'll find the link in my folder that has favourite web links); it was a follow-up to an earlier article - dealing with YHWH's ways/days and man's days...
An article I posted on my MySpace website (you'll find the link in my folder that has favourite web links); it was a follow-up to an earlier article - dealing with YHWH's ways/days and man's days...

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Published by: api-3726691 on Oct 19, 2008
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7 Shadows of Things to Come

Continuing with this week's earlier post re YHWH's ways or man's days, it has been said that those days (from what the religions call the Old Testament) are foreshadowings of things (that were or are) to come. We'll take a look at them, beginning of course in the beginning with the first which is The Sabbath, a day that is kept or should be in accordance with YHWH's blueprint (yes He is a Divine architect and lays out His plans perfectly and precisely - e.g. the blueprints given to Noah on how to construct the ark, materials to use and who and what was to inhabit) and operator's manual of instruction.

1.7th Day - The Sabbath. It is said that this points to the 7th Millennial Sabbath. As I pointed out in this week's earlier post (and it is from the Word), a day is indeed as a thousand years to YHWH. Two of the scriptures (from the New Testament) are both found in Hebrews - 4:3-5 and 4:10, 11.

3-5 " ... For he spoke in a certain place of the 7th day on this wise, and G-d did rest the 7th day from all his works. And in this place again, if they shall enter into my [eternal] rest."

10, 11 "For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own
works, as G-d did from his. Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any
man fall after the same example of unbelief."

2.The New Moons [non of the xtian religions pay any heed whatsoever to the New Moons; I therefore ask myself, "Why has haSatan so blinded thechurch, that no consideration whatsoever has been given to this?" I have yet to come up with an answer; thus far it is only a questioning thought; and I know that it has been brought to my attention by the Ruach HaKodesh, because it is important, and I am being advised that it is and shall be important to know the Truth of this thing. Here is a Scripture (OT) referencing this:

Isa 66:23"And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and
from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the
L-rd."Now, let's stop here and ponder these words for but a moment. As my

fingers fly over the keys, it is not I but the Spirit beginning to unfold the mystery that is being revealed. Here we have the 1st appointed day/time "sabbath" connected with the 2nd "new moon." And what is it saying? YHWH himself is telling us that at that time all of us will be coming to worship before Him. But, if we are blind, if we do not see now, and if we do not begin to practise, to learn, to understand...then how shall we know when to come before Him and what to do when we come before Him?

And, something else I just saw as I was re-reading that which I just typed. It
doesn't say we'll come and worship Him, but we shall "come to worship before
me. saith the L-rd"So, if I am coming before him, the L-rd (it does not say YHWH

or Spirit, but it is the L-rd that is speaking. And if we are coming before Him to worship...what is it we shall be worshipping? If not the L-rd then who or what? Thus far I am thinking it is a "who" not a "what" that we shall be worshipping; but I ask you again, if not the L-rd...then who? Is this Yahshua speaking (for it is the time of the return and of entering into His Presence...when our Messiah returns to take back for the L-rd), and we are coming before him to worship...YHWH? Now much of my upbringing and what little doctrine I was fed lead me to believe that we would be worshipping Yahshua; yet YHWH commands "thou shalt have no other gods before me...." and we know that Yahshua said, commanded we were to call no man "L-rd or rabbi" (I stand to be corrected...I am going from memory of Scripture as I write this note); we are definitely told, by Yahshua himself, that he was a son of man, we are told that he was "fully" human - this brings to mind another question as I write - what about all those christian songs that tells us to praise yahshua, worship yahshua, fall down on your knees before yahshua.... - are these not contrary to Yahshua's own teachings and instructions? And Yahshua clearly told us that the words he spoke were the Words of his Father - of YHWH.

3.Ta bernacles: Once again, this feast/holy day appointed by YHWH in the OT is carried through and into the millennial reign. We are told in Scripture that everyone's gonna go to Jerusalem (the New Jerusalem) every year to worship - and here it does say who, it says theKing. So umpteen thousand years before this event, YHWH tells us what to do; is the church then, thinking that it doesn't matter what we do now....as long as after "we've all been saved and Yahshua comes to reign...forever" then we can do it, then we will do it? My own personal belief is that all of these things are: a dress rehearsal for eternities reality, and also they are there here and now to ingrain a love and a desire to do just these things because we will know they please the Father and when we do come to that time it shall indeed be with great joy and thanksgiving that we

run to obey, to fulfill these things! Here's the Scripture reference:
Zech 14:16"And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations
shall come against Jerusalem shall even go up from yer to year to worship the
King, the L-rd of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles."

4.Passover (as I write this note, Passover approaches: perhaps if you keep an open mind and harden not your hearts you will see a pebble of Truth some where\u2026 and will be stirred). Yahshua himself was speaking of the Passover, during the Passover with his disciples and if you carefully read the Word (please search it out in the different versions of what we call the Bible - and preferably find yourself one translated from Hebrew...and if you can't then use Strong's Hebrew lexicon). For me, as I read this passage (which is from the KJV) I am convicted that Yahshua is speaking of himself as the Passover lamb. So, brothers and sisters, at this time of the year when Passover arrives in tandem with man's appointed day of Easter....why do we choose man over YHWH's appointed feast days; Yahshua kept the Passover?

Luke 22:15, 16"And he said unto them, with desire I have desired to eat this
Passover with you before I suffer; for I say unto you, I will not any more eat
thereof, until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of God."

The last of the words quoted above have stirred up yet another question in my Spirit: Yahshua is saying that he's not going to eat the Passover again - therefore one concludes he will eat the Passover again - until it be fulfilled the in the kingdom of God. The church teaches he is the passover lamb and that his sacrifice negated the need for the blood sacrifice; this I do not question. But the church also (certainly in my experience), by the error or omission or commission (I do not know and it is not for me to judge) has negated the necessity of keeping Passover. Yet Yahshua has clearly spoken that he will be keeping the Passover again when it has been in the kingdom of God. That fulfillment, for me, today, is saying it is at the end times when he will return and when (as indicated above) all men come up to worship before the L-rd.

Why, then, do we keep a day with pagan roots and cast aside the feast day of

5.Jubilee: As the word indicates, a time of celebration, a time when we are jubilant, happy, joyous; I have visions of everyone dancing and singing in the streets, everyone so joyous and so filled with love for one another; a place and a time where there is perfect harmony and contentment, where no man envies or is jealous of another; when we celebrate each other! Wow, now wasn't that a jubilant thought!! Here is the Scripture, from my man Dan...Daniel...who has much to teach us about standing in the refining fires, about faith and trust in the L-rd's faithfulness; about being able to boldly say, "My G-d is able...!" to the evil ruler, to he would destroy body and soul!

Daniel 12:1, 3"And at that time shall Michael stand up ... and thy people shall be

delilvered, every one that shall be found written in the book ... And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."

Well we definitely know this speaks of the end times - of the new reign - for only
eternity is for ever and ever; and it speaks of the book; the book of life, is it not.

6.Pentecost: Remember following the resurrection of Yahshua, the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples who had gathered and the world thought they were all drunk? That was at Pentecost and the Word speaks of some future thing to happen because it speaks of, not just the merry band of followers or some people who happened to be in fellowship with Yahshua...but all men. So, my question is, do you not think that Pentecost is important to both Yahshua and YHWH. Even before Yahshua's birth, the prophet Joel spoke of this outpouring; but he did not speak of the event that took place that we read about in the NT.

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