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screw conveyor(Kaple)

screw conveyor(Kaple)



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Published by: DIPAK VINAYAK SHIRBHATE on Oct 19, 2008
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 Design & Fabrication of Screw Conveyor 
SCREW CONVEYORS are one of the oldest and simplest method of moving bulk material and consist primarily of a conveyor screw rotating in a stationarytrough.Conveyors find application mostly in productive factories wheretransportation is fairly of continuous and uniform character, the individual loads being veryhigh.Screw conveyors are compact, easily adapted to congested locations andcan be mounted horizontally, vertically and inclined. Their supports are simple and easilyinstalled.These versatile conveyors can be used to control the flow of material in processing operations which depend upon accurate batching or as a mixer, agitator or stirrer to mix and blending dry or fluid ingredients provide crystallization or coagulationaction or maintain solutions in suspension.Screw conveyors can be effectively sealed to prevent dust or fumes fromescaping or dirt or moisture from entering. They can be jacketed to serve as a dryer or cooler, or furnished in a wide variety of materials to resist corrosion, abrasion or heat.Screw conveyors are used as a earth augers to dig past holes or to boreunder highways for installation of culverts. They are also used extensively on threshingmachines hay balers fodder blowers and many other farm machines.
C.O.E. & T.,Akola
 Design & Fabrication of Screw Conveyor 
This manual is helpful in designing of screw conveyors using calculations in metricunits.
Saving of labour and time.
To increase the output:
With the help of conveyors more work can be done with a given floor space, blocks areavoided.
To utilize existing building for new purposes:Conveying plant enables two or more detached building to be connected together andused for several operations in propersequence.
Reducing personal hazardous:The enclosing trough can be made tight enough to contain toxic dust and vapours.
Material in transit can be heated or cooled by jacketing the trough.
The aim of this project is to "design and fabricate a screw conveyor" to convey cementat 7 TPH for a distance of one meter.
This design is in accordance with CEMA HANDBOOK NO .350
C.O.E. & T.,Akola
 Design & Fabrication of Screw Conveyor 
Belt conveyors are the most versatile and widely used of all conveyors.They are capable of handling higher tonnages over greater distances at lower costs per tonthen any other type of conveyor – and often at lower cost per than any other means of transportation. Yet, they are used extensively for small and moderate capacity systems because of their ability to handle practically any kind of material economically anddependably. Since the material is carried on the belt, tees conveyors are suitable for handling certain corrosive materials that would quickly attack the vital parts of all metalconveyors.The range of the sizes, which may be handled on belt conveyors limitedonly by the width of the belt.Materials may vary from extremely fine Chemicals to lumpy ore, stone,coal or pulpwood logs. Since belt conveyors are relatively self cleaning to or moredissimilar materials may be handled at different times by the same conveyor.Belt conveyor systems are capable of operating around the clock withoutloss of time for empty return trips or delays for loading and unloading. Belt conveyors areadaptable to the parts of material flow in any plant. They occupy comparatively little spaceand can avoid existing equipment and structure. Long distance belt conveyors systems willnegotiate terrain and paths of travels that are not practical or economical for more other method of transportation.
C.O.E. & T.,Akola

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