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Sada e Jars July 2007

Sada e Jars July 2007

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Published by api-3764691
sada e jars, spiritual, Azeemia, Sufi, azeemi, qalandar baba Voice, qalandar baba aulia, qalandar baba, Mohammad Azeem Barkhya, silsila e azeemia, azeemi, azeemia, time and space, virtue, mysticism, mystic, sufi literature
sada e jars, spiritual, Azeemia, Sufi, azeemi, qalandar baba Voice, qalandar baba aulia, qalandar baba, Mohammad Azeem Barkhya, silsila e azeemia, azeemi, azeemia, time and space, virtue, mysticism, mystic, sufi literature

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Published by: api-3764691 on Oct 19, 2008
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SADA-E-JARS, July 2007.

You must have heard from your elders and have experienced that a drop of water doesn\u2019t
have any significance not do it have any weight, it\u2019s hit is not even worth mentioning,
but if the drop keeps dropping constantly on a place then it makes a hole in a stone and
the hole keeps getting bigger and in some places becomes big enough that a man can pass
through it.

JUTE is a type of grass. The fibers of jute are very weak that they are easily broken with little pressure, but when this jute is joined together as to unite the fibers, then it makes a rope which is used to tie huge ships and the biggest ocean waves are not able to harm the ship.

Let\u2019s think more deeply on the point!

When the cotton-cleaner thrashes the cotton, the cotton turns into such thin fiber that if
you blow it with some force the cotton\u2019s flock flies here and there, but when you join this
cotton in the form of thread then the unity of these threads makes a strong cloth which is
used to makesheets. It is used to make sacks that stores wheat and rice.

Now Please Concentrate!!!

There\u2019s a tree in front of you \u2026until it grows it\u2019s trunk you can break it with fingers, but when the tree\u2019s elements and the internal system is unified, even 20 men cannot pull the tree out, why did the tree become strong? \u2026. Because the tree accepted it\u2019s system, unified it and distributed it into toots, stem & branches.

The life of Holy Prophet (SAW) is in front of every Muslim. HE (SAW) preached
Tauheed (Islamic Monotheism)\u2026 preached the oneness of Allah\u2026HE (SAW) announced
the Uniqueness & Providence of Allah. Allah and His Messenger (SAW) disliked
hypocrisy, they stopped us from enmity, ordered us to live on the platform of Tauheed
(Islamic Monotheism).

In the footsteps of the Holy Prophet Muhammad-e-Mustafa (SAW) we invite everyone
towards unity and condemn enmity. We request our nation to adopt the manner of
thought of the Messengers of Allah (AS) and to firmly grip the rope of Allah. We want to
remind that with this strong rope biggest rebellious forces and biggest Satanism can be
tied-up and destructed.

We consider the whole world a caravan, the meaning of caravan is that it has come from
somewhere and it has to reach somewhere, let\u2019s concentrate\u2026. The people who are going
with the caravan, their needs are also going with them. e.g. they\u2019ll be hungry they will
need clothes, people in the caravan will need to wear shoes, when they\u2019ll rest at some
place they will need to have a living setup, a house for living, other accessories, tents &
camps will be needed. In the caravan there are weak people, strong people, old ones,

educated and less-educated as well. The caravan has shoemaker, tailor, carpenter etc\u2026. it means every person is the need of the caravan\u2026. The caravan has the leader, the assistant leader and some people are bound to serve, also some people are bound to take service of others.

We have to think if one link is taken out of the caravan\u2026 will the caravan keep moving?

.... NO, not at all, the work will stop, the stable continuity of the system will break down, identity of the caravan will diminish and it will not remain a caravan anymore and it will be called a dispersed group.

My Friends!

Our mission is that of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The \u2018way of thought\u2019 that the Holy Prophet (SAW) has granted us is\u2026 wish for your brothers/sisters what you wish for yourself, do not wish anything for your brother/sister that you don\u2019t like for yourself.

The men and women running the mission of the Holy Prophet (SAW) are responsible to
negate themselves (their desires upon other people\u2019s desires) and affirm others.
Affirmation of others means that we prefer others upon ourselves. We sacrifice ourselves,
instead of pointing out other people\u2019s mistakes we should look to our own faults. Along
with people\u2019s reforms we should concentrate on rectifying our own faults too.

One way of reform is to scold and point fingers to others faults, to find other\u2019s faults and
pin-point them again and again\u2026 The other way is to reform your own self in such a way
that other people\u2019s faults and defects are rectified from their personality without
becoming an embarrassment for them. With such training a person changes from the
inside\u2026.. It is the essence of human nature that he hides his faults and admonishes
others\u2026.. Admonition is also necessary when there\u2019s no other way of reforms except
admonition and the whole community or the society is at stake. Until the limits are not
crossed the way of reforms is to point out faults in a pleasant & effective manner, along
the way it\u2019s necessary to check that the faults we are admonishing\u2026 is it found in

Actually every person is busy in finding faults in others and never thinks he has defects in
himself as well. The way of thought of The Holy Prophet (SAW), all the messengers of
Allah (AS) is the way of thinking of Allah\u2026 Allah is the One who covers faults(Sattar-

ul-uyub)\u2026 He hides sins\u2026 Allah is the most forgiving of sins\u2026. He forgives people\u2019s

faults defects and sins\u2026.. If a person working for the spiritual cause doesn\u2019t have
emotions of forgiving others, He might be deviating from following Allah\u2019s characteristic
\u2018Most Forgiving of Sins\u2019(Ghaffar-uz-Zunub)?

Allah is One\u2026Allah is the creator\u2026. He is Unique\u2026 He created you and everyone else with Love\u2026. He created everyone, but this is an observation that the creation(we) keep complaining to Allah.

Swear to Allah!

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