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The Hill en Brand Agenda - On Latent Nazi Admirers

The Hill en Brand Agenda - On Latent Nazi Admirers



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Published by api-3722432
Maybe I made a mistake here (copyright-wise). Personally I know people still die due Nazi/racism. I make this public, may more than god help me to avoid trouble. All mentioned sources are free online sources (though their authors might not even know)...
Maybe I made a mistake here (copyright-wise). Personally I know people still die due Nazi/racism. I make this public, may more than god help me to avoid trouble. All mentioned sources are free online sources (though their authors might not even know)...

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Published by: api-3722432 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Hillenbrand Agenda
\u00a9 &\u263a Andr\u00e8 M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

In the last year I mentioned or assumed several of my notes concerning real world politics. Some wondered why I don't mention so-called sources. First, I am lazy, maybe sometimes even sloppy. I am not payed to publish stuff and I, of course, do it for my own gratification. If I place a source list it will be instantly turned against me, kinda \u201cLook, he only presents what he wants us to see.\u201d. This is sad, yet a more naive attitude wouldn't be any more beneficial. Further it is futile for you can not only check sources and media yourself, you may even know people from your own country who lived in Germany.

It's not dire, yet the repeated failure of precisely those overpaid people who say the citizens
are always mistaken, didn't help our country either.

Two of my notes came when I listened to CNN while writing some fantasy or fan fiction files. It made me stop, even as I, quite desperate, tried to delve into the dream world which so often inspired or comforted me in my youth. CNN reported that Cardinal J. Ratzinger/ Pope Benedict was in the Hitler youth. No big thing and truth be spoken, as a German of that time, you had few choices which wouldn't make you end up in the concentration camps, sooner or later.

My grandma, Walburga Pietroschek, didn't want to join the \u201cBund deutscher M\u00e4del\u201d (female alternative to Hitler youth) for her father lay sick after working in the mines. The Nazis of course didn't care. Killing humans and causing grief was a great priority in their way of a government, as far as I can know. The important note is that being blamed for stuff beyond all facts is a traditional attitude within the German establishment. Maybe a habit just taken for granted, the German playing god hubris or so.

Yet, I wonder why this was only \u201cforgotten to mention\u201d in German media and why telling or emailing them resulted in being discredited as hallucinating, while the stuff was in many foreign media, even while they claimed we lie/hallucinate?

Facts: Nazis were and are still allowed to demonstrate in public and form right-wing political
parties. There are restrictions and regulations, but that is true for any stuff in Germany.

Besides masterwork technology, bread & beer we also have the greatest bureaucracy haunting the citizens with really good intentions. Bureaucrats mustn't be \u201cof the devil\u201d, they just always find some \u00a7 to steal your time and make you plummet into the wonderful realm of filling the proper papers and often finding out who must receive them.

Maybe we need an update concerning efficiency or handling such stuff.

This file should be spread and displayed on any suiting legal website. It is my private notes, no scientific research or conspiracy theory or cult stuff. I only write such for fantasy roleplaying and fan fiction. This file deals with real world news and my thoughts and emotions concerning them and the state of the world as far as I perceive it. All quoted files were free on the Web and this is a non\u00adcommercial PDF.

Fact: A number of Muslims with military training articulate sympathy for Osama Bin Laden, yet if someone from the lower classes calls the police it is very common that he or she is discredited (just must be alcoholic/ drug addict / hallucinating) or threatened to stop trying to alert the responsible anti-terror cops. I don't think that besides uploading my author crap, I was the only one who perceived Muslims researching (or trying to find) informations on nuclear weapons, even in public internet caf\u00e9s.

Fact: While the German \u201cStaatsschutz\u201d had to at least twice come in the area of my actual address (postage number 45143 city named Essen, written: 45143 Essen ) because of \u201cunknown villains\u201d trying to burn down one of those uhm houses would be too nice... places for foreigners with problems of integration, it's a bluff? No, and it isn't always without those foreigners provoking repercussions, though burning houses and burning people might be a crime, no matter who commits it? Such problems are still actual in Germany and Nazis as others try to exploit this for their own agenda or career making or power politicking.

Fact: Jewish churches, formally known here as synagogues (?), are still under constant police protection. Other churches may have such a need around once or twice per years, when some festival or some such goes down.

Fact: Foreigners stumbling into areas of our country which rarely are mentioned in foreign media (starting but not stopping straight in Berlin and Munich, dear simple minded) must still expect to be discriminated, attacked and killed just because they are foreigners. Racism and a weird interpretation of our former way of government and life, serves itself or as excuse for sadism, rogues and blood-lust.

I criticized quite much concerning America, yet I do the same with German misbehaviour and beware! I see America a notch more critically, not as all-round-scapegoat, see next note. I sometimes even check for my own mistakes as dedicated as I can be. Ok, dedicated is named pestering or sucking by most of my readers.

American honour: We had a report in the media where a female American soldier was interviewed by two German journalists. The very sad news is that they are still allowed to call themselves that. They could have been send to Guantanamo with official permission of Germany as a sub-paragraph of high treason in my opinion. Within their report they repeatedly tried to make the answers of the American soldier twisted into quite improper accusations.

Even after she informed them that certain questions cannot be answered without her higher-
ups permission and that they had a deal concerning the interview.

Making German journalists look like criminal cheaters and accusing America without facts, where even a journalist with evidence would have to know and go the proper way. Or run screaming to the next embassy, claim some weird conspiracy stuff and freak-out completely. (Sorry, wanted a dose of humour). It's a shame our American ally has to bear such freaks. Yet an example that guilt is not always found in our allies. Two German men must gang up on one American female, even if it is just dealing with words? Man, I guess that is the most impressive way of the modern German gentlemen or gentlewomen.

Do I do the same? Did I ever claim my own notes are more than my thoughts and feelings? Did I ever invent stuff about America or someone else when it was not clearly labeled a fantasy file? No, I didn't. If I as a German pauper know that, how can someone studied and trained in research and presentation of information do such shit before cameras and keep the job?

Fact: Many foreign criminals, when caught by police, accuse them of Gestapo (Nazi German secret state police?) methods or Nazi attitude or worse. This does not always make perceiving the facts easier and is not a nice way to greet members of our police task forces either. Further, dealing drugs or weapons is known to be illegal here, even to the criminals doing it, usually.

When I spoke about the Hartz-Reform, I had no reason to lie. While the bureaucracy is understandable, it was installed by people greedily grabbing loads of money and even getting caught with expensive prostitutes they paid with money of the state. Further, losing your job here means you face as many prejudices which officials dare to proclaim as fact, even before they ever checked those facts or the situation at all. That kind of crap went down before already. It was the last time followed by the crystal night in 1938.

If I am only worried or disturbed, tell me which other country had a key role in starting
two world-wars in just one century?

I found three things very important. One, quite wonderful women get the job of bringing the world news to German TV, sometimes spoiled by males showing up. Please exclude Larry King from this personal statement/comment here, for he is a kind of inspirational legend. He inspires to do professional work or at least give your best and so, as far as I understand. See?

Media can be professional, reliable and competent, not just slimy fuck-heads trying to
delude the citizens of the world. Two, people of the world are often much more capable than

the officials expect & proclaim them to be. Maybe my articulation is improper or lacking at times, yet I don't talk about people as if they are a piece in a museum. I didn't attack or kill anyone, foreigner or not. I didn't fuck your wife, molest children or send any citizens to death camps or torture prisons.

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