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Published by Veeru popuri

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Published by: Veeru popuri on Nov 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Share our joys and progress at
 November 2011 Contact us atidrfhq@yahoo.com
Frequently Asked Questions
What is IDRF?
IDRF is a
tax-exempt organization
under theU.S. Internal Revenue Code, Section 501 (C)(3).It aims to support grassroots, voluntary NGOscommitted to serving the most disadvantagedand needy people in India.
How does IDRF operate?
IDRF is administered by volunteers from theirhomes and thus has
very low overheads (about 5%)
. Prudent management of all resources helpsus to minimize the admin cost. We also generateincome by organizing events such as culturalprograms and sporting activities. We are thus ableto
 disburse 100% of your donations
and that toodirectly to the beneficiary NGOs. Our compliancestandards are very high and all our financialstatements are prepared by independent auditorsand annually submitted to the IRS.
How does IDRF select grassroots NGOs?
IDRF’s founder and president has been visiting
India over the past three decades and identifyingNGOs
 managed by dedicated, selfless people
who are imbibed with a spirit of selfless,
humanitarian service. IDRF’s volunteers also
remain in direct contact with such NGOsthroughout the tribal, rural and urban India
 from Jammu to Kanyakumari and fromArunachal to Gujarat.
What specific traits does IDRF seek in NGOs?
IDRF’s NGOs focus on integrated human
development, self-empowerment, inculcation of responsible citizenry and better governance,ecological awareness, family planning and publichealth, and overall promotion of social andeconomic harmony to bring the marginalizedsegments of the society (including those withdisabilities) into the mainstream. Our NGOsoperate under a minuscule budget and servepeople
without consideration of caste, religion or sect
What are the accomplishments of IDRF?
Thanks to the selfless, unstinting support of our
volunteers and the growing donors’ confidence inIDRF’s services and impacts,
we have
 raised and  given grants totaling ~$24 million
to grassrootsNGOs across India over the past two decades.Inspired by IDRF, 15 young couples
mostlyborn/brought up in the USA
have showedunprecedented generosity and love for India bydonating their (cash) wedding gifts for socialservice projects.
 Many NRIs have fulfilled their dreams
of establishing schools and dorms in theirvillages, and others have contributed funds thathave enabled IDRF to finance as many as 30mobile medical clinics. Many have alsosponsored one-teacher schools and providedhomes for children and widows tormented bypoverty, illiteracy, natural disasters, terrorism, orinsurgency. Many of you have saved childrenfrom blindness, supported family planningprograms, and much more.Visits to IDRF-supported NGOs have been anexhilarating experience, seeing the best possibleuse of your donations. We are
invariably moved  to tears of joy and inspired to double our effortseach successive year
. We strongly encourage youto visit the NGOs you are supporting.
Can I be assured that my hard-earned moneywill be properly used?
Yes. This is precisely the
inherent core strength
 of IDRF. We attach utmost importance to theNGOs
accountability and integrity. We selectNGOs
with proven track records only
. Dr. VinodPrakash, the moving spirit behind IDRF, visits
projects in India almost every year. Sincehis early retirement from the World Bank in1988, he has virtually volunteered full-time forIDRF. Mr. Mohandas Gupta, another retiree,spends 3-4 months a year in India and visitsIDRF-supported projects. Our other volunteersalso keep visiting
Can my employer/corporation match mydonations to IDRF?
Yes, as a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization,IDRF receives the matching corporate gifts andwe promptly take care of the paperwork.
Can I choose an NGO for my donation?
Yes, you have the
 privilege of recommending
anorganization in India. IDRF may accept yourchoice only if the designated organization is tax-exempt, FCRA approved, internet-connected andgets its accounts audited. The total of your donor-advised contributions should be
 at least $5,000
IDRF may retain a small portion; as youraggregated donation goes up, the percentageretained is lowered from
(at minimumdonation amount of $5,000)
to 2%
(at donationamount of $50,000).
When can I donate to IDRF?
You may respond to IDRF’s annual November 
campaign and also to its special appeals at timesof natural disaster. However, we
 donations year round 
You may think of donating on special occasions, such as a birthday,wedding,
 pooja or havan
or death anniversary of a close one.
How can I support IDRF’s ongoing projects?
You may leave it to our discretion or allocate to aproject of your choice. See map inset on the back or visitwww.idrf.orgfor more program choices.

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