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ABIGAIL as Mother

ABIGAIL as Mother

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Published by glennpease
She became the lover and wife of David and had one son.
She became the lover and wife of David and had one son.

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Published by: glennpease on Nov 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ABIGAIL as motherMRS. S. G. ASHTO." PROVIDECE is the light of history and thesoul of the world." All times, all nations, allevents are illumined by this light, and animatedby this soul. Ceaselessly employed, formingfresh combinations, presenting new views, bring-ing about perpetually changing relations, all for thehighest and noblest ends, Providence furnishes,even in its apparently trivial operations, a studymost delightful and profound. When the ever-shifting drama descends, from the arena onwhich nations are the actors, to the humblesphere of private life, and presents only individ-ual history, the every-day incidents of mortality,the conflicts, the hopes and fears, and discipline,through which one immortal soul may pass in itsupward journey, still it is often of intense inter-est, and brings forth in its progress mighty andstirring issues. It links together in strange bondsthe destinies of prince and peasant, of noble andunrefined, and unites the present to the future by212 THE MOTHERS OF THE BIBLE.subtle and almost undistinguishable threads of in-terest and connection. Providence, in this worldof sinners, works hand in hand with grace to re-store fallen man to the lost image of his Maker,and, in accomplishing the mighty task, lays holdon all available things, and puts to its utmost useevery circumstance and incident of life. "Vithall-pervading energy it is found presiding overthe passions, and prejudices, and affections of hu-manity, and pressing into its service the naturalaffinities and instincts of our nature, causing all
to work more or less harmoniously toward the oneglorious result. " Matches are made in heaven,"says an old adage ; and the holy word assures usthat " a prudent wife is from the Lord ;" and hewho opens his eye to this truth as he studies his-tory, or observes passing life, shall have his laboramply repaid." There dwelt a man in Maon, whose posses-sions were in Carmel ; " and those possessionsconsisted chiefly in flocks and herds, which hisnumerous servants cared for, at a distance, andexposed to danger from the hordes of predatoryrobbers which infested the country round Judea.ABIGAIL. 213At the same time David, the son-in-law of theking and his anointed successor, was hiding him-self from Saul, and with his armed men com-passed and protected the shepherds and theircharge, while they remained in their vicinity. Itseemed but natural that it should be so. Daviddid but follow the kindly impulse of a kind heart,or the dictate of a manly and fearless nature, andlooked for no further result of the apparentlyaccidental relation which for the time existed be-tween him and those he protected. Yet it was notchance, but design, that threw them thus together.The time of shearing came, and abal, as wascustomary, made a great feast. He, however,wholly neglected the injunctions which made itbinding on him to remember the destitute in hishour of prosperity. David was now near by,and suffering with his army from actual want.Hearing of the festivities at Carmel, and feelinga two-fold claim on the man whom he had served,he sent messengers, begging him, in the most re-spectful terms, to supply their necessities. Hedid not know that abal was a churl, and was
consequently not prepared for the impatient and214 THE MOTHERS OF THE BIBLE.unkind message which was sent him in return.His anger was roused. " Gird ye on every manhis sword," was his immediate and stern com-mand to his followers. They obeyed, " and Da-vid also girded on his sword," and, with thoughtsof vengeance in his heart, departed with fourhundred men for the place of the sheep-shearing." A man's heart devise th his way, but theLord directeth his steps." While David and hismen are thus preparing to return evil for evil,the ever-watchful Providence is bringing aboutfar other issues. Scarcely had the ill-naturedabal uttered his bitter words before one of hisyoung men, justly fearing the consequences,hastened to tell his mistress the exact state of affairs, and urge her, as he well knew he might,to take measures for preventing the evil which hewas sure would come out of such conduct. a-bal was a man of Belial, but his wife " was awoman of good understanding, and of a beauti-ful countenance." Be not surprised at the con-trast in these two, kind reader. We have saidthat Providence works to restore sinful man toholiness, and for this end, not for mere earthlyABIGAIL. 215happiness, binds together human hearts and lives,and it often happens that the discipline whichworks most effectually for this result, is securedin what the world would call ill-assorted unions.We think we can perceive that Abigail's charac-ter was strengthened by the very unpleasant cir-cumstances in which she was placed. The faults

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