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The Emperors Champion Secondary Advance Class

The Emperors Champion Secondary Advance Class

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Published by chaos_link00

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Published by: chaos_link00 on Nov 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Emperors Champion Secondary Advance Class
For use with Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch Tabletop RPG
Prerequisites and Requirements
Must be Black Templar 
Requires Rank 6, Costs 5000 Experience
Requires 60 Base WS, Vision from the Emperor 
Must have acquired 1 Relic Weapon and 1 Chapter Trapping as SignatureWargear.**
Requires Marks of Distinction: Chosen of the Chapter, Master of Blades(Power Sword/Power Fist), Unshakable
Required Talents: 28 total, Must have 1 of these: Hunter of Aliens,Scourge of Heretics, or Slayer of Daemons.
Abhor the WitchSpend 1 Fate Point premission, test WP VS. Psyfor whole Kill Team.Adeptus Astartes,Characters with PsyRating may not take.Berserk Charge+20 to WS with Chargeinstead of +10.Charge costBlademasterReroll one missed attack peround with bladed weapons.Weapon Skill 30,Melee WeaponTraining
FreeCombat MasterOpponents in melee gain no bonuses for outnumbering.Weapon Skill 30CounterattackAfter Parry instantly attacwith parry weapon as freeaction. This attack suffers a-20 PenaltyWeapon Skill 40FreeDisarmTest WS, Success disarms,3+ Degrees of Success maytake enemy weaponAgility 30Full ActionFearlessImmune to Pinning, Fear.Disengaging requires WPtest.FrenzyFull turn angering, next turngain +10 WS, Str, Tough,WP. -20 BS, Int. Must meleeif possible. Immune to Fear,Pinning, Stunning, Fatigue.May not Parry, Retreat or Flee. Lasts duration of ExtendedAction
combat.Furious AssaultSuccessful hit with All OutAttack Action, spendReaction to make 1 moreattack using same bonuses or  penalties as original.Weapon Skill 35All OutAttack costHammer BlowWhen All Out Attack isused, PC may add ½Strength Bonus to WeaponPenetration. Attack GainsShocking, due to amount of force used.Adeptus AstartesAll OutAttack costHard TargetWhen Run/Chargingopponents suffer -20 BSuntil PCs next turn.Agility 40Charge/RuncostHatred (Any) 1Gain +10 WS to ChosenHatred target.Talent Groups:Chaos SpaceMarines, Daemons,Mutants, Psykers,Specific Xenos,Other Into the Jaws of HellIn personal combat whilevisible, Followers immune toFear and PinningIron DisciplineIron JawIf Stunned, Test Toughness,succeed = Stun failed.Toughness 40JadedDoes not gain Insanity oaffected by Fear except byTerrors of the Warp.Willpower 30Killing StrikeSpend Fate Point when usingAll Out Attack to makeattacks impossible to dodgeor parry.Adeptus AstartesAll OutAttack costLightning AttackMake 3 melee attacks withmain hand. Unusable withDual Strike, if PC has aweapon in each hand, theymay strike 3 times with their main hand and once with off hand, provided they haveTwo-Weapon Wielder Talent.Swift AttackFull Action,½ action withPreternaturalSpeedLitany of HateTest Charm to extend theeffects of the PCs Hatredtalent. One ally per point of Hatred (Any) 1Full Action
PCs Fellowship bonus. Lastsduration of combatPreternaturalSpeedUse Swift/Lightning Attack as a ½ action; also thosetalents are usable in Charge.Weapon Skill 40,Agility 50Resistance(Psychic) 1Gain +10 to tests to resistschoolTalent Groups: Cold,Fear, Heat, Poisons,PsyStalwart DefenseThe Battle-Brother mayspend a Fate Point as a FullAction to adopt a StalwartDefense. While adopting thiscondition, the Battle-Brother may not move and may notDodge. He may make aParry reaction against allsuccessful strikes againsthim, and all Damage hesuffers is reduced by –2.Furthermore, the character’senemies gain no benefits for outnumbering the Battle-Brother in close combat.These effects last until theBattle-Brother chooses toend his Stalwart Defense or until he is rendered incapableof fighting.Adeptus AstartesFull ActionStep AsideGain another dodge once peround, allowing for 2 dodgesa roundAgility 40, DodgeFree ReactionStrong MindedRe-roll WP to resist mindaffecting Psy Powers. (Ex.Telekinesis still works.)Willpower 30,Resistance PsyThunder ChargeWhen PC makes a ChargeAction, first make anunarmed attack against everyopponent he is charging.This represents slamminginto the enemy with thecharacter’s armoured bulk.This attack automaticallyalso has the potential toknock the opponent down inthe same way as if the PChad used the Knock DownAdeptus AstartesCharge Cost

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