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Purchasing Production Oracle

Purchasing Production Oracle



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Published by api-3717169
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Published by: api-3717169 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Standard Operating Procedure:
Purchasing and Production User Guide
Revision: 001
Release Date: 09/20/2006

This guide is designed to be a simple guide for users of the Oracle Applications. If you need
more detail than is explained in this guide, please refer to the Standard Oracle Applications User
Guides. You can obtain a copy of these from your Information Technology Department. It is
assumed you should already have a basic understanding of Oracle Forms Navigation before you
begin using this guide.

Purchasing Requisitions:
Open the Requisitions form from your menu.

It will look like the image above. Some information will default in based on your user account. If
you are entering several requisitions, you can go to the TOOLS menu and select
PERFERENCES. The form below will open. You can use this form to default information into all
of the requisitions you are creating for the day.

This is not required but it does make
filling out requisitions faster and
easier. You can still overwrite the data
that is defaulted into your form.

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Standard Operating Procedure:
Purchasing and Production User Guide
Revision: 001
Release Date: 09/20/2006
Try to fill as much information as you can. This allows your purchasing agent to process the
requisition into a purchase order much faster and more accurately.

The \u201ctan\u201d fields are required. You
must input data in those fields. You
can add as many lines as necessary
from many different suppliers. The
purchasing agent will convert your
lines into multiple purchases as
necessary. Once you have entered all
your lines, save your work. The
system will assign a number to your
requisition. You can then press the
APPROVE button to submit the
requisition into the approval process.

Purchase Orders:
You can enter a standard purchase order by navigating to the form below.

Much of the information will default into the form based on your user account. You can also go to
the TOOLS menu an establish PERFERENCES just like you can for requisitions. It is
recommended you do this if you have several purchase orders to enter. It makes the process
much faster. You can only have one supplier per PO. Input your basic header information,
supplier, site, ship-to and such. Use the Description area to identify the reason for the purchase.
It may help you later if you ever need to refer back to this information. You can now go to the
lines area of the PO.

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