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133. European Institute of Management (EIM Group) http://www.flickr.com/photos/70380803@N03/6406047219

133. European Institute of Management (EIM Group) http://www.flickr.com/photos/70380803@N03/6406047219

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Published by Cazzac111
European Institute of Management (EIM Group) http://www.flickr.com/photos/70380803@N03/6406047219

European Institute of Management is connect to ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) which means that those behind the Dutroux scandal are now in control of schools.

Wackenhut gets a mention in this document, now part of G4S PLC, now contracted as prime provider in 3 Contract Package Areas of the Work Programme.
European Institute of Management (EIM Group) http://www.flickr.com/photos/70380803@N03/6406047219

European Institute of Management is connect to ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) which means that those behind the Dutroux scandal are now in control of schools.

Wackenhut gets a mention in this document, now part of G4S PLC, now contracted as prime provider in 3 Contract Package Areas of the Work Programme.

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Published by: Cazzac111 on Nov 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New link between the 1001 and "Beyond Dutroux"
 Mobutu confidant and 1001 member owned notorious private intel firm 
April 2, 2010
 ........................................................................................................................................ I just spent a couple of hours doing some HTML fixing for Internet Explorer users. Since inthe past few weeks a number of updates have been made to off-line versions of severalarticles, everything gets to be uploaded at once. Small additions have been made to theBeyond Dutroux article, its accused appendix, the Nebula and 1001 Club articles. We'lldiscuss them here.
La Nebuleuse
 What people might appreciate is that the Nebula article now features a picture of Felix andDaniel Przedborksi. Underneath the picture we cite from an article of Georges Zimmerman,a former long time editor for De Morgen newspaper, in which it is mentioned that PaulVanden Boeynants was among the friends of these supposed "Nebula" leaders. Although alink between VdB and the Przedborskis was already rather obvious from the ATLASdocument, it's still nice to have that extra detail on paper.
"European Institute of Management"
In the Beyond Dutroux article a low-profile private intelligence firm with the name"European Institute of Management" (EIM) was discussed. It seemed to be a continuationof the private PIO intelligence group ran by Vanden Boeynants, Baron de Bonvoisin, andGeneral Roman. They gave orders to Major Bougerol and the underground fascist militialeaders Francis Dossogne and Paul Latinus. DIA, DEA, undoubtedly CIA, NATO's staybehind, and Wackenhut connections were all over the place. This group was basically in thebusiness of running drugs and arms for the international war against communism - part of which was exposed as the Contra affair. In this process they also tried to subvert theBelgian state in an effort to keep it as friendly to this cabal as possible. Proven methodsappear to have been assassinations, false-flag terrorism, and maybe the most important,large-scale pedophile entrapment operations.In the chart below you can see the whole unofficial structure, including the approximateplace PIO and later EIM would have taken up in Belgian's anti-communist undergroundnetwork.
La Nebuleuse
"European Institute of Management"
1001 Club  EIM and Permindex
https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/miscellaneous/New_beyond_dutroux_1001_link.htm#6Page 1 / 5
 EIM appears to be a real spider in Belgium's web of intrigue. This is what was writtenabout EIM in the Beyond Dutroux article:
"It is known that [the fascist militant group] Westland New Post, under the leadership of  Latinus remained in existence until 1984. And like Dossogne [head of other fascist, subversivegroups], Latinus took orders from Jean Bougerol and his PIO intelligence group, if not the DIAdirectly (239)."Like Front de la Jeunesse, PIO was officially disbanded in 1981. However, Bougerol and hisgroup did not disappear. PIO was absorbed into a completely private entity named the European Institute of Management (EIM). Bougerol was followed up by none other than long-timeambassador Douglas MacArthur II (240), a nephew of the famous general and by this time avery close friend and business associate of Sun Myung Moon (241). Like PIO had controlled Front de la Jeunesse, so EIM remained in control of Latinus' Westland New Post and likelyseveral other aspects of the fascist underground. Marcel Barbier, head of security of WNP, joined EIM (242). Just as interesting, gendarme colonel Rene Mayerus became administrative-director of EIM (243). Mayerus had been a co-founder of the Special Intervention Squadron(Diana Group), and was a close acquaintance of Jean Bougerol, not to mention WNP members Bouhouche and Wackenhut director Calmette (244). He referred people looking for a securityexpert to WNP head Paul Latinus (245). After his retirement Mayerus was suspected of havingspied on the BOB in Brussels for EIM and to have recruited Bougerol into EIM (246)."
This is what I knew back in 2007 when Beyond Dutroux was written. The only source onthe European Institute of Management I could find at the time was the 1998 book 'Denamen uit de doofpot' ('The names from the cover up'), which stated that EIM took overthe functions of PIO. In general the book appeared plenty reliable, but EIM appears to besuch a crucial (and a bit unreal) aspect of the whole Beyond Dutroux article that moresources would definitely have been appreciated.In hindsight, Herwig Lerouge's book, which has been used extensively for the BeyondDutroux article, appears to have mentioned EIM too. But the earlier-mentioned recentarticle of George Zimmerman about the life of Prince Alexander de Rethy
(his mother andseveral other family members have been accused of child abuse)
really came up with interesting newinformation:
"The prince worked in the former colony for a firm part of the group of Michel Relecom, head of the brewery group Unibra, and at that moment one of the biggest Belgian private investors in Zaire. Unibra, that was controlled by the friends of VdB [Paul Vanden Boeynants], owned a peculiar firm, the European Institute of Management (EIM), an innocent sounding name behind which a private intelligence agency was hidden."
Years before this December 2009 article, De Morgen, Zimmerman's long-time newspaper,had already published an article that prominently mentioned the European Institute of Management. The January 2006 article was about a 30 floppy disks that had been found atthe home of Madani Bouhouche
(accused of child abuse)
, the most notorious gangster in Belgianhistory who two months before had been killed when a tree landed on his head. The floppydisks came in the possession of De Morgen and they were able to crack one of them. On itthe newspaper found an extensive client database of the questionable private investigationfirm Agence de Recherche et d'Information (ARI) which Bouhouche and his partner BobBeijer had been running in 1984 and 1985.It turns out that this was not the average nickel and dime firm. It had hundreds of customersfrom all walks of life. Etienne Davignon
(Bilderberg chair; accused of child abuse)
once referred aU.S. Diplomat to ARI and the lawyer Jean-Paul Dumont
(accused of child abuse)
brought inmany clients. De Morgen repeated the information from the 1998 book 'De namen uit dedoofpot' ('The names from the cover up') and added additional important details:
"The database irrefutably shows that the ARI maintained direct contact and carried out assignments for the American Embassy in Brussels and the Belgian branch of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). ..."An old acquaintance on the list of clients of ARI is the Saudi secret service agent Faez El Ajjazwho gave himself out as a journalist. In the databank Bouhouche and Beijer link him to theVernaillen affair (the attempted assassination on the gendarme major Herman Vernaillen), theWNP and the European Institute of Management. ...
"Still other customers of ARI were recommended by former-gendarme colonel Rene Mayerus,director of the European Institute of Management, also a private intelligence service, with a seat directly across the American Embassy on the Brussels Kunstlaan. Chairman of EIM was the former American ambassador in Brussels, Douglas MacArthur II, the son of the famous general from the second world war. Owner of EIM was the late Michel Relecom, businessman withinterests in Zaire, confidante of president Mobutu and chairman of the Belgian-AfricanChamber of Commerce. At the time, EIM had several contracts with the government of Zaire. In Belgium, thanks to Mayerus, one of the contracts the peculiar firm received was from the Department of Foreign Affairs for the security of diplomatic gatherings and high level
https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/miscellaneous/New_beyond_dutroux_1001_link.htm#6Page 2 / 5
conferences in several castle domains of the department, as the Egmont Palace. Later Mayerusbrought Bouhouche and Beijer in contact with the American commercial intelligence bureau International Intelligence Inc. (Intertel). At the request of Intertel, we learn from the database, ARI for example investigated a firm which had offices on the the Brussels Meeusplein,coincidentally directly across the headquarters at the time of State Security."
Interesting, ARI provides yet another link to the DEA and to the American Embassy inBrussels. However, it was already known that Bouhouche was a friend of DEA agent Jean-Francois Buslik, who was linked to the October 1981 Vernaillen and Goffinonassassination attempts. Buslik was a friend of "DEA" agent Frank Eaton, who in turn wasone of the leaders of the criminal and subversive Group G cell within the gendarmerie. Sowith or without ARI, Bouhouche could already be tied to the DEA.Also interesting is that Bouhouche and Beijer themselves link Faez El Ajjaz to the Vernaillenaffair
(investigated large scale drug trafficking accusation against the gendarmerie and one Paul Vanden Boeynantsfirms; both Vernaillen and his co-investigator survived assassination attempts)
, the WNP and EIM. One of Ajjaz's cars was used in the assassination attempts on Vernaillen and Goffinon. Bouhouchehas always been one of the unofficial suspects in this affair, but at the time he himself headedthe investigation into the attempt on Goffinon. Bouhouche had close ties to the WNP,headed by Paul Latinus
(DIA; NATO; PIO; CEPIC; Group G leader; committed suicide)
, while Ajjaz'scontact at the WNP was Latinus himself. From 1981 until Latinus was suicided in 1984,EIM was in control of WNP. So no surprises there too that Ajjaz was tied to EIM by ARI.At the time Ajjaz claimed to be a journalist working for the AFP. In reality he appears tohave been a Syrian in close contact with the Saudi royal family and several Middle Easternterrorist groups. Ajjaz has been accused of working with Count Carl Armfelt, a CIA agentand WACL member in close contact with Vanden Boeynants and de Bonvoisin, in hightech military supplies to Israel, Libanon, Lybia, Iraq, the PLO, IRA, ETA, and undergroundmilitant groups in Belgium and Sweden. Other accusations against Armfelt include that heplayed a large role in setting up the CIA's stay-behind network in Scandinavia and that inthe Netherlands he was involved in planning the countercoup in Suriname against DesiBouterse. The countercoup failed, because Bouterse tortured and killed all the CIA, DIA,NSC and Dutch-backed countercoup operatives. In all likelihood, Ajjaz was one of manyCIA-assets along the lines described in the Cercle Pinay article.This article really gives a lot of credence that the head of EIM indeed was DouglasMacArthur II, who would have been across the street from the American Embassy.MacArthur's link to the Moony Cult has already been mentioned.A very chilling aspect may be that this article clearly shows that Mayerus and Bouhouchewere experts in securing castles and large estates. To explain, let's again quote from theBeyond Dutroux article:
"X1 identified Madani Bouhouche as the very violent driver of the BMW who took her to 'the factory' 
[ASCO of Roger Boas and Israeli army ties; contained a room for snuff and abuse sessions; Dumont,Vanden Boeynants, etc. went there]
and Christian Amory
[close associate of de Bonvoisin family and formerlythe OAS terrorist, mercenary, and Wackenhut director Jean-Francis Calmette]
as a sort of slave driver whobrought her and her fellow victims to recording studios or parks where older men shot at hunted children. One of the colonels
[that would be either Lhost or Mayerus]
belonged to that group, X1 says. Her account about these kinds of hunting parties on human game, about which X2, X3, X4 and  Nathalie W. later also speak, is by far the most controversial part of her testimony... One of theindividuals that was recognized used to be a driver in a service [the Diana Group] that washeaded by Lhost and was in the possession of heavy black BMWs [earlier reported having seenby X1]."
One of the places these hunting parties allegedly took place was around Chateau deChimay (another possibility would be the Merode chateau) with such men as Paul VandenBoeynants, Baron de Bonvoisin, and the Lippens brothers participating. If these eventsindeed took place, it's interesting to note that Colonel Mayerus, with help from men likeBouhouche, would be the perfect candidate to oversee security.The really new revelation here, and possibly the most important, is that EIM was owned byMichel Relecom. Who is this person?
1001 Club
 Reading that this Michel Relecom since at least 1981 was the kingpin of the special
https://wikispooks.com/ISGP/miscellaneous/New_beyond_dutroux_1001_link.htm#6Page 3 / 5

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