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UBD Staff Development Lesson Plan

UBD Staff Development Lesson Plan

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Published by pk22635
In-Service Staff Developemnt
In-Service Staff Developemnt

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Published by: pk22635 on Nov 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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UBD Staff Development Lesson Plan
Unit Title:
Grade Level/Course:
Faculty In-Service
Lesson Title:
Using Edmodo in theClassroom
1hr. 45 minutes
Established Goal (Standard): Technology Standard:
AASL Standard 4 Pursuepersonal and aesthetic growth4.1.7 Use social networks and information tools togather and share information.4.4 Self-Assessment Strategies4.4.4 Interpret new information based on cultural andsocial context4.4.6 Evaluate own ability to select resources that areengaging and appropriate for personal interests andneeds
Essential Question(s):
What is Edmodo?What is it used for?How do we get started?Why do we need it?
Desired Understandings:
Teachers will understand thatEdmodo can make their jobs easier. They willunderstand how to log in, create a group, give groupcode to their students, and will be able to manage aclassroom community on Edmodo.
Product or PerformanceTask:
set up group and getcode for students to log inUpload and assignment
Other Evidence:
Teachers will uploaditems into theirlibrary
The studentsare able to take the group code and log into create a classroom community
Teaching/Learning Sequence (showing the integration/infusion of technology):Opening:
Teachers are each given a net book; we discuss what we are going to be doing andwhat they are going to be learning. We discuss the benefits of using Edmodo in their classrooms.I show a PowerPoint on the ActivBoard from Edmodo and show teachers what it is, what it cando and why they should use it.
We work through the PowerPoint and teachers see how to log in, how to create agroup, how to give a parent a log in code, and how to upload items to their personal library.I will also answer any questions during the lesson.
Work Period:
Teachers will use the net books to log into Edmodo on our district site, fill outtheir profile on the accounts setting and set their avatar. Teachers will create a group and beable to give their students the group code to log in and complete assignments.
Materials/Equipment Needed:
ActivBoard, net books, PowerPoint, folders for each teacher withthe edmodo help site, our district site, and Best Practices and Quiz Tips handouts.Edmodo district site: http://richmond.edmodo.com Help for Edmodo http://help.edmodo.com 

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