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Vayakheil 08 - Code of the Heart

Vayakheil 08 - Code of the Heart

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Parashat Vayakheil 2008 - Code of the Heart
Parashat Vayakheil 2008 - Code of the Heart

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Published by: api-3811809 on Oct 19, 2008
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Excerpts for the new book, \u201ccode of the heart\u201d
Parshas Vayakheil/kvehu

(22nd Parsha of 54 Parshiyos of Torah)
By Avraham Yehuda Tzvi Shmaryahu David, 5th Generation from Yehuda Tzvi of
Strettyn. Numerical interpretation of Torah with aid ofGemat ri a. Questions/Comments
908-907-0953. \u00a9 2008. 5768 StudyGemat ri a & Sharpen Your Wisdom. Online at

A Sabbath of True Peace heralds the Resurrection of the Dead

In this week\u2019s Parsha reading , Moses gathers together the entire Children of Israel to
charge them with additional commandments regarding the Sabbath before introducing the
commandments of theM ishkan, Tabernacle. He told them that they may work six days
of the week and on the seventh day they must rest and it shall be a holy day for them.
From a business perspective, it would seem to be a bad decision to close one\u2019s business
on a day that every one is virtually not working and can go shopping. However,
this is indeed a test of faith as G-d has commanded us not to work on the Sabbath.
Moreover from a G-dly perspective it is a serious commandment as noted in the Torah.
In my previous discourse, I showed withGematri a how Hashem actually works for us
when we observe the Sabbath. Moreover, with the aid of the codes, we see that by

keeping the Sabbath, our six days of work are actually blessed. TheTorah says,
vftkn vag, ohnh ,aa, \u201cfor a period of six days, work may be done\u201d(Exodus 35:2).
If we take the acronym of the encircled letters (rearranged) it spells the termo h,a, two.

We know that on the Sabbath we are given an extra soul (neshama yeseirah) as noted by the Baal HaTurim. With the finding of this code, I submit that it means that it is as if we work like two people during the week and therefore we accomplish double the amount because God Blesses us for observing the holy Sabbath. As we say in our Sabbath eve prayers, \u201cTo welcome the Sabbath,\u2026 as it is the source of blessing.\u201d

What else does the Sabbath bring us? In our SabbathMi nchah prayers, we pray for a
ouka ,jubn, menuchas shalom, a rest of peace. With the aid of the codes, we see this and
even more. TheT orah says, ,cav ouhc ofh,can kfc at urgc, tk , \u201cYou shall not
light fire in any of your dwellings on the Sabbath day\u201d(Exodus 35:3). According to the
Baal HaTurim, it means that the fires of Gehinnom rest on the Sabbath . Rashi says that

the rule about not kindling a fire teaches a negative commandment. According to Rabbi Pliskin, it means that we should not kindle the fire of hate and arguments. With the aid of the codes, we learn another insight. The encoded letters (rearranged) spells the term ,,nt ouka ,meaning a true peace. If we observe the Sabbath according to the will of the Master of Heaven, He will grant us true peace, which is something that we really need as we are living in a world of uncertainty and turbulent times. With the aid of the first letter code, we find another insight. The first letters rearranged spells the term ,nt ck cv, \u201cgive (me) a true heart.\u201d (Hav is the root of love, which means to give). It is interesting to note that in thisParsha God talks about theck ofj , the wise-hearted person. On the Sabbath, as noted in last week\u2019s discourse, we obtain a true heart. It is also interesting to note that although the Torah only writes twopesuki m (sentences) about the Sabbath and approximately 118pesu kim about the construction of theM ishkan, it is the Sabbath that we have to observe and cherish today. It is now 3320 years since we received the Ten Commandments. What has kept us around for so long? In my opinion, it is the Sabbath that has sustained us, as it is our focus and that which we observe on a weekly basis. In fact, it is a record holder for the longest recorded Holy in the history of mankind.

The Talmud in Tractate Shabbos has deduced from the building of the Mishkan that there
are 40-1 =39 categories of prohibited work on the Shabbos. Through out their forty year

sojourn in the desert Moses was busy teaching them the laws of the forbidden and permitted work on the Shabbos. Moses name alludes to the number 39 based on the primary value of the letters of his name as the mem is 13th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, the shin is the 21st letter and the hey is the fifth letter, which equals 39. The study of the laws of Shabbos brings us to the kingship of God as the last two words in the Shema Yisroel prayer (Hear O\u2019 Israel) adds to 39, which issjt 'v Hashem Echad. The

ifan Mishkan is linked to the ktrah gna Shema Yisroel prayer since the word gna

Shema has the same Gematria asi fa n Mishkan which is 410. The whole phrase of the Shema Yisroel prayer equals 1118, which ish,u ,c aShabsosai, my Sabbaths (Ezekeil 23:38). The Torah also mentions the wordsj t one, with the construction of the Mishkan where it says in Terumah 26:6sjt ifanv , \u201cthe Mishkan shall be one\u201d. Based on the Gezeira Shava of the same word (sj t- echad) in two different places (Deuteronomy 6:4 andT eruma 26:6),we see a link and a deep connection between God\u2019s dwelling and the Shabbos. Now just like our ancestors gave the very best of their possessions (gold, silver, copper, all types of colored fabrics etc) in building the Mishkan with great ambition and desire, we give our very best for the Shabbos, where we dress in beautiful clothing, adorn the table with delicious foods and spend time singing beautiful songs of prayer to God. We do everything with love (cv hav \u2013give) sincesjtechad andvcvtahava share the same Gematria of 13.

As we live in the 144th generation since creation as I noted in a previous discourse, we have a special connection to Shema Yisroel since we are the 1118th generation since God decided to give the Torah to the Children of Israel. As noted in Psalms, 105:8, it says, \u201cThe Word He commanded at the end of a thousand generations\u201d. (974 generations plus 26=1000 as noted in Talmud Chagiga 14a) That is referring to the 26th generation since creation which was the generation of Moses that received the Torah. We are 118 generations since the giving of the Torah (40 years per generation). Hence, let us pray that we merit to see that God is One in our 1118th generation.

As Orthodox Jews, we love and honor the Sabbath and can never have enough, as it our source of blessing and peace. Likewise, is our desire to study the Torah. We even see this with the aid of the codes. TheT orah tells us that there was more than enough material collected for construction of theMishk an. It says the following in the Torah,

uaghu: r,uvu v,t ,uagk vftknv kfk ohs v,hv vftknvu, \u201cAnd the material was
sufficient for them for all the work, to do it -- and there was extra. And they
made\u2026\u201d(Exodus 36:7-8). The acronym of the encircled letters, it spellsv ru ,,
Torah. Hence, we see that our desire to learn Torah is endless and then we will

acquire G-d\u2019s wisdom (throughT orah) and merit the building of our eternal Temple that will usher in a true peace. The study of Torah on Shabbos will merit the resurrection of the dead as Shabbos (702) and Torah (611) equal 1313 (double love), which is

oh,nv ,hj,Techiyas Hameisim , resurrection of the dead. When we give, God gives us
the ultimate return of our beloved ancestors.
A refuah shlaima to my father, Yakov Zev Ben Malka Blima, who is recovering from
stroke at Vanderbilt Nursing Home, SI, NY
Shabbat Shalom ouka ,ca

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