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Published by Susan Klimczak
This is the original 2010 proposal submitted to Principal by OneVille for the 2010-2011 ePortfolio project at Somerville High School.
This is the original 2010 proposal submitted to Principal by OneVille for the 2010-2011 ePortfolio project at Somerville High School.

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Published by: Susan Klimczak on Nov 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Somerville High School ePortfolio Demonstration Project
Fall After School 2010
“A portfolio tells a story. It is the story of knowing. Knowing about things... Knowing oneself... Knowing an audience... Portfolios are students' [and teachers’] own stories of what they know, why they believe they know it, and why others should be of the same opinion. A portfolio is opinion backed by fact... Students [and teachers] prove what they know with samples of their work.” Paulson and Paulson (pioneers of portfolios from constructivist standpoint)
Somerville High School and OneVille will collaborate to create demonstration that fulfill the newly established School guidelines for Portfolios and provide students and teachers with a means of sharing academic progress and achievement with others in the Somerville High School community. These ePortfolios can also include additional elective elements that could be useful beyond theSomerville High School community as students apply for jobs or create college applications (i.c.descriptions of community service, internships, etc.). The ePortfolios will be stored on ademonstration Somerville High School ePortfolio intranet (meaning that there will be no access tothese ePortfolios beyond the high school or demonstration project). [2011 note: This was changedto make use of Internet cloud storage through googlesites, wikispaces and posterous.]
Collaborate to produce ePortfolios that demonstrate learning and achievement for eachSomerville High School Education Department with students and teachers2.
Create a team of experienced teachers and students who can serve as mentors and coaches toextend ePortfolios to the rest of the Somerville High School Community in the future3.
Generate an ePortfolio approach that allows students and teachers to provide constructivefeedback, as well as technical and academic support.4.
Collect a toolbox of recommended open source software and media tools that can serve as thebasis for producing ePortfolios.5.
Share elements of the demonstration ePortfolios with other Somerville High School educatorsand students to show the potential of the ePortfolio approach.
 A more detailed description and recommendations for the project
 The ePorfolio Project has already been shaped by recommendations and needs expressed by SomerVille High School administrators and educators. It will continued to evolve collaboratively. This detailed description serves as a starting place for the ePortfolio project and clarifies somerecommendations from an initial meeting between OneVille staff and Somerville High Schooleducators and further thinking from OneVille Staff.
Participants and their roles
Participants in the ePortfolio Demonstration Project will include Oneville Research Project,OneVille scholars and consultants, Somerville High School administrative representatives,department heads and teachers, and Someville High School students. Their roles will be: The
OneVille Research Project
 will provide stipends directly to students and teachers participating in the Somerville High School ePortfolio Project based on a mutually agreed upon timeline, as wellas some technical equipment, as shown in the attached ePortfolio Demonstration Project Budget The Equipment will become the property of the Somerville High School community at the end of the ePortfolio project. The OneVille Research project will also provide scholar/educators andconsultants from the OneVille Team to provide day-to-day support for the ePorfolio project. The
OneVille Scholars and Consultants
 will include a scholar/educator with experience inportfolio design for students and teachers and a scholar/educator with experience in educationalapplications of social media and software/hardware issues that might be associated with theePortfolios. These OneVille staff will collaborate with Somerville High School ePortfolioparticipants and serve as coaches and facilitators in the process and their goal will be to assist indeveloping a student and teacher-led ePorrfolio process that can continue on into the future.Consultants with experience in specific tools may be brought in for training sessions, to addressspecific needs that may arise in the ePortfolio Project. Oneville staff will work with Somerville HighSchool to design any permission forms deemed necessary for the ePortfolio project.OneVille staff will have access to the ePortfolio development process and be recording observationsas part of their research. The
Somerville High School
 will organize small teams of a teacher and two students that willrepresent each School Department, including the English, Foreign Language, History, Mathematicsand Science Departments. If possible, the Vocational Education Department will be included in theproject. To support the relevance of the ePortfolio project to the whole school community. OneVillerecommends that the students be chosen to represent the diversity of the Somerville High Schoolcommunity across academic achievement, gender, ethnic background, home language, social class,age/grade, and academic/vocational goals.
 This ePortfolio project is primarily concerned with producing demonstration portfolio entries forstudents. However, OneVille also recommends that participating teachers also create teaching portfolio entries to serve as master learners of the ePortfolio process with students, to experientially gain the skills and an understanding of the obstacles that will help future students, and to exploreePortfolios for their own professional growth.Students and teachers will meet regularly (initial recommendation is twice a week) with OneVilleStaff to produce demonstration ePortfolio entries for each School Department and will participatein formative evaluation along the way offering constructive feedback and suggestion to each other.
ePorfolio Project Constructionist Approach
 The pedagogical approach of the project is constructionist. Students, teachers and OneVille staff  will work together to mutually provide support for the planning, design, construction and evaluationof ePortfolios and the ePortfolio process. All students, teachers and OneVille staff will play roles asboth learners and experts, since it is likely that each will have unique skills and knowledge tocontribute to different parts of the project (e.g. some students may have ideas, recommendationsand feedback based on media and technical skills that go beyond those of some teachers).Participants will have both formal and informal opportunities to offer each other formativeconstructive feedback and suggestions during the design and ePortfolio building process:
 An informal commenting process will be built into the ePortfolio platform so thatparticipants across Departments can offer each other ongoing feedback and cross-germinateideas about how to structure entries.
 Two formal presentation and evaluation sessions will help students, teachers and OneVillestaff refine the ePortfolio entries and process. At the end of the ePortfolio project, participating students and teachers will have an opportunity topublicly present their ePortfolios to members of the wider Somerville High School community.OneVille recommends that ePortfolio entries be designed to include demonstration of a mix of end
that demonstrate confidence and competence in subjects, as well as entries that demonstratea learning 
2011 Budget Note:
 The first phase of the OneVille ePortfolio project included a budget of about
$11,000 for Somerville High School expenses. Teachers received $850. stipends and studentsreceived $400 stipends. Other expenses included things such as equipment, video-taping by students & tech department, as well as refreshments for the community ePortfolio presentation]

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