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Document Analysis- Leaflet 1

Document Analysis- Leaflet 1



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Published by: api-3706073 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Document Analysis- Leaflet 1
RAF Museum

The purpose of this leaflet is to foster a renewed interest in the Royal Air Force (RAF)
museum by appealing to a younger generation. Museums are traditionally depicted as
dull, dusty and quite low-tech in nature. With a collection of items from the past that
would normally only appeal to scholars, historians and museum-goers. This is
obviously a stereotype that the RAF museum wants to fly straight out the window.

From the onset the museum is portrayed as fun, interactive and more importantly
modern, through use of images and text on the front-cover of the leaflet.

The leaflet\u2019s front cover is eye catching through use of colour and carefully balanced text and image. The energetic yellows and reds1 are used to entice potential readers to pick up the leaflet and read in. While the RAF logo is used to draw interest, it\u2019s also repeated to create emphasis2 and furthermore dictates the colour scheme of the whole leaflet. Use of diagonal shapes semantically suggests wings to the audience subtly.

The emphasis on being a modern museum is given through use of text and images,3
the use of the word 2008 shows that the museum isn\u2019t outdated. The web address also
denotes that the museum is up to date and relevant with the times. Improving this idea
of a modern high tech museum in the viewers mind, is the word, interact at the very
top of the leaflet supported by an image of a touch screen monitor. Inclusion of the
RAF\u2019s flagship aircraft will attract aviators as it\u2019s the pinnacle of aviation technology
increasing the notion of an up-to date and current museum housing the latest and best

This leaflet has appeal for schools and parents wanting to engage their children in
learning while having fun. Children on the leaflet are shown to be interested and
having fun at the museum. The RAF logo serves to attract current or ex personnel to
pick up the leaflet as does the image of the iconic Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. Free
admission also helps to sell the museum to their audience, considering the current
economic situation. Schools and families might not have the finances to pay for petrol
to the museum then an extra entrance fee when there.

1Energetic colouring draws attention
2 Emphasis of the RAF logo
3 Presentation of a modern museum

The colour scheme inside the leaflet follows the RAF logo in a red, white and blue
fashion, conforming to the museums house style. Text is varies from blue to white to
increase visibility on the appropriate colure background. Triangular, diagonal lines are
further used to promote the idea of aircraft wings; this is uniform with the museum\u2019s
house style. Emphasis is given to the museum\u2019s target audience inside, where there is
more text on the page detailing the services on offer. On the first page a list of what\u2019s
on offer is presented to the audience, they are presented bullet pointed, giving a sort
of to do list feel, this creates a desire to fulfil the things listed to the target audience.
Instead of using conventional bullet points, the RAF logo is used to promote the
Royal Air Force and its ties to the museum, promoting the brand and the public image
of the RAF. Interestingly the bullet pointed information is the museums USPs
intentionally placed at the front of the leaflet to encourage increased interest and to
keep the viewer reading.

So not to alienate the traditional museum-goer, who may be dismissive of a modern
museum with touch screen as apposed to books; leading them to dismiss the museum
as a corporate gimmick; the RAF museum provides original documents and books
available to research. This is emphasised with an image of people researching at the
museum\u2019s reading tables, they all look engaged in study and undisrupted, the various
files on the wall indicating that the museum has an extensive amount of original
documents available to them.

\u201cServices for Schools\u201d encourages schools to make a visit to the museum, selling to
them the relevance to the curriculum and communicates a fun and educational visit.
The museum demonstrates interest in tailoring to specific key stage needs of students,
to suggest all students can benefit from a visit to the museum. The tag line \u201cCome and

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