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Document Analysis- Leaflet 3

Document Analysis- Leaflet 3



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Published by: api-3706073 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Document Analysis- Leaflet 3

The purpose of this leaflet is to once again, gain visitors to the attraction featured; the airkix centre in Milton Keynes. The leaflet looks professionally designed with a clear defined style set from the onset. It looks like it\u2019s trying to attract the experienced sky divers, families and beginners, generally anyone who likes thrills.

The attraction looks like it is going me fun, interesting and unique. Text and images
are well balanced to give eye catching appeal to the leaflet. The front cover is the
most important aspect of a leaflet so is required to be interesting, fun and be an
indication of what\u2019s to come both at the even and further in the leaflet.


The front cover of the leaflet is eye catching, an essential for a leaflet, it has to first
gain the audience\u2019s attention. Which this leaflet successfully did; through use of
bright colours that all compliment each other, the designers clever realised that the
exclusive use of whites and blues would create a cold feel, so compensate with warm
reds and oranges. The warm colours make the attraction seem warm and inviting, fun
and energetic. Symbolically the shape behind the lone red skydiver is synonymous
with energy and excitement like an explosion. The shapes and colours all contribute to
a warm, fun impression. The target audience is individuals as apposed to corporations,
therefore it is has to be really fun and interesting to attract an audience, you can see
this in the text that border that is intentionally splattered creatively.1 Indoors
highlights the USP that this attraction has to offer, skydiving inside a building, in the
warm and dry. That is why they have chosen a warm red colour scheme, but kept to
their sky diving roots with blue gradients, to emphasise that it\u2019s indoors, warm and
still fun.

The logo ads to a level of professionalism but is still also fun and adherent to the
house style of the venue.2 Whites and blues symbolise clouds and skydiving, while the
reds and oranges fun and warmth. Interestingly if you look at the uniforms the
skydivers are wearing they are blue and red, both colours of the house-style making
them fit in on the front cover. Using images of people allows the audience to represent
themselves in the photos, attainable by them visiting the attraction. Everyone in the
photo is happy, which gives a good vibe to the audience as they can pertain to be that
happy, by just visiting. The front cover is cleverly constructed to give indication that
the venue is open to novices and pros. Groups of skydivers are stereotypically pros
tandem dives, where as novices are usually on their own like the guy in the red, the
expressions on both tandem and lone skydiver are positive. No negative connotations
can be gained from any photos on the front cover, no one looks scared and as a ploy
of slight humour, one of the tandem sky divers has a monkey on his head showing
skill and confidence. A tagline is used3 to great effect, as it\u2019s inclusive of everyone,
all skill levels and ever age it also makes it sound effortless using; \u201cit\u2019s where
skydivers can fly\u201d would of not had the same effect, nor would \u201cit\u2019s where people can
learn to fly\u201d Instead \u201cit\u2019s where people fly\u201d is short, snappy and memorable all the
qualities of a good tagline.

Similarly the web address is featured on the front, much like the RAF museum leaflet
but unlike the Kelvedon hatch leaflet. This is good as it allows the web address to
stick in peoples mind and is repeated throughout the leaflet as a point of contact to
further the selling process to the audience and allowing them to make a booking.

Perspective of the photo is key as all the photos are low angled shots, this emphasises
height, making the characters on the cover seem powerful, dominant and confident.
Relaying back to my point about projection, people will project them selves on to
those people and see them selves subconsciously, this status is then attainable for
them by visiting airkix. The a, in airkix is not capitalised to show a relaxed attitude,
which people want for a day of R&R away from the officer, it also draws attention
away from the a, onto the KIX part of the name which is a prominent feature the
emphasis of the word kix as a pun on the euphemism for fun, kicks.


The emphasis on the ease of it all is continued on the inside of the leaflet, \u201cit\u2019s easy as
1 2 3\u201d reads the heading, increasing the likely hood of gaining visitors as it explains
clearly how you can fly in three easy stages. \u201cYour kix: start here!\u201d shows enthusiasm
and sets the tone for the rest of the leaflet, the use of the word kix again as a spin on
the word kicks. The description firsts is emotive, giving people the ideal of flying
\u201cwhere dreams of flight become reality\u201d a \u201cmagical place\u201d this appeals to the
emotional side of the audience. Comforting any worries they may have \u201csafe
environment\u201d is highlighted in orange to remove any concerns that the audience may
have and make them feel at ease. Secondly a technical description is provided \u201cit\u2019s a
vertical wind tunnel\u201d etc. then you are sold the selling points of the event \u201cperform an
almost infinite variety of moves\u201d. Like in the photos on the front cover mentioned the
description continues to sell to the ego and self image of the audience \u201cdazzle any
onlookers\u201d is highlighted in orange to act.

The slang is used to create a personal bond with the reader, making them feel relaxed
and not as if they are being sold to so much and that all in all the event is fun and
cool. Highlighted is the benefit to novice and experienced flyers and the
recommendation of the \u201call top skydivers have to use on in training, just to stay in the
game\u201d suggests that top skydivers frequent the attraction which creates huge selling
power. Once again the website link is repeated so it stays fresh in the readers mind.
Continuation of the orange, red and blue to dark blue gradients and contrasts carries
the corporate image and house style on through the inside of the leaflet. Along with
images of people having fun and details on the packages on offer, emphasis is placed
on the USP \u201c\u00a34 OFF when you buy online\u201d, the reiteration of the website allows
people to find the link easily go online, where they can be sold to and buy tickets
online. Once again the all inclusive nature of the venue is made a feature \u201c\u2026for
everyone aged 5-105! (no experience necessary)\u201d this is defiantly a USP.

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