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Vudash Hexenwahn - The Guild of Zion

Vudash Hexenwahn - The Guild of Zion

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Published by api-3722432
Adult shortstory on D&D fantasy fiction
Adult shortstory on D&D fantasy fiction

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Published by: api-3722432 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vudash Hexenwahn \u2013 The guild of ZionLate in.2006
\u00a9 Andr\u00e8 M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

My \u201eAppetizer\u201c for the NWN module \u201eThief Prelude\u201c created by TSP under use of Biowares \u00ae & \u00a9Neverwinter Nights. Screenshots included with the hint at \u00a9 Bioware and the artists who made them.

Name-changes due auto-correction...My mentioning of
people, companies and institutions as their works is no
challenge to their trademark or copyright. My text deals

for entertainment, legal money making and contemplation purposes only.

If you are using ADOBE: Look at the upper part of the screen. Yeah, above these words, left to middle usually.
There is a percentage (%) sign to see with a + and \u2013 next to it. Click and find out it's meaning? Oh and I usually
included hyperlinked bookmarks (left side of page in Adobe) so you can make it easier to read my files.

Included pictures are and were never declared my property, because most, sure as hell was invented, are not. When I do not mention who did the pictures or other included files, then I either forgot or simply don't know who created it and that there are rights reserved. A common exception is my retaliation against people who tried to threaten, sabotage or harm me or my works in ways which are illegal, disgusting or clearly against all facts. Oh, that previous sentence is secret.\u263a

Any resemblance to real world persons or institutions is unwanted and accidental. This is a fantasy short story, no social criticism or agitation. Dear readers, in this text we will venture into the nightly side of the imagination. The story is about a small thieves guild. Set in a realm, where there is sorcery, where undead dwell and druids can do magic with nature and animals. Evil is neither less competent nor less omnipresent though.

Vudash was a half-orc in his 21st summer. As many others of his species, the stigma of his birth was not always pleasant. He was declared a monstrous and criminal psychopath the moment he got tucked from mommas womb. Orcs, dear readers are really sadistic and brutal man-slayers, which celebrate their cruelty. Vudash had to add something to this heritage though. He had a balanced confidence, a clear mind and a certain talent for \u2026the other side of the law. Due half-orcs like Vudash the city guard would stay in business without any worry about lack of missions.

Vudash had cultivated his passion for fun, sex, drugs and minor not so legal activities in recent years. He was on a journey to reap the fruits of his investments by now. The thieves\u2019 guild of Zion had accepted him as a member. Breaking out of the squalor of a grudgingly tolerated tribal culture and opposing the constant menace of racism, whenever he had not to evade the minions of the law.

Vudash looked forward in anticipation for the guild. He learned early that in his profession every spoken word came on one unspoken as one between the lines.

Vudash didn\u2019t start his journey naked though. He had his reinforced fur armour and a well-balanced dagger with him. His agility and training with the blade would convince more than one footpad or highwayman to strategically retreating. At the thought of cutting the face of some human scumbag he couldn\u2019t fully hide a rather orcish grin. Vudash was aware that the real threat was not due criminals mostly. He had earned his name in the tribe for a reason. Vudash was no sorcerer, but he had a real instinctive talent for using their magical staffs. Few of the spell crafters could do it better. He could activate this eldritch magic from scrolls and so he started his career as a witch


Vudash thought this sounded much better than the evenly true statement that he broke into houses and lodges of wizards to steal their stuff. In bad nights he had been caught doing this and cutting a warlocks throat is better than tasting the steel of the guards oneself? Vudash had the muscles and temper of a half- orc, yet he couldn\u2019t duel with a real warrior. He was talented, but not yet really experienced.

It did cost him some weeks of wandering to reach the outskirts of Zion short before nightfall. Hexenwahn held his eyes open for an inn. He was tired and then the thoughts of Gerstensaft (beer) and prostitutes were better signposts to the realm of dreamy slumber.

His first night in Zion was full of good sleep on a small bedroll for Vudash Hexenwahn. Seems half-orcs never got the real comfortable beds in their proper size.

Vudash awoke before the roosters cry. His ears had caught the sound of wooden bowls. There would soon be breakfast and he had some silver coins left. Pie made of corn and vegetables. Vudash found it tasty enough and grunted happily. Burping and farting were taboo when in presence of others. Humans and elves were only reassured in their hostile prejudices due such misbehaviour. Same was true on scratching this itch between the legs in front of others. Women rarely appreciated it. And if Vudash was about to jump into the bath, his intention was not to stay there in solitude.

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