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Discriminated Souls - Half-Orc Gypsies for Ravenloft

Discriminated Souls - Half-Orc Gypsies for Ravenloft



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Published by api-3722432
My work on a character class for Ravenloft campaign world.
My work on a character class for Ravenloft campaign world.

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Published by: api-3722432 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Discriminated Souls \u2013 Half-Orc Gypsies for Ravenloft
Ideas & text \u00a9 Andr\u00e8 M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

With this file I start to add to my constructive criticism of Dan Haugen's \u201cHaunted Heroes \u2013 A guide to denizens in the demi-plane of dread\u201d. I am a hobby author with no connection to the official product line or any other companies.

Dear gypsies of the real world, I know nothing about your culture and way of life. I spare you to copy from this movie with Johnny Depp (means Johnny Yokel by the way). I do this just as a ward versus racism and strictly to inspire or enrich the Dungeons & Dragons realm and idea named Ravenloft.

This file will be done without any more pictures or screenshot quotes for I have been told that while their entire products can be found on pirate pages I would have to expect them troubling me instead of stopping the pirates. Software piracy is meant, sometimes you deserve it in my opinion. Real world Pirates have nothing to do with the fictional creatures I named pie rats, though the similarities of the profession were of course intended for RPG.

The most important notes for in game purposes will usually be:
Racial description and stats, classes and dual classing or multi classing, attributes,
skills & feats as the level-up definitions. No Vistani connection wanted or needed.

Race: The official description and stat modification is acceptable and because I expect you to buy a legal copy of the official rulebook (ebay or second hand may suffice for poor souls, Strahd torments you anyway). Further searching the web often mentions short descriptions as do many D&D based pc-games. As a race the following four modifications are known and expected to happen by me. Strength +2, Night Vision or Low light vision, Intelligence or Wisdom -2 (depends on which rulebook you worship more, D&D or D20 for D&D) and finally the Charisma -2. Very important: Ed Ucation is no half-orc (soon more)!

Prerequisite: Must be born half-orc and choose a family, gain \u201cstrong soul\u201d feat for
doing so! (Summary +1 to Fortitude & Will Save as +1 vs Death Magic)

Classes: The gypsy is a way of life (one can be born gypsy and live to death or undeath with it) and therefor I do not really accept them as prestige class, especially not in Ravenloft. Gypsy as a prime class or sub-class has a simple rule:

As far as I know Dungeons & Dragons as Ravenloft are registered Trademarks of Wizards of

Coast (bad joke:or was it low-level Gandalf clones on a surfboard?). They reserve the rights for their official stuff! Further, I write my ideas without dependence on the backgrounds I implement them into to comfort my readers and make associations easier. \u263a

If you are using ADOBE: Look at the upper part of the screen. Yeah, above these words, left to middle usually. There
is a pe rce ntage (%) s ign to s e e with a + and \u2013 next to it. Click and find out it's me aning? Oh and I usually include d
hyperlinked bookmarks (left side of page in Adobe) so you can make it easier to read my files.
Anything which I do not mention is depending on your family. Family is strictly based
on the definition of it's mentioned class from the core-rulebook.

Because half-orcish just don't care about detailed or artful descriptions I crudely carve it into the cave wall of your mind or so. The half-orc must be born a gypsy and therefor that's the favorite class by circumstances. Dual or Multi on decision of your game master or game mistress?

The family clans : Monrovia Grunt, Foresto Grunt or Adagio Grunt.

Monrovia Grunt originated as the savage gypsy clan of survival and going through hardships. There is not much time to read books and contemplate or meditate if the only moments when racists don't bother you are those that the powers tear your life apart or suck you deeper. Well, sometimes they get happily drunk or laid the other 23 hours of the days. Where a barbarian can run for days without rest, it is the Monrovia who can be with their women for days without rest (no Viagra usually, reflects the high constitution stat). The Monrovia therefor check the barbarian class for any stuff I don't mention. The most common alignment is chaotic, yet on game guide decision lawful as in following their family codex of honour could be accepted. Common Allergies: Patience, tolerance and staying sober.

Monrovia Grunt Hit Dice: 1d10 per level

Monrovia class skills (based on key ability): Appraise (Int), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Discipline (?), Intimidation (Cha), Intuit Direction (Wis), Gather Information (Cha), Knowledge (any suiting), Scry (Int, exclusive skill), Sense Motive (Wis) Spellcraft (Int), Spot as Listen (Wisdom), Search (Int), Tumble (Dex)

Monrovia skill points to spend per level: 6 + (or minus) Intelligence Modificati
\u25cfFor reasons far beyond the understanding of the Monrovia the Foresto seem a

notch arrogant and rejecting. The brutish pragmatism with which they raze any forest sure must have escaped their detailed contemplation. Monrovia and Foresto grudgingly tolerate each other, yet will only live close to each other in dire emergencies. \u201cIt's all the Foresto fault, their whores go and rub their lips against trees instead of spreading their legs for us!\u201d

\u25cfAdagio Grunt and Monrovia have a more individual way instead of official

dealings or contracts. Some Adagio have relatives here or enjoy hideouts away from civilization with enough guards to ward against the comforting, gentle encounters with the powers and all they can spawn. \u201cJust because them Adagio break a bread with you doesn't mean they won't steal your stuff. Them bribe our shamans\u201d

\u25cfAny other relations should be handled by game guide, either straight as in
rulebook or to suit the campaign and purpose of your group.

Foresto Grunt is the seclusive gypsy clan of survival attuned to nature. Unlike their Monrovia folks, the Foresto Grunt had either more talent or more chances to learn from nature and indulge spirituality which later even breezed competence. The clan is dedicated to nomadic druidism (they are guests of nature, not grove builders) and often vegetarian ways. Foresto Grunts lose a permanent level if they sacrifice animals or bring harm to nature which could be avoided. Foresto are renowned for their comparably well-rounded lore among most gypsies. They have full druidism magic as per rulebook with all druid benefits & hindrances. Alignment as per druid, though gypsies should be allowed a notch more pragmatism. For Foresto lawful neutral alignment may be based on the laws of nature and gypsy travelling without penalty. Common Allergies: Cities, Savages and Undead.

Foresto Grunt Hit Dice: 2d4 per level
Foresto Grunt class skills:
Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Innuendo (Wis), Sense Motive
(Wis) and all others see classic druid class from core rulebook.
Foresto Grunt skill points to spend per level: 7 + (or minus) Intelligence Modificati
\u25cfThe Monrovia are at best like combat hounds. They can be friendly and helpful,

yet one spontaneous temper tantrum suffices to turn them against you. Further more than one of us noticed their compulsive disrespect for the nature that makes us survive. Be assured they don't just build a hut or roast a deer. They try to destroy the sacred source of our powers in their envy that we have learned magic. \u201cMonrovia are a reminder that it needs dedication and soul to avoid succumbing to our orcish stupor.\u201d.

\u25cfThe Adagio at best are clumsy when it comes to nature. They will trick and steal

or commit crimes we do not even have names for, yet that dagger as often directs itself to our benefit or against mutual enemies. Dealing with the Adagio means every instance may breed random trouble. Yet they developed a unique approach to magic and several of them share their findings in peculiar uncommon ways, for the expected rogue stereotype. \u201cWhen they do not come for trade or scouting we can always get rid of most unwelcome Adagio by sending them after some occult treasure, even if we hid it for this purpose.\u201d

\u25cfAny other relations should be handled by game guide, either straight as in
rulebook or to suit the campaign and purpose of your group.

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