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Scene Blue

Scene Blue

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Published by scoop712

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Published by: scoop712 on Oct 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Blue slowly walks onstage, with obvious effort)

Blue: Hey, you\u2019ll give me whatever I want?
Manager: That all depends on wha\u2013
Blue: Good, okay. Yeah, listen, people are always bugging me to do stuff \u2013 It\u2019s like,
every day, \u201cGetup, clean yourro o m, get ajob,Don\u2019t eat on thecouch, it\u2019s tooearly for
raw chicken and a beer,\u201d I mean it\u2019s ridiculous!
Manager: Yes, how mortifying it must -
Blue: Don\u2019t use big words, man, I\u2019m not a\u2026uh\u2026Dicternary

Manager. Of course. Sorry.

Blue: Whatever. Look, I just want people to lay off, you know? I mean, I can\u2019t even sit
back and watch the tube anymore, my mom unplugged it!
Manager: You mean she cut the plug in half?
Blue: No, man, she just frickin\u2019 unplugged it!
Manager: Alright, I see where we\u2019re headed with this agreement \u2013 I\u2019ll remove any and
all previous responsibilities from your lifestyle, and you\u2019ll \u2013
Blue: What did I say about big words man, c\u2019mon!
(Over each other) Manager: Sorry. (He knew what he was doing) (Hears word and
cringes.) There\u2019s no need for vulgarity, you know.

Blue: I mean, Jesus Christ, can\u2019t you listen! Man, I sound like mom\u2026
Okay, yeah yeah yeah.
Manager: Right. So you won\u2019t have to do anything. Let\u2019s see\u2026I\u2019ll take\u2026
Blue: I don\u2019t have time for this. (Goes into door) (Whines pitifully)
Manager: Neither do I. (Brings up vision)
Doctor: I\u2019m sorry, ma\u2019am, but this is his future. Once they\u2019re gone, they\u2019re gone.
Mother: I told him that this would happen one day! (Wailing) Why wouldn\u2019t he listen?!!!
Blue: (Voice over or very little lip movement) What\u2019s the problem, guys?
Doctor: Actually, I don\u2019t know what could have done this to him \u2013 his vitals signs are
poor, but more than passable; his brain activity is normal, and he may even be able to
understand what\u2019s going on around him; it\u2019s as if his limbs just shut down on him. It\u2019s
not a coma so much as...a type of full-body paralysis. I\u2019ll bring him into the special cases
ward, we\u2019ll have to study this more.
Blue: (Same as before) What are you talking about? I\u2019m fine \u2013 Mom, tell him, Mom.
Doctor: I\u2019ll just need your consent. (Mother is worried)
Blue: (Same as before, now frightened) Screw you bub, I\u2019m not going anywhere.
Doctor: Think about it \u2013 your son could help us prevent this from happening to anyone
else. Wouldn\u2019t he have wanted to know his life had a purpose after all?
Blue: (Same as before, still frightened) I don\u2019t care about making cures, man let me outta
Mother: (Hesitantly) Well\u2026if it will help someone else\u2019s child someday\u2026(More certain)
Yes, yes I\u2019ll agree.
Blue: (Same as before, shocked and hysterical) What \u2013 no, Mom, no! Don\u2019t do this,
mommy no, no, \u2026.(Continues rambling and sobbing)

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