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Is Life Really Meaningless

Is Life Really Meaningless

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Published by akasha15

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Published by: akasha15 on Oct 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Is life really meaningless?Osho, From Bondage to Freedom,Chapter 40MEANING CAN BE understood in two ways. There is meaning that is somewhere far away, you have to reach to it. It is extrinsic.Life is not meaningful in this first sense. And it is good that life is not meaningful in thatsense, because then life becomes only a means to reach to the faraway goal, the farawaystar. Then life loses its autonomous beauty. It is just a way; the real thing is tomorrow.Meaning has another category too: intrinsic. Life is tremendously meaningful in thesecond sense. Then meaning is not separate, somewhere else; then meaning is in the veryliving itself.You don't ask, has love any meaning? You know love is itself meaningful, it is not ameans to some end. You do not ask if the beauty of a rose is meaningful. The beauty itself is enough; it does not lead anywhere, it contains its meaning within itself.In existence everything that is really valuable is always intrinsically meaningful. And lifeis equivalent to existence. Life has meaning. If you just change the word "life" into"living," you will be able to understand more easily. Living has meaning -- each moment-- because living is not something dead like "life." The word "life" is dead -- all nouns aredead. But the language is created by dead people.Some day the new man is going to create a language which consists only of verbs, because that will be authentic to existence. In existence there is no noun. Have you seen"life"? Have you met "life" anywhere? All that you meet, experience, is living.Sipping a cup of tea, going for a morning walk, doing your work -- all these smallactivities make up your living. And each part, each moment of living, is meaningful. You just have to be there; otherwise, who is going to experience the meaning?People go on drinking tea, but they never are there; their minds are wandering all over theworld. People are making love, but they are not there. It is a very strange world that wehave created. In one bedroom there are at least four people. Already the bedrooms are sosmall, too difficult for two people; and in the bed there are four people, or even more.These two people who are making love are not there: the man is thinking of someHollywood actress, the woman is thinking of Muhammad Ali. So there are four people.Who is making love to whom? These two people are simply going through the gestures of love -- they are not present -- mechanical gestures of love. And then they ask, "Is thereany meaning in life?"You go on losing every moment by your absence.
WHEN I WAS A STUDENT, my principal in the high school was continuously troubled by my absence from the school. My family was troubled. I would start going to school, but never reach there. Life was so much, and so many things were happening on theway... and the school was almost one mile away from the house.The principal called me one day and said, "You are almost always absent."I said, "That's where you are wrong."He said, "What do you mean?"I said, "I am always present wherever I am. To be absent is not my style of life. And whatcan I do? -- this one mile between the school and my house.... A magician was doing histricks on the street, and I became present there. It was far more interesting than your teachers, and I learned more than I could have learned here -- because whatever your teacher is saying I can read in the book, but I will never meet that magician again. And hedid such beautiful tricks that when he was finished I followed him to his tent outside thecity."He asked me, 'Son, why are you following me?' I said, 'You are getting old. Don't youwant your tricks to live on even when you are gone?' He said, 'That seems to bemeaningful! -- you can come in. Many people have asked me to teach them the tricks, butnot in this way.' So I have been with the magician."Life is a bigger school than your school. And I am, each moment, present wherever Iam. To be absent is not my style of life, so you please take your words back."He said, "In that case I will have to see your father."I said, "You can see anybody you like, but remember that my father knows me perfectlywell. Just let me be informed when you are coming so I can also be present there. You both will be absent -- because my father is continuously busy with his business, and youare busy with who is absent, who is present. At least let somebody into that meeting whois present!" I told him, "Be honest and sincere and tell me: Are you present right now?"He said, "My God, perhaps you are right. I was thinking of my buffalo -- she has notreturned for two days."I said, "You need not be worried, I know where she is. That's the beauty of being presenteverywhere! I have seen her just by the side of the tent of the magician. Now what do yousay: Was it more worthwhile my coming to the class, or finding your lost buffalo? Youcan go and catch hold of her."People are not there where they seem to be. This is why they go on missing the meaningof life. Just remain present to any small act you are doing. It does not matter -- you don'thave to do great acts, become a world conqueror, go to the moon, or stand on top of Everest; it does not matter what you do.Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing -- or not doing -- be present, and themeaning of life will start unfolding. It is tremendously blissful.But don't seek it somewhere else -- in a church, in a temple, in a holy book. You will notfind it. Even if you come across God -- who, by the way, does not exist -- but even if you

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