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Check List For Roads & Buildings Works

Check List For Roads & Buildings Works



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Published by D.V.Bhavanna Rao

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Published by: D.V.Bhavanna Rao on Oct 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Check List for R&B WorksGovt. of A.P., Roads & Bldgs. Department
Check list For Clearing And Grubbing
1)Review the plans, special provision, right of way agreements, which may require specialstaking.2)Confirm land acquisition is completed and area demarcated is in possession.3)Confirm encroachments (if any) are removed and tree cutting (if any) is carried out with permission of competent authority.4)Check whether all the tree roots and stumps are removed in the formation area. Check  whether the pits from where trees have been removed are filled with granular materialand suitably compacted.5)Ensure that features and facilities, which are to be preserved, are clearly marked.6)Attention shall be paid to environmental commitments.7)Determine the method for disposal of all materials outside the right of way.8)Identify the location of all public utilities (telephone poles, power lines, water suppllines, sewer lines, UG cables etc.) and ensure proper liaison with concerned authoritiesfor shifting or for carrying out work safely without affecting the utilities during executionof works.
1)Check whether the Executing Agency equipment has required safety devices for theprotection of personnel and environment. (In forest areas required spark arrestersshall be used in the equipment).2)Ensure no hazard to public during operations like timber felling, blasting.3)Ensure a better and coordinated traffic control.4)Check whether adjacent property and environmentally service-line areas are being affected and prevent such operations.5)Limits of clearing areas which do not require removal of stumps should be determined,and the height of stumps above natural ground be checked.6)Determine if dead, dying or otherwise unstable trees, which are in the right of way butoutside the clearing limits to constitute a hazard. Any such tree shall be removed.7)Check whether the cut timber is being handed over to the concerned agencies, in casethe contract provides such handing over.8)When burial of debris is permitted within the right of way that it will not act as apermeable layer, does not block drainage and will not interfere with maintenance.9)Ensure proper precautions, if burning of debris is permitted. Ensure that the smoke willnot interfere with the visibility of public traffic and no air pollution problem is created.10)Ensure that tree branches overhanging above the roadway are cut off as specified.
Check List for R&B WorksGovt. of A.P., Roads & Bldgs. Department
Earth Works
Earthwork includes operation connected with roadway excavation, structure excavation,backfill, ditch/drain excavation, compaction, embankment construction and borrow areaexcavation.
Pre-Construction Stage
1)Confirm required drawings I.e. Longitudinal Section and Cross Section for the proposedstretch are updated and at hand.2) Confirm centerline of the proposed road has been set out using Total Station. Drivepegs to mark it at every 10 m or less in straight reaches. Erect masonry pillars 23x25cm at each peg position with two sides plastered. Mark on the pillars proposed levelupto which filling is to be done.3)In the case of road in cutting, two additional pillars are to be constructed on each flank of the road and with the proposed level of formation on the plaster.4)Check road safety signs such as "Road work under progress", "Take diversions", etc.are properly positioned.5)Earmark/detail personnel for traffic control (if any) concerned authorities to beinformed in advance and publicize the traffic restriction if any.6)Make a list of persons deployed at site along with qualification and experience.7)Confirm reference pillars (Temporary Bench Marks) are erected.8)Confirm quarries are identified and permission (if any) from appropriate authority hasbeen obtained.9)Calculate required quantities and assess and satisfy the material is available with quarries.10)Confirm quarry material have been tested and results are satisfactory.11)Confirm setting out of curves - Horizontal and vertical have been completed.12)Confirm requisite templates for camber and depth of loose earth spread are available.13)Check watering arrangements are satisfactory.14)Check agreed upon plant and machinery including Vibrohammer for vertical banksare in good working condition.15)Check fuel, oil, lubricant, urgent spares (if any) are readily available (in the vicinity)nearby.16)Confirm checking and measuring instruments like leveling instrument / staff of 30 m,tapes etc. is available at site.17)Check testing equipment for field tests like field density apparatus, rapid moisturemeter etc. are available.18)Confirm registers/site documents for recording the levels, and any other activity at siteare available.
Check List for R&B WorksGovt. of A.P., Roads & Bldgs. Department
19)Check whether marking of exact location of CD works have been completed.20)Check if any vegetation has grown after clearing and grubbing. If yes repeat theoperation of clearing and grubbing.21)Check whether the existing ground has been rolled to meet the compaction requirement.22)Whenever Ground improvement has been proposed check if prefabricated drains (banddrains), sand for sand blanket, geotextile and free draining material of required quantity are available, before the work is taken up in hand. Please check that the completedesign has been approved by the Engineer.23)Sections where reinforced soil structures are to be provided, check if precast concretefacing units, soil reinforcing elements with accessories / Fitting and back fill materialof required quantity are as specification before the work is taken up. Please also check that the design have been approved by the Engineer.24)Establish contract for coordination with any other agency working/operating in thesame area.
Construction StageIn Fill
1)Ensure removal of top 15 to 20 cm of soil when filling is proposed.2)Ensure ground treatment as per Technical specification - Appendix XXVI-Vol. II inmarking areas before earth wall in embankment is taken in hand.3)Approved soil for filling to be free from organic or decomposed material.4)Breaking up of earth clods and compaction of the layers (of 20 to 30 cm as specified)and rolling to be done with rollers (of type and size as specified). To ensure uniformthickness of spread, use templates.5) Modified density to be taken at specified intervals and ensure top 500 mm of embankment and shoulders to have 97% standard modified proctor density and lowerlayers 95%.6)Ensure that each layer of earthwork is tested (Density and Moisture content) beforestarting next layer.7)Check whether water has been sprinkled over the previous layer top, before laying andnext layer.8)Check the layer thickness of any later laid to compensate the thickness of grades. If itis less than 100 mm, then the previous layer top shall be suitably watered and scarifiedand then next layer is laid. Ensure proper bonding with old compacted layer and avoid'peeling off in patches' of the newly laid layer during compaction.9)Ensure the benching into existing material during hillside construction or where thesection changes from embankment to excavation or while widening the existing formation is adequate for proper keying of embankment material to original ground.10)Ensure that rolling over entire area - completely to outside edges is being carried out.

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