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Reasons for Granting Injunction

Reasons for Granting Injunction

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Published by autumngrace

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Published by: autumngrace on Nov 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Declaration of Reasons Relief Must Be Granted.
My son is sick and it is due to the fact that we are homeless for the most part. We have been staying over a friends’ house, however we are sleeping on a palate on the floor andthe draft and the temperature status quo here in their home is much cooler than ours. He isot getting better and he is going through adaptation stresses and its killing me. I have prepared this motion and all that goes along with it on the floor as well and my back iskilling me and it is all for naught. Life is tough enough for my son already and to beforced into a situation causing him ill health mentally and physically…at the behest of a party with no legal standing authority in the first place and then to have that entity pushthe envelope to a level of legal disregard is shamefully wrong and exceedly harmful to allfacets of our lives. I pray that this first and most important call for an injunction isanswered as I don’t feel that we should even have to go through the UD process, withWells Fargo Bank as their non interest is clearly outlined herein this Summons and theQuiet title which is forth coming, should they choose to respond will be and another goround of precious time warding off now well know fraudulent offenders. Again I praythat your honor will grant an injunction for the duration and until completion of the QuietTitle action I have commenced against Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. – Thank You.
I have no business being here as told by other officers and attorneys, hell even the officer in charge stated requesting an injunction while the quiet title case is persued will grant merelief. However I fail to understand that. That is my home and a party with absolutely nolegal authority…acting under the color of law decided to change the way claimed interestis handled in this state and abused his position and went way overboard to attempt stealingmy home. I know the normal process is the UD and at that point id present myevidences…however I felt all was settled after t’d shown the one west bank attorney thedocs and data which amount to zero ability or authority to claim any interest in my home 3weeks ago. So I believed my peace was to be lasting. I ask that the court fine WellsFargo Bank, N.A. immediately for their abusive behavior and grant me that restitution.My family and I have been unjustifylbly mistreated and experiencing a considerable blowto our lives.
Malum In Se Actions adversely affecting millions of U.S. Citizens. Void of humanity,Disrespect for the Law. Defendant is an integral component to, active participant andreceiver of mammonth profits. The largest PONZI SCHEME this nation or perhaps theworld has ever witnessed has generated unbelievable monetary gains…allowing thesalaries of 195 million a year for Bank executives retirees, and officers. A plot of greed,contrived to generate magnanimous amounts of wealth for the top players and vast flowsof income for like minded money driven servicers foaming at the mouth to participate.Seamlessly structure and suavely maneuvered, they almost got away with duping the
[Type text]Ex Parte Injunctive Application and Supporting Facts1
courts and obliterating HOPE from millions of hearts and If not for their massive abuse,countless enraged homeowners and the sprinkle turned rained, turned to storm of intellectual judges, taking a closer look, asking the questions We consumers didn’t quiteknow how to phrase and seeking the truth of the matter and no longer granting the lendersthe benefit of the doubt. As it becomes quite hard to fathom every other homeowner simultaneously deciding. not to pay their mortgage and choosing to put their families inhomeless status. The Judges are now well aware, their own insight gained, media andmillions of screaming homeowners….the lenders gravy train, powered by fraud hasflipped off the track and they are now facing civil and criminal consequences of their countless acts of actual fraud, practiced violations Real Estate Principles, codes andregulations, forgery, tax evasion, trade and securities Fraud, Insurance Fraud. 80 (EightyMillion Mortgage 150 Billion shaved from pool investors, and 13 trillion in profits. This iswhy we’re here. s 2896 Gate Four Place Is Home to me and my family, our permanent andonly place of dwelling, as well as my place of business. After speaking with One WestBank Attorneys at my home two weeks ago, whom have been falsely claiming ownershipunder the color of L aw for the last year and a half, first two came together with policeand a couple of days later 1 attorney alone. I showed and shared with them the forgeddocumentation and pertinent material information proving they had no interest of legalclaim in my home. They clearly understood and stated surprise at “how much I knew,” I believed I would be able to resume quiet enjoyment of my home once again.
I, Harmony Dianne Brown, Am the Only Real Party of Interest Regarding my home, in somuch as I have Title, Beneficiary, Possessionary and future interest via a California Statelegally recognized, lawfully recorded and conveyed Grant Deed. As the pooling andservicing agreements instantly removes any and all claims of beneficial interest purportedly held by the lender. Material evidence irrefutable and verifiable. A fact whichmutes the lenders history of claimed interest. The multiple acts of fraud, constitutingracketeering per the RICO ACT, mandates forefeiture of any and all assests acquired bymeans of racketeering activity.
Any Transfer caused by the substitution of a trustee does not constitute a change inownership. California State Rule 462,240 – authority section 15606 Government Code.Forged documents , back dated assignments, fraud in fact actives, which are in-hand atmy home and Actual Fraud are the sole basis of the Defendants False Claim of Ownership. Which California State and Federal Law Clearly communicate any and allactions of fraud nullifies the validity of everything into which it enters. Nudd v. Burrows,91 US 426 (1875). Though Again, the sheer means of the pooling and serving practice bylenders removes any claim of interest or right.
Securities Trade, pooled loans, investors. Lien by REMIC trust laws is suppose totransfer with note to new owner(s) (individually, pooled investors), therefore the TrustDeed illegally held on to after funds have been received from investor, immediatelyrenders the trust deed naugatory. And lien no longer exists for original lender as there can be no harm experiened to the lender should the borrower default as the lender has already been paid in full coupled with hefty profit as the pooled mortgages are sold at futurevalue.
[Type text]Ex Parte Injunctive Application and Supporting Facts2
Multiple Illegal Transfers of Interest sourced by back dated, fraudulently created andforged documents.
 No a lender can claim legal ownership as they do not possess the note and the trust deedas these items must be as a matter of California Real Estate Lawis legally mandated totravel with the note.
My home is unique and has of course sentimental value, I love my home and to lose itunjustly due to fraud in fact, materially evidenced, would be a grave miscarriage of  justice, causing me harm which can never be undone. and if I am removed from my property …my only entitlement in the tortious lawsuit against Valley Mortgage group, canonly provide me and my family with monetary compensation which less desirable thanmaintaining my home.
I have had no time to prepare for such an event and my son, who is 4 years of age anddiagnosed as autistic has severe and lasting dysfunctions with any sudden changes. This breach of lawful procedures also causes my sons therapy schedules to be juggled,relocated and possibly missed if this outlandish incomprehensible cut-off from homesteadis not promptly ended.
My husband and I have home based businesses, which are suffering and will suffer irreputable damages, due to inability for clients to reach us, loss of new business, inabilityto run payables, clients terminating our service with continued lapse of communication isinevitable, no means to monitor and or address client current matters of urgent issue,which can have devastating affects on their lives and livihood.I run my business from myhome and this would cause an extended and unknow delay in my ability to produceincome.12.I have a claim as a plaintiff on a mass joinder lawsuit , and the attorney leading my case isMitchell J. Stein. My client case number is 2050255117.
I pray that the injunctive order remain in full force and effect until the final judgementhas been issued per the current Quiet Title Action commenced by and on behalf of myfamily myself, Harmony Dianne Brown on the 27
day of September, year of 2011.
All additional supporting documents and case laws will be presented and the PreliminaryInjunction Hearing, as I’ve been denied access to them, due to the abhorrent interpution of my life and abode occupation. 
I pray the court allows me the time and ability to properly present my case and allow me back into my home without further disturbances by fraudulent claims of interest, whichwill allow my family and I the quiet enjoyment to which all homeowners have aninalienable right.
[Type text]Ex Parte Injunctive Application and Supporting Facts3

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