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Justice for Ninoy is Justice for Apo Ferdie

Justice for Ninoy is Justice for Apo Ferdie

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Published by Antonio Ari Israel

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Published by: Antonio Ari Israel on Nov 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Justice for Ninoy is Justice for Apo Ferdie:
Calling for One Truth on the Aquino Murder as Filipinos Still Tread on Ambiguous Lines of an Unsettled  History.
The proponent of this initiative, Antonio ‘Ari’ Israel – a UFO contactee, messianic priest andhereby made publicly known today in his contemporary capacity as Servant Israel – founder of the Unto New Israel Movement, hereby evokes:
1) Mission:
Servant Israel is urged by the God of Truth to plead and call for justice deservingBenigno Aquino Jr. and Ferdinand Marcos Sr. He is reminded that there is only one truth andwhere it is absent,
a lie,
like a parasite, takes over its place and multiplies. Hence, if the ‘cause’was founded on lies, its effect and multipliers should be undoubtedly the same because no rootbears a different fruit. Just as the effects of an unknown cause from an unresolved historical casehave produced, an unexplainable cause had yielded inexplicable effects.
2) The first cause and the effects:
the murder of Ninoy Aquino culminated change with outcomesthat went contrary to popular expectations 28 years ago. Under such newfound democracy, thisNation has sorely regressed. Coupled by the contemporary socio-political and economic decays,the truth behind the battle cry
‘Justice for Ninoy’
now rots buried under heaps of half-truths andhalf-lies, if not, all lies. Albeit the indifference in past administrations to seek for the truth, lain isthe stiff Marcos with a pervasive spirit remindful of an unsettled history. Consider:2.1) Ninoy Aquino’s murder in 1983 sat the precedence and recognized in this argumentas the ‘first cause.’ He was gunned down and buried in clothes stained with his ownblood. That truth was only partial because the root of the matter or the essential truth inthe motive was unfounded. Three years later and still without an acknowledged truth,speculations surrounding Ninoy’s death fomented two colossal effects: (1) allegationsleading to Marcos’ ouster and (2) sympathetic praises putting Cory into power;2.2) in retrospect to the parable
“what you sow is what you reap,”
the people reacted tosome artificial truth and sowed hatred. As a consequence, the simulated effects it createdwere never in the exact proportion to the true cause that produced them.Contrary to what has been imposed since 1986, the impact of first EDSA was artificialfor the consequences were not in the exact measure we now deserve to enjoy or to suffer.It could not be clear if the first EDSA exceeded in, abided by or deficiently created theproportionate effects
that such a first cause deserves
because the essential truth washidden. The people will never know whether the hatred they sowed was justified becausethey were blinded from truth and unable to make a faithful assessment.What was made evident however that the first EDSA created chaotic effects that lingeredonwards Cory’s tenure
(coup attempts that failed)
and between presidential successionsafter Cory’s term. For the second lady president-to-be, this phenomenon was repeatedduring an abrupt hierarchical transition of power from Estrada to Macapagal-Arroyo in2001;2.3) for those who occupied EDSA in 1986 and 2001,
though likely the majority acted ingood faith,
they were called to gather and participate in dramas plotted on percolated

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