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Published by k3ry

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Published by: k3ry on Oct 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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<?php/*** @version $Id: joomla.php 9997 2008-02-07 11:27:04Z eddieajau $* @package Joomla* @copyright Copyright (C) 2005 Open Source Matters. All rights reserved.* @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU/GPL, see LICENSE.php* Joomla! is free software. This version may have been modified pursuant* to the GNU General Public License, and as distributed it includes or* is derivative of works licensed under the GNU General Public License or* other free or open source software licenses.* See COPYRIGHT.php for copyright notices and details.*/// no direct accessdefined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die( 'Restricted access' );define( '_MOS_MAMBO_INCLUDED', 1 );/*** Page generation time* @package Joomla*/class mosProfiler {/** @var int Start time stamp */var $start=0;/** @var string A prefix for mark messages */var $prefix='';/*** Constructor* @param string A prefix for mark messages*/function mosProfiler( $prefix='' ) {$this->start = $this->getmicrotime();$this->prefix = $prefix;}/*** @return string A format message of the elapsed time*/function mark( $label ) {return sprintf ( "\n<div class=\"profiler\">$this->prefix %.3f$label</div>", $this->getmicrotime() - $this->start );}/*** @return float The current time in milliseconds*/function getmicrotime(){list($usec, $sec) = explode(" ",microtime());return ((float)$usec + (float)$sec);}}if (phpversion() < '4.2.0') {require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/compat.php41x.php' );}if (phpversion() < '4.3.0') {require_once( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/compat.php42x.php' );
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// disable strict mode in MySQL 5if (!defined( '_JOS_SET_SQLMODE' )) {/** ensure that functions are declared only once */define( '_JOS_SET_SQLMODE', 1 );// if running mysql 5, set sql-mode to mysql40 - thereby circumventingstrict mode problemsif ( strpos( $database->getVersion(), '5' ) === 0 ) {$query = "SET sql_mode = 'MYSQL40'";$database->setQuery( $query );$database->query();}}/*** @package Joomla* @abstract*/class mosAbstractLog {/** @var array */var $_log= null;/*** Constructor*/function mosAbstractLog() {$this->__constructor();}/*** Generic constructor*/function __constructor() {$this->_log = array();}/*** @param string Log message* @param boolean True to append to last message*/function log( $text, $append=false ) {$n = count( $this->_log );if ($append && $n > 0) {$this->_log[count( $this->_log )-1] .= $text;} else {$this->_log[] = $text;}}/*** @param string The glue for each log item* @return string Returns the log*/function getLog( $glue='<br/>', $truncate=9000, $htmlSafe=false ) {$logs = array();foreach ($this->_log as $log) {if ($htmlSafe) {$log = htmlspecialchars( $log );

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