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Published by barreto104
material de referencia para a formação de mecanicos demanutenção de aeronaves
material de referencia para a formação de mecanicos demanutenção de aeronaves

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Published by: barreto104 on Nov 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mechanic CertificationGeneral(by 14 CFR Section)
65.3 Certification of Foreign Airmen Other ThanFlight Crewmembers
 Normally, the FAA issues these certicates only to U.S.citizens or resident aliens residing in the United States.However, on occasion if the FAA determines that theissuance of a certicate to a person located outside of the United States is necessary for the operation andcontinued airworthiness of a U.S.-registered civil air-craft, it will issue a certicate to that person, providingthey meet the necessary requirements.
65.11 Application and Issue
Any person who meets the criteria for obtaining amechanic certicate must apply by means of a formand in a manner prescribed by the Administrator. Thatform is FAA Form 8610-2, Airman Certicate and/or Rating Application. If a mechanic has had a certicatesuspended, they may not apply for additional rat-ings during the time of suspension. A revocation of amechanic certicate prevents that person from apply-ing for a certicate within a period of 1 year after therevocation.
65.12 Offenses Involving Alcohol and Drugs
Any person, who has been convicted of violatingfederal or state statutes relating to drug offenses, can be denied their application for a certicate or ratingup to 1 year after the date of conviction. The violationcan be relating to any one or more of the followingactions: growing, processing, manufacturing, selling,disposing, transporting, or importing narcotic drugs,marijuana, depressants, or stimulants. They may alsoface the suspension or revocation of any certicate thatthey currently hold.
65.13 Temporary Certificate
A qualified applicant who successfully passes allrequired tests (a minimum score of 70 percent isrequired) may be issued a temporary certicate, which
Overview of the MaintenanceTechnician
The Mechanic CertificateMaintenanceTechnician Privileges and Limitations
Since part 65 was covered only briey in Chapter 12, itwas left for this chapter to develop it more completely.Therefore, this chapter discusses the Federal AviationAdministration (FAA) regulation governing the certi-cation of airmen other than ight crew members. Thischapter is based on the material contained in Title 14of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 65,which has the following subparts:Subpart AGeneralSubpart BAir Trafc Control OperatorsSubpart C—Aircraft DispatchersSubpart DMechanicsSubpart ERepairmenSubpart FParachute RiggersThis chapter will only focus on the certication of maintenance technicians, and therefore subparts B, C,E, and F will not be addressed.The FAA certies two separate categories of mainte-nance technicians, mechanic and repairman.The fundamental difference between these two is thatthe mechanic certicate is transportable, is issued to thetechnician based upon his or her training and knowl-edge, and is not dependent on the technician’s location.Although the repairman certicate is also based uponthe training and knowledge of the technician, it isspecically issued to that technician while he or she isemployed at a distinct location of a specic company.This certicate carries a literal address where he or sheis authorized to work using his or her repairman skills.When the technician is no longer employed there, therepairman certicate must be returned to the FlightStandards District Ofce (FSDO) that issued it.
is valid for not more than 120 days. During this time,the FAA will review the application and supplementarydocumentation, and will issue the ofcial certicateand rating.
65.14 Security Disqualification
This section was added following the terrorist attacksof September 11, 2001. It basically states that anyonedetermined by the TSA to be a security threat willeither have their application held if they are applyingfor a certicate, or have the certicate that they dohold revoked.
65.15 Duration of Certificate
Mechanics certicates are effective until they are sur-rendered, suspended, or revoked. The difference inthese terms can be summarized briey this way:Surrendered means given up voluntarily.Suspended means the FAA temporarily removedthe certicate from the holder.Revoked means the FAA permanently removedthe certicate from the holder.
65.16 Change of Name: Replacement of Lost orDestroyed Certificate
If the technician changes his or her name, or is seek-ing a replacement certicate, an application must besubmitted to the FAA at:Federal Aviation AdministrationAirmen Certication Branch (AFS-760)P.O. Box 25082Oklahoma City, OK 73125There is a charge for this service.
65.17 Test: General Procedure
The FAA has designated certain persons to administer the tests associated with obtaining a mechanic certi-cate. The minimum passing score for these tests is 70 percent.
65.18 Written Tests: Cheating or OtherUnauthorized Content
If the mechanic or repairmen applicant is determinedto be cheating, or otherwise involved in unauthorizedconduct, they are not eligible for 
certicate or rating under this chapter for a period of 1 year. Fur-thermore, current ratings the person already holds mayalso be suspended or revoked. Unacceptable conductfor written tests consists of:Copying or intentionally removing the test.Giving or receiving any part of a copy of thetest.Giving or receiving help during the test taking period.Using any material or aid during the test taking period.Intentionally causing, assisting, or participatingin any of the previous acts.
65.19 Retesting After Failure
Should the mechanic or repairman fail to achievethe required minimum passing grade, there are twooptions they may consider when desiring to apply for retesting:
Wait a period of 30 days after the date of testfailure.
Seek additional instruction in the subject matter areas he or she failed, and provide a signedstatement from the certicated technician providing the instruction.
65.20 Applications, Certificates, Logbooks,Reports, and Records: Falsification,Reproduction, or Alteration
In 14 CFR part 43, paragraphs 9 and 11, denes therequirements for a technician to make appropriateentries in the maintenance/inspection records for thework performed. This proper documentation is funda-mental to safe and efcient operation of the U.S. civilaircraft eet. Therefore, the FAA takes strong actionagainst those who would participate in the falsicationof those records. The following actions are the basis for suspending or revoking any certicate or rating held by the person invoked:Fraudulent or intentional false statement on anapplication.Fraudulent or intentional false statement in anylogbook, record, or report required to showcompliance with any certicate requirements.Any reproduction (for fraudulent purposes) of acerticate or rating.Any alteration of any certicate or rating under this part.
Mechanic Certification—Specific(by 14 CFR Section)
65.71 Eligibility Requirements: General
The requirements for obtaining a mechanic certicateare:Be at least 18 years of age.Be able to read, write, speak, and understandthe English language. (Note: If the applicantdoes not meet this requirement and is employedoutside the United States by a U.S. carrier, thecerticate will be endorsed “valid only outsidethe United States.”)Have passed all the required tests (written, oral,and practical) within the preceding 24 monthsfrom application.Possess and demonstrate the appropriateknowledge and skill for the certicate rating being sought.If a technician has one of the ratings, and desires toadd the other, he/she must meet the requirements setforth in section (§) 65.77, and take the written, oral,and practical tests within 24 months.
65.73 Ratings
The FAA recognizes two ratings, airframe and pow-erplant, which may be obtained by a person upon suc-cessful application and testing. These may be attainedeither individually, or as a combined certicate.Any person holding an aircraft (A) or aircraft engine(E) certicate prior to June 15, 1952, and which wasvalid on that date, may exchange it for the correspond-ing current certicate. If both ratings were held, theA & E certicate may be exchanged for an A & P.
65.75 Knowledge Requirements
Any applicant meeting the experience requirementslisted in 65.77 must pass a written test (minimum passing score of 70, reference §65.17) covering theconstruction and maintenance of aircraft. Applicable portions of 14 CFR 43 and 91 are also included in thetesting. Basic principles for the installation and main-tenance of propellers are included with the testing thatis administered for the powerplant rating. Successfulcompletion of the written test is required before thecandidate may apply for the oral and practical testsidentied in section 65.79.
65.21 Change of Address
If the technician changes his or her address, the FAA(at the address shown below) must be notied inwriting within 30 days after the change of permanentresidence:Federal Aviation AdministrationAirmen Certication Branch (AFS-760)P.O. Box 25082Oklahoma City, OK 73125
65.23 Refusal to Submit to a Drug or Alcohol Test
Any technician who refuses to submit to a drug test,which is required by 14 CFR part 121, appendix I or J,is subject to denial by the FAA of any application for additional certication or ratings, and suspension or revocation of any existing certicate or rating he or shecurrently holds. Appendix I of part 121 is titled DrugTesting Program, and requires a urine sample from theemployee. Appendix J is titled Alcohol Misuse Preven-tion Program and requires that the employee submit toa breath test. Each appendix contains a “Denitions”section and a section titled “Employees who must betested.” Persons involved with “Aircraft maintenanceor preventative maintenance duties” are listed in bothappendices. There are various types (or rather times)when testing is required.• Pre-employment• Periodic• Random• Post-accidentTesting based upon reasonable causeReturn to duty testing• Follow-up testingThe numerous test methods and the harsh penaltyimposed by the FAA on those who would involve them-selves with these unauthorized substances, or abuse theallowable use of alcohol indicates the concern that theFAA has for the possible impairment of technicians.Aviation maintenance is a professional career choicethat demands the highest caliber technical personto be capable of functioning at his or her maximum potential. There is no room in this profession for a person to be involved with substance abuse. By doingso, the technician not only endangers themselves, buttheir co-workers, and ultimately the customer who isexpecting to have an airworthy aircraft delivered fol-lowing a maintenance activity.

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