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Joe the Plumber How Obama is Trying to Ruin Him

Joe the Plumber How Obama is Trying to Ruin Him

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Published by Jack and friend

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Published by: Jack and friend on Oct 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joe the Plumber; The man who HusseinObama is trying to EliminateOctober 16, 2008
Meet Joe Wurzelbacher, a simple American, “Joe-Six-Pack” as Sarah Palindescribed. After years of working hard to save up, Joe can almost finally afford tobuy his own business. For many, this is the American dream, for Barack Obama,this is “rich man” who can now be taxed. During their exchange, Barack turned toJoe and suggested that he ought to give up his hard earned money and “spread thewealth around”. Anyone who has ever studied the history of the Soviet Union, whohas spent time studying the works of Marx and Lenin knows that this is one of thetenets of socialism. Within the first twenty, if not thirty minutes of this debate,those words would come back to haunt him. McCain jumped on it, attacking Obama’stax plan, attacking his ideas of spending other people’s money, attacking the wholenotion of raising taxes in the hard economic times we are in… What did Obama doin his defense? Laughed, laughed at every attack as if it would somehow it wouldmake up for not having an answer. Any body language expert can tell you that thiswas a sign of weakness, a tell-tale defensive reaction. And the hits kept coming…For nearly half an hour, John McCain pounded him on his economic plan, hisrelationship with Bill Ayers and what it said about his judgment (something Obamalied about during the debate,contrary to what others are reporting
), and hisabsurd notion of “spreading the wealth around”, especially when he keeps talkingabout helping the middle class (can’t help the middle class when you are takingtheir money and their boss’ money and giving it to the blacks). McCain went so farthat he even compared this backwards mentality to Herbert Hoover’s terribledecisions made during the early years of the Great Depression. He then went on tosay that all this talk about the “greedy rich” and the “struggling working folk” wasclass warfare, something which Saul Alinsky’s book,
Rules for Radicals 
, preached(Obama sounds more Marxist with each passing day). He also turned to the cameraand spoke to the people, Joe in particular, about how Obama’s plans would keepthem from achieving success, the “American Dream”. His reference to Mr.Wurzelbacher being rich was in reference to “The One’s” assertions that only therich will be taxed, something Joe found out about first hand.As McCain’s newadvertisement states, Americans are finally getting it,they are starting to seethat “spreading the wealth around” is going to keep them down. No matter how heswerved, Barack couldn’t get around this, and for that time he was constantlygetting hit. For someone who spent the last two weeks touting his economicprowess, he sure didn’t show it last night.
I saw during the debate. Barack’s condescending remark, “good for you”, wasn’t thefirst thing that irked me as I watched the final debate between these two.A slewof bold face lies, a condescending laugh every time McCain caught him lying, andgenerally acting like he was already in the White House. Too bad for him that hewas stopped the other day by a plumber who challenged his tax plans.I though about what the CNN news team was saying after the debate, that Obamafell flat, that his message just didn’t work last night, and they were right. After allthe commercials, it seems that it is getting tiresome, that now that we know thetruth behind his allegations, his claims that 95% of Americans will get a tax break(can’t be that much with one third not even paying taxes, more like increasedwelfare to me), is all talk, “just words” as Barack said in one of his earlierspeeches. To me, reexamining the debate, it was like watching a boxing match.After the start of the first round, John McCain knocked him down twice, once onthe economic recovery plan, once more on his tax plan and “spreading the wealth”,and while he didn’t get the technical knock out, the match was already over. SureObama did get in a few good jabs, his health plan sounded simple, and his educationplan was easy to understand(though he lied about the DC superintendent onlysupporting charter schools, not vouchers, which even Michelle Malkin picked up onin her debate liveblog), but he didn’t have any serious connecting blows. What thiscame down to was simply that Barack’s efforts to stay in the fight last night wastoo little, too late. All they can do now is damage control.Joe Biden came out today attacking Joe Wuzelbacher, saying that he didn’t knowany plumbers named Joe, especially those making serious money. This coming fromthe manwho can’t count the number of letters in the word J-O-B-S(it is four Joe,four letters, not three), so you can tell they were shaken up by Mr. Wuzelbacher’swords.Even Barack Obama, the guy “standing up for the middle class”, decided toattack the one of these very people.“How many plumbers do you know that make$250,000?” was one of the things he was touting at his rally today. Both him andBiden missed the point completely, that those like Joe won’t be able to make thiskind of money if the economy can’t start moving again, and it won’t if their taxplans get implemented. As imperfect as Mr. Wuzelbacher is, it shows very littleclass to go out and attack a man of simple means simply because he doesn’t agreewith your platform. What should we expect though from a personwho blames FoxNews for his own failings?What should we expect from a man who has had hissupporters demonize McCain’s group as homicidal racists(which is contrary to whatthe Secret Service is saying)?
If McCain does win this, and I have confidence that Americans aren’t stupidenough to elect a man which no experience and a record of blatant anti-Americanism, it will be because of moments like this. When even the simplest of uscan knock down a “giant” like Barack Obama.No matter how much damage they cando to Joe by twisting his words, no matter what they will say about him,no matterhow much media coverage they give him,the damage is already done. Obama hasbeen bloodied by the blow John McCain delivered with Joe Wurzelburger in hiscorner.Ah, how nice it is to be one of the regular guys asking a legitimate question of “TheOne” when pulled out of line randomly by The One himself. Of course we all knowthat means it’s time to take a page from Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez to try anddestroy the guy. Which is exactly what team Obama and his pals in the mainstreammedia are trying to do.This is the same strategy they did with Sarah Palin and really the same strategythey use whenever anyone doesn’t back the one without question.
Obama: you’re a racist.
Expose his socialist policies: background check, racist, tax evader, same lastname as a member of the Keating five.
Question him about Reverend Jeremiah Wright: racist again, just a church,racist, all of you, God Damn Amerikka, racist, white.
Mention Bill Ayers: duck, lie and then revert to calling you an angry mobbefore calling you racist one more time. Cunt.See a pattern yet?Take a good look, because this is what life is like in the Democrat’s twisted worldwhere no one dare speak truth to power. Challenge them at your own risk.Note that the Obama campaign can’t even get it right. Joe the plumber never saidhe made $250,000 a year, he said he wanted to make that much. Watch the videoas Mr. elite mocks him and put yourself in Joe the Plumber’s place.The Associated Pressthinks it has a scoop.HOLLAND, Ohio - Joe the Plumber’s story sprang a few leaks Thursday. Turns outthat the man who was held up by John McCain as the typical, hard-working

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