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23420 Offshore Report Web

23420 Offshore Report Web

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Published by Energiemedia

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Published by: Energiemedia on Nov 29, 2011
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The coming o Europe’s oshore wind energy industry
A report by the European Wind Energy Association - 2011
Wind in our Sails
Wind in our Sails
The coming o Europe’s oshore wind energy industry
A report by the European Wind Energy Association
Text and analysis:
 Chapter 1 – Athanasia Arapogianni and Jacopo Moccia, European Wind Energy AssociationChapters 2 to 7 – David Williams and Joseph Phillips, GL Garrad Hassan
Christian Kjaer, Justin Wilkes and Anne-Bénédicte Genachte, European Wind Energy Association
Sarah Azau and Zoë Casey, European Wind Energy Association
Project coordinators:
Sarah Azau and Raaella Bianchin, European Wind Energy Association
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Cover photo:
DongPublished in November 2011
Wind in our Sails – The coming o Europe’s oshore wind energy industry
The European Union leads the world in oshore windpower with 4,000 MW already installed, and this isonly the beginning o a major industrial development.This industry will not only help revitalise Europeaneconomies, but will place Europe at the heart o globaloshore wind developments beneftting Europeancompanies which are well established as frst movers,and provide thousands o jobs or European citizens.Our market and technology leadership in the oshorewind sector will serve us well.It is my pleasure to provide this oreword to
Wind in our Sails – The coming of Europe's offshore wind industry 
,produced by the European Wind Energy Association,once again showing overwhelming investor interestand the huge contribution this innovative industry canmake to Europe. Oshore wind power contributes tothe EU goals o competitiveness, energy security andreducing greenhouse gas emissions. As this reporthighlights, the developing o a new industrial supplychain will bring new jobs and a wealth o commercialopportunities.The European Environment Agency, in its 2009 report
confrms that the wind resource is not a constraint. Inact, the EEA illustrate that oshore wind power’s eco-nomically competitive potential is around 3,400 TWhin 2030, about 80% o the EU’s projected electricitydemand.
At a time where Europe is at a major crossroads or itsenergy uture, oshore wind provides a powerul domesticanswer to Europe’s energy supply and climate dilemma.However, this development will not happen withoutambitious national programmes, and support rom theEuropean Union, underpinning the market promise.
There is strong evidence that the supply chain or o-shore wind is dynamic and responding to challengesthrough investment in innovation. Nevertheless, devel-oping the necessary technology and industrial capacityand getting projects through planning and consent-ing takes time. To make the necessary investments,the industry needs certainty and stability. Favourablenational ramework conditions implementing theRenewable Energy Directive, together with a stablepost - 2020 legislative ramework and more innovativefnancing will be key to achieving it.
But none o these goals will be reached without solid,reliable electricity networks. They are – and will becomeeven more – the backbone o our energy system. TheEuropean Commission, in its energy inrastructurepackage, stresses the urgent need to invest in energyinrastructure in order to transport large amounts o o-shore wind energy to the consumption centres.
By working together we can build a cleaner, greenerenergy uture. This EWEA report shows us that coordi-nated action is needed across the supply chain, sup-ported by a stable and clear legislative ramework andnew fnancial instruments to tap into this unlimitedindigenous and clean energy resource.
I know the European Commission can count on theMember States, the European Parliament and all relevantstakeholders at local, regional, national and Europeanlevel to work together in order to make it happen.
Günther H. Oettinger,
 European Commissioner or Energy
EEA (European Environment Agency), 2009. ‘Europe’s onshore and oshore wind energy potential’. Technical report No 6/2009.

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