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The Text of the Historic Judgement on Riba Interest) by Muhammad Taqi Usmani

The Text of the Historic Judgement on Riba Interest) by Muhammad Taqi Usmani

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Published by Mysticism

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Published by: Mysticism on Nov 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Text of the Historic Judgment on InterestGiven by the Supreme Court of Pakistan
It was a momentous event, as big as the creation of the country itself. On 14 Ramadan 1420, theShariah Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan gave its landmark decision banninginterest in all its forms and by whatever name it may be called. Thus fifty-five years after itscreation in the name of Islam (27 Ramadan 1365), Pakistan became the first Muslim country toofficially declare modern (and rampant) bank interest as
, declared haram by Qur'an.The court also specified a step by step approach to rid the country of the evil of interest. As aconsequence of this judgement, certain laws will cease to take effect from 31 March 2000, someother laws from 31 July 2000, and all other laws permitting or condoning interest from 30 June2001.The Federal Shariah Court of Pakistan had declared the laws allowing interest repugnant to Islamin 1991. The Federal Government of Pakistan and certain banks and financial institutions filed 67appeals against this judgment in the Shariah Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court. This decisionis a disposition of that appeal. It is the final verdict of Pakistan's highest court.The Shariah Appellate Bench consisted of 1) Mr. Justice Khalil-ur-Rahman, 2) Mr. Justice Munir AShaikh, 3) Mr. Justice Wajeehuddin Ahmad, and 4) Maulana Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani.The full judgment of the court consists of about 1100 pages. (An unprecedented length in thehistory of Pakistan's Supreme Court decisions). The main part of the judgment was written by Mr.Justice Khalil-ur Rahman (550 pages) and Maulana Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani (250 pages). A noteof 98 pages was written by Mr. Justice Wajeehuddin Ahmad. The order of the court consists of106 pages.We reproduce here the text written by Maulana Justice Taqi Usmani. This is an extremelyvaluable document that should benefit the entire world and not just Pakistan.World powers and their obedient servants in Pakistan have already shown their displeasure withthis historic judgment --- as it will end their exploitative grip on the country. The judgment isconsidered a case of defiance by a slave, and the slave masters don't like it. They will doeverything they can to derail its implementation. This will most certainly include propagandacampaigns. It is the responsibility of all the Muslims throughout the world to educate themselveson the issue and put their weight solidly behind this judgment. (Editor)
The Text
Section Written byJustice Muhammad Taqi Usmani

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