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Heidegger Kritik

Heidegger Kritik



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Published by Incoherency
Unknown author.
Unknown author.

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Published by: Incoherency on Mar 09, 2007
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Heidegger K 
Heidegger Kritik 1NC Shell1-8Science and technology objectify9Objectification produces an inhuman world10-11Heidegger perspective promotes human survival12-13Heideggers perspective protects environment14-16Releasement protects environment17-18Releasement enhances freedom19Releasement isnt passive20-21Heidegger not a mystic22-23Answers to Heideggers Nazism24-26Heideggerss thoughts liberates27-29Rethinking needed30-33Economics34Energy35Enviromentalalism36-37Humanism38-40Instrumental Rationality41Managerial thinking42-43Moral/Ethical Appeals44-45Science46-48Technology49-52Willfullness53Affirmative Frontline54-59Heideggers thought not environmental benign60Heidegger anti-democratic61Heidegger was an authoritarian62Heideggers thought63Heideggers thought totalitarian64-65Heideggers thought nihilistic66-67Heideggers Nazism is intrinsic to his thought68-73Heidegger embraces destructive irrationalism74-77Heideggers thought politically reactionary78-79Heideggers thought destroys freedom80-81Releasementundesirable82-83Heideggers ontology is uninsightful84Heidegger exaggerates being85-87Permutation: Kritik and Act881
Heidegger K 
Heideggers discourse flawed89Enlightenment/Modernity90-91Humanism92-93Moral/Ethical Appeals94Science95Technology96-100KRITIK - 1NC SHELL2
Heidegger K 
1. PRESENT PRACTICES HAVE PRODUCED ECOLOGICAL DISASTER Ladelle McWhorter, Professor of Philosophy, Northeast Missouri State, HEIDEGGER AND THE EARTH, 1992, p.2.Thinking today must concern itself with the earth. Wherever we turn - on newsstands, onthe airwaves, and in even the most casual of conversations everywhere - we are inundated by predictions of ecological catastrophe and omnicidal doom. And many of these predictions bear themselves out n our own experience. We now live with the ugly, painful, and impoverishing consequences of decades of technological innovation andexpansion without restraint, of at least a century of disastrous "natural resourcemanagement" policies, and of more than two centuries of virtually unchecked industrial pollution - consequences that include the fact that millions of us on any given day aresuffering, many of us dying of diseases and malnutrition that are the results of humanly produced ecological devastation; the fact that thousands of species now in existence willno longer exist on this planet by the turn of the century; the fact that our planet's climatehas been altered, probably irreversibly, by the carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons wehave heedlessly poured into our atmosphere; and the mind-boggling fact that it may now be within humanity's power to destroy all life on this globe.2. MODERN SCIENCE DESTROYS THE EARTH AND DEBASES LIFE.Arthur Herman, Professor of History, George Mason, THE IDEA OF DECLINE INWESTERN HISTORY, 1997, p.336-7.The disasters "of world history in this century," Heidegger explained to his audiences,were the result of the Western "will to will." This is modem man's "unconditionalobjectification of everything present." Like his Frankfurt School contemporaries, he sawthis relentless will to will symbolized by modem science. The consequences arehorrifying: "the flight of the gods, the destruction of the earth, the standardization of man,the preeminence of the mediocre . . . the darkening of the world." He was forced toconclude: "The spiritual decline of the planet is so far advanced that the nations are indanger of losing the last bit of spiritual energy that makes it possible to see the decline . .. and appraise it as such."3

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