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Billy Meier - On Adolf Hitler and Thule Society

Billy Meier - On Adolf Hitler and Thule Society

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Published by lansel3478071
Billy Meier and his alien friend talks about Adolf Hitler and Thule Society
Billy Meier and his alien friend talks about Adolf Hitler and Thule Society

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Published by: lansel3478071 on Nov 29, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All the text here can be found at:http://futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Contact_Report_260
Billy and his alien friend talks about Adolf HitlerBilly
:Then I have another question, and indeed, in reference to Adolf Hitler, about whomSemjase, your daughter, once said something before. I have here the 36th Contact Reportfrom Monday, the 20th of October, 1975. From this, I’ll read aloud to you what Semjasesaid, to whom the question was asked: at what place had Dolfy been educated and howdid the monitoring of him take place? Then, a further question relates to whether there isa significant destiny for his next incarnation. So now, here’s what Semjase said(Pleiadian/Plejaren Contact Reports, Block 1, page 460):
… Adolf Hitler was, in many respects, a genius. His knowledge ranged from avariety of areas of art and technology concerning a variety of sciences up to theuse of the power of suggestion. In his internal form, he was an incarnate life formof very good values. Nevertheless, he wasn’t a man of highly developed spirit butrather a man of intellect and reason, who was destined to lead the overall earthly politics and economy as well as all nations in a certain positive direction, in order to create a peaceful, united world and Earth humanity. For this purpose, he waseducated and incarnated at his place. He was destined to give a new style to theEarth, through a positive and enforced non-violence, and to initiate new forms of development. This was very strictly controlled and monitored. But ultimately, allefforts were in vain, and he was unable to fulfill his task in the way that it was provided. Through the leaders of the Thule society at that time, as well as throughtheir clairvoyant, Hanussen I, the Giza Intelligences succeeded in taking possession of Adolf Hitler’s being and in misusing him for their dark andmalicious purposes, without him being able to defend himself against them, for adelusion-related lust for power flared up inside of him. In addition to thisendeavor, still innumerable forces were manipulated in the form of the Earth people who succumbed to the Giza Intelligences in their consciousnesses and whowere placed into his closest range, whose influence he also couldn’t oppose. Thus,he was soon compelled to act against his own determinations and to do things thatdidn’t correspond to his destiny.At that time, Semjase wasn’t allowed to say more, she explained. But maybe it isdifferent today, such that I might learn something more from you? You once said beforethat Adolf Hitler also had or just would have had the task of creating a united Earth world.
:108. That was actually so; that is correct.
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109. The path that he then took, however, even with terror and war, was absolutely wrongand was neither in his destiny, nor in any guidelines assigned to him, nor even in our interests.110. The reason for his wrongly chosen path developed quite early on, when he secretlycame in contact with the Thule Society of that time, in consequence of which he alsocame in contact with Hermann Steinschneider, who also belonged to the Thule Societyand supported its unfair goals and who called himself the clairvoyant, Eric Jan Hanussen.111. Steinschneider, i.e. Hanussen, moved in all circles of major Nazi figures, amongwhom he had many clients, so even also Adolf Hitler, who became enslaved to him, andindeed, even before he seized the leadership for himself.112. Steinschneider/Hanussen emerged as a middle man between the Thule Society andHitler, and, so to speak, directed Adolf Hitler according to the Thule Society's leaders'will.113. The efforts of the leaders at that time of the Thule Society went out for theacquisition of world domination; consequently, already very early on, they allowedSteinschneider to influence and shape Hitler in this direction, by what means this then began, in accordance with their will, with terror and murder, to trigger World War II inthe end.114. At the same time, Steinschneider became ever more powerful in the course of time,with respect to his domination over Adolf Hitler, which didn’t appeal to various peoplewho were against Hitler and his machinations.115. The consequence of this was that they allowed Steinschneider, alias Hanussen, to bemurdered in 1933, but this didn’t change anything in Hitler's attitude and course;therefore, he became more and more of a monster, as you would say.116. It’s interesting to know that Adolf Hitler was born on 4/20/1889 in Braunau, Upper Austria, and Hermann Steinschneider, alias Eric Jan Hanussen, was born in Vienna, alsoin the year 1889.117. Thus, both were Austrians. – 118. What is to be said further in relation to your question is that Adolf Hitler had already been instructed by our forces through telepathic impulses in his earliest youth, in terms of his determinations and guidelines, and indeed, on an ongoing basis and at every placewhere he always stayed.119. Thus, he was also under constant control.120. At the same time, he learned a lot, and everything started off very well, until he wentto Vienna to enjoy an artistic education, at which he then failed, however.121. From that point in time, he rapidly fell more and more toward the negative and evil;consequently, he soon fell outside of our control, and our telepathic impulse attemptsremained fruitless.122. From then on, he not only developed an unhealthy ambition but also anuncontrollable fanaticism as well as a hatred for all life, which he considered from hisviewpoint as imperfect.123. From this, everything that resulted later from his thoughts and actions and that brought million-fold misery across the Earth developed within a short time.
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