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Published by: anon-825615 on Oct 21, 2008
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The Newbies Handbook Sponsored byAll Pumped Up.org– Bodybuilding Forum1
With all the bullshit information on the internet I have found it necessary towrite this document as a starting place for ‘newbies’ to learn from. Every timeI visit a new discussion board on the internet I see the newbie making thefatal mistake of asking a question and they get flamed into the depths of hellto never be seen again. That is the sad truth unfortunately, forums are thebest place for research but the moment somebody asks a ‘newbie question’ they get torn apart. Steroid information websites can be a good source of information but there is often an ulterior motive to try and sell yousomething, which is usually shite.Like I said the best place for steroid research has always been messageboards, they give users the ability to ask each other questions and learn fromeach other. They are not always the best place for the complete beginner asit is almost a scary experience posting your first question wondering what theanswer is going to be. More often or not some jumped up member that thinkss/he is an expert because of their high post count will tell you to go andsearch for your answer or go and do some research. Such replies are nothelpful and make you wonder if you can actually rely on the informationgiven.Most boards have ‘moderators’ who’s sole job it is to moderate posts to makesure they are not breaking the forum rules. However most message boardsmoderators think that they are experts in the field and get off on some powertrip editing posts for no reason and giving crap advice to newbies like yourself. Is this ‘moderator’ a steroid expert or is it some 17 year old geek whohas never even seen a steroid in person let alone used one. This may soundharsh and is not try for some boards but you have been warned.That’s why I have produced this information pack. I have collectedinformation from my own personal experiences and from research that I havedone and have tried to simplify things for you. This book is not promising tobe the only resource book that you will need, we are simply offering an easyto understand starting point for newbies. I once to was in the same positionas you, sitting at your keyboard knowing that you need to take the next stepbut not knowing where to start.
The Newbies Handbook Sponsored byAll Pumped Up.org– Bodybuilding Forum2
In this document you will learn (hopefully)What is a steroid and how they work The different types of steroidsThe most popular steroids and there profilesHow to take steroids and when to take themWhat to do after a steroid cycle is completeWhat the potential side effects are and how to combat themThis document is not intended to replace the opinions of a medicalprofessional or is advice written in stone its simply a collection of research forentertainment purposes only. We do not condone the use of anabolicsteroids, or any other illegal substance, or legal substance used in an illegalmanner.

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