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#29 - The Mystery of Sinister Scarecrow

#29 - The Mystery of Sinister Scarecrow



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Published by tifanclub

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Published by: tifanclub on Oct 21, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MM....CCee y  y  
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 A  A wwoof    f  oomm A   f    f  ee H hhookk 
Greetings, mystery lovers!Once more I have the pleasure of introducing an adventure of The ThreeInvestigators, those daring young sleuths who are always intrigued by the uncanny andthe bizarre. In this case, the boys attempt to help a lady in distress. A worthyendeavor, you will say. Quite so. But it is a dangerous one, too! As the youngdetectives go about their task, they must match wits with a sinister scarecrow whohaunts the twilight, and evade the killer ants that march in the night.If you already know The Three Investigators, you may turn immediately toChapter One, where the story begins. If you have not yet met this remarkable trio, beinformed that Jupiter Jones, the leader of the group, is a stout lad with anencyclopedic memory and a marvelous talent for deduction. Pete Crenshaw, thesecond investigator, is quick and athletic — if occasionally alarmed at Jupiter’s abilityto stir up trouble. Bob Andrews is a studious boy whose skill as a researcher helpssolve the puzzle that confront the boys. All three lads reside in Rocky Beach,California, a small town on the Pacific Coast not far from Hollywood.So much for the introductions. Now on with the adventure!
 A  A   f    f  ee H hhookk 
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Chapter 1
 A Acceedd!! 
!” yelled Pete Crenshaw. “We’ll crash!”The pickup truck from The Jones Salvage Yard skidded on the dirt road. Brakesscreeched, let go, then screeched again. Then the truck jolted into the ditch and cameto a bone-rattling halt with one fender crumpled against a live oak tree.“By golly!” said Hans, the driver. He was one of two Bavarian brothers whoworked in the salvage yard. He sat for a moment and drew a deep breath, then againhe said, “By golly!”Hans took a careful look at the three boys in the Truck. Jupiter Jones, sitting nextto him in the cab, appeared shaken but unharmed. In the open back of the truck, PeteCrenshaw and Bob Andrews were still hanging on to the side for dear life. Their feetwere braced to keep them from being thrown out.“You okay?” called Hans.Bob and Pete nodded and let go of the side of the truck. Their muscles werecramped from holding on so tight.Slowly everyone climbed out of the truck to inspect the damage. Hans stared withdismay at the front tire thathad blown out, sending themcareening off the windingmountain road.“By golly!’ said Hans forthe third time. “I did notthink I had been going sofast.”“Can you get her out of the ditch?” asked Jupiter.Hans looked doubtful. Heclimbed back behind thewheel. The ignition groundand the engine roared. Gearsshifted and Hans looked backover his shoulder. But the rear wheels of the truck spun uselessly in the dirt.Hans killed the engine and climbed down again. “We are stuck,” he said. “Jupe, Ithink we call your uncle Titus. He will come with the other truck and haul us out.Then I can change the tire.”“Oh, great!” said Pete. “Call him from where?”Hans and the three boys looked around at the deserted landscape. They had leftRocky Beach twenty minutes earlier, bound for a cabin in the Santa MonicaMountains. The owner wanted to sell his belongings before he headed back to hishometown in Indiana.“Some of the people who live in those hills have interesting things,” Uncle Titushad said after he received the telephone call from the man. “Jupiter, why don’t you

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