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Flitemate Earplugs

Flitemate Earplugs

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Published by Judy Lavy

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Published by: Judy Lavy on Dec 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Earplugs do? /QuitearateMliteFWhat do
1) The earplugs have many functions. The main ones being:
A)Equalize pressurein ears during altitude changes.
B)Reduces pain& nausea.C)Reduces noiseNRR 22. Hence making flight quieter.D) Thebreathableearplugs can be in position for long periods.E)Non toxic made from Silicon. F) When in position due to non-linear effect,one can hear speechinpresence of background noise.G)Clean & very easy to use. No more rolling with dirty fingers, justsimply hold by tail and insert into outer ear canal without using force.H) The earplugs arereusable.I) There are2 sizesfor maximum comfort and protection:*Small- for children over 4 yrs old, teenagers, small women oranyone who has a narrow outer ear canal (about 15% of people).
*Medium/ Average- for most adults (about 75%)2)Pressure Equalizer: The earplugs have been tested using a pressurechamber. The hollow portion that goes into the ear acts as a shock absorber. The small hole at the entrance of the earplugs allows only asmall amount of air in to the chamber of the earplugs and the smallhole slows the flow of air in and out of the ear thus reducing the air pressure difference between the exterior and interiorear, but allowing the ear to breath. This reduces pain in the ears duringaltitude changes and also reduces nausea because of the pressureequalization. People have also reported that they no longer suffer fromjet-lag when using the earplugs. 3)Noise: The earplugs have been tested and approved according to theAmerican standards (ANSI.S3.19.1974) and the European standards(INRS.EN 352-2). They have average
ate of 22 dB.The special patented design produces a non-linear affect, this facilitateshearing speech, alarms telephones etc. clearly when the earplugs are in

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