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Characters in the Story

Characters in the Story

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Published by Bill Lord
A description of the main characters
A description of the main characters

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Bill Lord on Dec 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Characters in the story
Lord and Lady Hartingwell live in Hartingwell Manor
Lord Hartingwell
is the Lord of the Manor and has lived there for the last twenty yearssince the death of his parents in a mysterious hot air ballooning incident involving aneagle, a crossbow and two men dressed all in orange (but that is another story). JonnyHartingwell is independently wealthy, although he did inherit a large amount of moneyupon the death of his parents, as he made a fortune dealing in diamonds in the 1980s.Whilst he made this fortune, he also made some important enemies.
Lady Hartingwell
was a famous pop star, Shandi Walker, in the 1990s and retired fromher career the day after she and her fiancé announced their engagement in the Timesnewspaper. Not everyone in the music business thought that the pair would last asShandi had a reputation for falling in love with the rich and famous only for them to splitup. She had been engaged to Jim Shoutee, lead singer of The Idiots, and Sir RodneyFarquar-Rich a young aristocrat.
Lord and Lady Hartingwell
do not have any children and have spent their money oncreating a huge collection of animals in particular some very yappy dogs. They have alsodeveloped an impressive collection of modern artwork including sculptures, paintings andcarvings. These include the famous
‘Toilet on a Sunny Day’ create
d by the brilliant Britishartist Steve Dangerous,
however, rumours run around the art community that theHartingwells do not always pay the full amount when buying from young, struggling artists.Rarely seen at the Manor after they were first married, the couple lived in London in a largehouse which allowed them to be seen at the best parties and nightclubs. All of this changedvery quickly upon the death of the last Lord and Lady Hartingwell as the couple strangelyturned up with three removal vans only three hours after the hot air balloon crashed into theground.They both love the Manor and its estate, promoting wildlife and local charities, and havebeen featured on the BBC programme
They were both on the show telling MattBaker, who is also on
The One Show 
, how they have brought back the type of animals whichwere on the estate in the 17
Century. These include sheep with horns, deer, HighlandCattle and a rare breed of duck. Matt Baker was very impressed and praised them highly fortheir work.
 The Manor and the family
The Manor was first built in 1684 by Josiah Hartingwell who had supported King Charles IIrebuild the country after the rule of Oliver Cromwell. Hartingwell was greatly trusted by theKing and was well rewarded for his great work. These rewards allowed Josiah to build thehouse as a sign of his power and wealth. His one regret was that, although the building ofthe house had started, King Charles II died before being able to see it completed.Hartingwell lived on for another thirty years but spent all of his time at the Manor with hisvery large family.For the next few generations of the family all was fairly similar with the Lord of the Manortaking over the house and a role supporting the King of the time. Obadiah Hartingwell wasabsolutely key in helping King George I (who had been born in Germany) taking on theBritish crown 1714. Again, like his Grandfather, he gained a lot of rewards from his work. Asa result of this there were big changes made to Hartingwell Manor including the building of anew wing including 11 new bedrooms.In 1837 the country called on the Hartingwells again when the young Princess Victoriabecame Queen, at the age of 18, when her father died. Lord Walter Hartingwell was close toher two main advisers, Prime Minister Lord Melbourne and her husband Prince Albert. Hebrought the family back to the centre of British life and the family were seen at the bestparties and often went on holiday with the Royal family.The link with power did not end there as Lady Elizabeth (Libby) Hartingwell advised thegovernment on protecting wildlife in Africa in the 1980s. She believed that the whole worldhad a duty to protect lions and tigers before they were lost. It is thought that she would bevery proud of her son and his wife
People working in the Manor
Lord and Lady Hartingwell made the decision to keep all of the staff who were alreadyworking at the stately home.
Parkin (Butler)
Thomas Parkin has worked at the Manor since he was 16 joiningthe staff in 1966 as a Footman. He loves the house and remembers how the houserang with laughter of children. He does not like animals and was once accused of
kicking one of Lady Hartingwell’s favourite
dogs, Fifi.
Mrs Jenkins (Housekeeper)
Irene Jenkins has worked at the house for twenty yearsand runs the house very efficiently alongside Parkin. She is one of the few members ofstaff who genuinely like Lady Hartingwell. They have been seen talking at great lengthand are both fans of Strictly Come Dancing on weekend television. Mrs Jenkins doesnot live at the Manor. She lives with her husband and their four children.
Jackie Oliver (Cook)
Jackie is a young cook who was given a job by the last Lordand Lady of the Manor. She was chosen after running a Barbeque at a summerfete and wowing the couple with her amazing spicy cheeseburgers. Food is ahighlight of any visit to Hartingwell Manor and Jackie is hopeful that she will, oneday, have her own television series which she wants to call
Harting- wellfed 

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