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Campus Carrier 12/1/11

Campus Carrier 12/1/11

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Published by Austiz Sumter

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Published by: Austiz Sumter on Dec 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 15
Page 8-9
Volume 103 ∙ December 1, 2011 ∙ Number 12
Please recycle our paper.
Page 10
Fact of the Week:
A hippo canopen its mouthwide enough to
t a 4-foot-tallchild inside.
L Vng ll
The women’s basketball team played
Wednesday night against Ogelthorpe University. For the fullstory, see page 15.
Vikings Basketball
Healthy Holiday Eating
Fll gnppn gn m n
NathaN JoNes
Staff Reporter
Saturday, Dec. 10 , in the Ste-phen J. Cage Athletics and Recre-ation Center, approximately 121Berry students will graduate andmove on to the next stage of theirlives.Noreen Salmon, adminis-
trative assistant to the Provost,is in charge of the graduation
Tickets to attend the gradua
-tion ceremony are not required.Tickets are only required for grad-uation in the spring.“The more the merrier,” Salm-on said.
The commencement ceremony
will be at 2:30 p.m. in the Cage,with Karen Holley Horrell, theChair of the Board of Trustees, asthe graduation speaker. A recep-tion for graduation attendees will be held immediately afterwards.Brittany Shadburne, a senior re-ligion and philosophy major, saidshe is excited to be graduating.“I’m just happy to be donewith school for a semester and ahalf,” Shadburne said.Gabrielle Bell, a biology ma- jor, is even happier, comparinggraduating in two weeks to be-ing born, and is already countingdown the days till graduation.“It’s the most awesome feelingI could ever describe in my life,”Bell said.After graduating, Bell said she
wants to work for the Georgia Bu
reau of Investigation, and hopes
that the bureau will pay for medi-cal school. She plans to become aforensics pathologist, perform au-topsies and catalogue diseases.“It’s my ultimate goal in life,”Bell said.Shadburne, however, will con-tinue to be involved with Berry af-ter she switches her cap’s tassel.Shadburne said she will beworking with Berry College
in the Department of Human
Resources.Shaburne will later entergraduate school at Berry seeking
a Masters of Arts and Teaching,
and will be focusing on middlegrades’ math and science.Salmon said slight changes inthe graduating class and ceremo-ny, such as more students beingadded to the graduating list and
others remaining for another se
-mester, are expected.“It’ll be tweaked a bit betweennow and then,” said Salmon.
The graduation activities start
at 10:30 in the morning with the baccalaureate service in CollegeChapel. The address will be de-livered by Rev. Jonathan Hug-gins, Berry’s interim chaplain.A graduation buffet will be heldafterwards from 11:30 to 1 p.m. inKrannert.Despite rumors that the fall
graduation’s time and date had
changed, Salmon said that onlythe spring graduation’s had.“All spring graduation cer-emonies will be at 10 a.m., unless
they change it again, of course,”
Salmon said.
Students and professorsvalue course evaluations
Matt PuLFord
Guest Writer
With Berry in the midst of course evaluations,individuals on both sides of the student-faculty lineconsider these evaluations worthwhile.
Toward the end of each semester students receive
notications on their student VikingWeb accounts re-minding them to complete their course evaluations.These evaluations range from open-ended questionsconcerning the course in general to questions evalu-ating the professor. All of this is done anonymously. Jim Watkins, associate professor of english, rheto-ric and writing, said he feels that these evaluationsare effective.“Students get to give their opinion with knowl-
edge that their anonymity is protected,” Watkins
said.Mirna Ogrizovic-Ciric, orchestra director and
visiting professor, said that as a teacher she takes
these evaluations to heart for the betterment of herclasses.“I always read them and consider everything andtry to change if there is a trend,” Ogrizovic-Ciricsaid. “Sometimes it’s not possible, but I try to changethings that are repeated.”Apart from helping the professors adjust anypossible course changes, these evaluations go up
through the hierarchy to the department chair and
dean. Annual evaluations are also compared withthose from the previous year, Watkins said. Then
they are compared to the department average, the
school average and the college average.Both Watkins and Ogrizovic-Ciric expressed theirmutual eagerness for students to complete theircourse evaluations. Watkins said professors liketo see a high rate of response. Because of this someprofessors hound their students to complete theirevaluations.Like Watkins and Orgizovic-Ciric, students hadpositive input concerning the course evaluationprocess. Junior Clint Parsons, a biology major, has sevenevaluations to complete this fall, and said that hehas always completed his evaluations. He said, if thefaculty actually take time to read them then they areeffective in developing better classes at Berry.“It gives me a chance to vent without it beingawkward or let them know what really helped me,”Parsons said.
coNtributed by PubLic reLatioNs
Karen Horrell is
the Chair of the Board of Trustees and will bespeaking at the fall graduationceremony.
P. 2
Parker seaLy,
Photo Editor
Melissa Wallace is
the studentspeaker for the fall graduationceremony.
crystaL ward,
Staff Photographer
PAGe 2, CAMPUs CARRIeRdeCeMbeR 1, 2011
continued from pg. 1
 Juior Haah war, a art major, aloai h liv th valuatio ar a u-ful tool.“It’ th o chac to giv a hot cri-tiqu ithout orryig aout thm trat-ig you iffrtly i cla,” war ai.dpit th ffctiv a th g-ral poitiv attitu rgarig courvaluatio, profor hav har hatchag thy thik houl  ma.watki ai thr houl  moropportuity for arrativ commta qutio prtaiig to tutgagmt.Ogrizovic-Ciric ai th gral val-
uations are not specic enough to be perti
-t to ach major.“A coupl of qutio ar ot appli-cal to muic partmt cla,” Ogri-zovic-Ciric ai.Th lat ay to complt cour valu-atio i Friay dc. 2. stut ith if-
culty accessing the evaluations should
u a lirary or computr la computr to
24-     
Kristen sellers
Deputy News Editor
Pator of Larhip dvlopmt for Coct RomCity Church dr burtt ra o brry’ campu for 24hour from 8 a.m. nov. 19 to 8 a.m. nov. 20 ith a goal of 100 mil to rai moy a aar for aoptio.All of th proc t irctly to th ly ta-
lished, non prot 501c3 organization, The Nest Adoption
Group, hich i ha y Coct Rom City Church.burtt ai th umr o factor that prvt familifrom aoptig i th lack of fuig. Th miio of Thnt Aoptio Group i to mak it impl for local fami-li to aopt chilr. Th miio cam from a vr fromth ook of Jam i th bil. Jam 1:27 ra, “Rligiothat Go our Fathr accpt a pur a faultl i thi:to look aftr orpha a io i thir itr a tokp olf from ig pollut y th orl.”
With the beginning of the non prot organization,money needed to be raised in order to fulll the purpose
of hlpig local famili i th aoptio proc. burtti paioat aout log-itac ruig a aoptio.
With these two passions combined for the benet of others,
burtt ai hi 24 hour ru a much mor maigfula joyful.I th k laig up to th ru, burtt ai h kpt
a consistent running schedule, taking runs of ve hours
or mor. I aitio to frqutly ruig, h alo kpt atrict it. dpit th phyical prparatio, burtt aithat for xt rac, that i ot th mai thig to pr-par for.“I th ru it com mor mtal tha it i phyi-cal,” burtt ai.
Before the race, Burnett said he was condent to over
-com th mtal gam cau it i air ith upportfrom othr.Throughout th uratio of th rac, burtt ai thrr arou 60 upportr. burtt ai h gratly appr-ciat vry upportr hthr thy r coutig lap,ruig ith him imply upportig y ig thr.“I a lo aay y th upport I rciv a itma it o much air,” burtt ai.Rur ho joi burtt ra ayhr from o lapto 40 mil ith him. Rgarl of th amout, burttai h joy vryo’ compay.“I a vry fortuat to hav o may popl ru ithm,” burtt ai.
Burnett exceeded his goal, running 103 miles.
I aitio to th phyical accomplihmt, burtt aih a vry pla ith th fu that r rai. evthough th ru i ovr oatio ar till ig accpt.Th goal i to rai $24,000. doatio ca  ma at Pal’Coff a Compay i Mout brry squar Mall.
christian turner,
Asst. Photo Editor
ryder mcentyre,
Asst. Graphics Editor
Drew Burnett is
the pastor for leadership developmentat Connect Rome City Church.
December 1, 2011cAmPUs cArrIer, PAGe 3
Prsidntial Nominations
 Join politial analy onth tat of th pidntialpiai and ho to i-pov th po Thu-day D. 1 at 5:30 p.. inth spuill balloo. cedit offd.
Fall Concrt
Ha th by claintenl, Flut choi andsaxophon enl’oiginal and aangdha ok ThudayD. 1 at 7:30 p.. in thFod Auditoiu. ce ditoffd.
Brry Coll ConcrtSris
Litn to on of th gat jazz tupt play of thiti piod, Tll staffod,Fiday D. 2 at 8 p.. inth spuill balloo. cedit offd.
A Vry Brry Christmas
 Join KcAb fo goodi,holiday aft and a ap-plla goup OvoadFiday D. 2 at 8 p.. inth Fod Dining Hall.
Candls and Carols
s chita light, hachita aol and viitsanta clau satuday D.3 at 7 p.. at Oak Hill.
CD Rlas Concrt
Ha bad willia andLia And duing thicD la ont satu-day D. 3 at th HUb onmountain capu.
Food For Finals
bak aay fo th k-nd tudying and join sGAfo a lat night akfatsunday D. 4 at 9 p.. inth spuill balloo.
Hot Chocolat Niht
enjoy f hot hoolatand appl id TudayD. 6 at 8 p.. in thKannt Loy.
Th lat day of Fall st iFiday D. 2.
Good Luk on Finalexa, andrYou saftyrul!
Football not srios thrat to Titl IX
Guest Writer
Edited by: Kelly Dickerson
Th nt addition of footall ai anyqution, inluding hth o not by illain Titl IX opliant ith th addition of a n’ pot.Titl IX f to fdal la that andata lvl of quality tn th x in po-ga and ativiti ao apu all ovth U.s. Todd book, th athlti dito atby, aid that Titl IX oplian ill not an iu a long a th ollg pnd aoutth a aount of ony on vy athlt.“A long a th p pon ot ain tha, footall ill not afft by’ Titl IXoplian,” book aid. “That onidationof Titl IX a takn iouly and footallak u o oniou.”Aoding to fdal la and th NcAAul ook, in od fo an intitution to  TitlIX opliant, it ut t on of th th fol-loing tandad: athlti oppotuniti ut
 be reective of their rates of male and female
nollnt, thy hav to hav dontatda hitoy of tying to xpand th poga foth undpntd x o thy ut ao-odat th intt and ailiti of th und-pntd x.book aid by t th ond andthid tandad. Thi ha not alay n th
case. In 2002 a complaint was led about Ber
-y’ quality fo a fo fal oah hoa plad y a al. Aft that oplaint
the Ofce for Civil Rights conducted an audit
that ndd in spt 2010.book aid du to th audit by hatakn tp to o opliant y addingix fal pot: golf, vollyall, iing,lao, oftall and th qutian luovd to ta tatu.Aoding to th equality in Athlti Datarpot, hih giv a dtaild diption of by’ athlti patiipation nu, a of lat ya fal athlt outnu al 168to 133.Vi Pidnt of studnt Affai and Danof studnt Di Hida aid tak and
eld will be following football to help with
“Track and eld was announced along with
footall to ontinu to aoodat th int-t of athlt,” Hida aid.Had vollyall oah mika roinon on-
rmed what Heida said. Part of Robinson’s
 jo i to ak u th intt of th falathlt a t.
“Track and eld is an obvious addition and
th ha n a hug di fo th fal
perspective to have track and eld,” Robinson
aid.A a oah at by, roinon aid h flth addition of footall ill only hlp nuthat Titl IX i t au h ha n thatathlt at by uppot ah oth.“Anyti you add a lag pot th ahallng, ut it ill at anoth goup touppot oth ta,” roinon aid.whil th addition of footall ill not afftTitl IX oplian, Hida aid ontant on-idation of th la i ndd.“Titl IX i not v a la you’ don ith;it’ an ongoing hallng to  fai and qui-tal,” Hida aid.
Impact of smart phones at Berry
Guest Writer
Edited by: Bethany McDaniel
sat phon a oingo pvalnt in today’ ultu,auing an xpanion in th th-nology that ould potntially aidtudnt and faulty at by.Th a any aon atphon hav o o pva-lnt in th pat ya. cily co,dito of studnt Ativiti, aidthi i du to th inaing uand affodaility of at phon.In tun, ollg a ginningto  th nd of ating to that phon gnation.Pnny evan-Plant, by col-
lege’s chief information ofcer,
aid thi ha n a apid hang.“It’ n a vy fat ina,vy iila, I think, to th ithfo dktop to lap top,” evan-Plant aid.co aid that on aonfo th inaing u of atphon ight  that ollg tu-dnt tnd to gavitat toadn thnology. sh alo aid thatthi ould  oth a good and adthing au hil tudnt auing th thnology fo oialativiti, thy a alo ditatdo oftn.cut Hy, intuto inviual ouniation, aid thatith at phon, o tudnta aing infoation on thgo, ithout th u of oput.“I havn’t ally n a hiftyt aay fo oput, I think that vntually it ill  intt-ing to  if  tat laving o-put hind and ith ov tophon,” Hy aid.Jy Tall, dito of b-y’ cnt fo Intutional Th-nology aid that hi dpatnti oking toad hlping po-fo intgat thnology intothi laoo. A f ya ago,Tall aid by had dvialld “lik” ud to anqution anonyouly in thlaoo. Hov, thy 
expensive and difcult to operate.
Tall hop at phonill  o uful autudnt ould alady hav ththnology in thi phon. Thu,th hool ould not hav to uyany n quipnt.sophoo coutny Gulythink that hil at phonould  uful in th laoo,it ould  o of a ditationthan a laning aid.claoo a not th onlypla afftd y at phon.KcAb and studnt Ativiti analo u at phon fo tainvnt and poga. Fo xa-pl, th a a fhan av-ng hunt fo bcc la htudnt a aliatd toby’ apu y iving luon thi at phon in ahfo piz. evnt uh a thi ano o ail than v fo.with th inaing pd of infoation, evan-Plant aidthat at phon, and dvilik th, pnt hallng ithth infatutu. Intant aha o th xptation. cu-nt and poptiv tudntant to hav infoation at thi
ngertips constantly. Evans-Plant
aid on of th ay to do thi ithough thi at phon.To hlp olv thi pol,evan-Plant aid that by col-lg’ -ouniation via untly oking on a oil it fo th hool. Oigi-nally, h aid, th plan  foa oil app, ut aft looking atth ida, thy didd it a oot fftiv to at a oil it.whn th oil by itgo liv, th hool hop tola a oil Viking w all, ot likly ithin th nxtya, aid evan-Plant.

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