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Origin and Nature of Physical and Spiritual Realities

Origin and Nature of Physical and Spiritual Realities

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Published by DR JOHN COLEMAN

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Published by: DR JOHN COLEMAN on Oct 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Origin and Nature of Physical and Spiritual Realities
August 12
, 2008
ABSTRACT: The meaning of matter and spirit as we comprehend themare realities rooted in still deeper realities. God reveals through HisManifestations how attributes of matter and spirit flow from thetranscendent worlds of creation and become manifested as contingentbeings. Eastern religions including the Baha’i Faith teach that theultimate source of all being is the unknowable God Whose purpose forcreation is that He be known. God is the Creator but not the Cause othe universe. The Word of God is the Cause of creation, Who is endowedwith the power of the Great Ether. Ether is a spiritual manifestation of the Word of God that is the basic substance of all contingent matter andspirit. The material and spiritual worlds are created for each other,giving us profound ideas on the relationship of how the minds involvedare the most critical ingredients in the process of communication. Andhow this process by which thoughts and ideas emanate from theconscious mind create electromagnetic impulses, the transformation of which into neural vibrations occur in the brain. After translating theseneural vibrations into language or other outputs, we can see why themain function of the brain is the intermediary between our body and theworld of our soul, including our mind, heart, will and consciousness. Wealso realize that our spirit is more than just reflecting the Word of God,it animates our soul.
I. What is Reality? Can physics provide some of the answers toquestions that had longbeen fruitlessly argued by the sages of philosophy? What is the ultimateorigin and nature of reality? Is there a purpose? The new physics isfinally probing those fundamental questions about reality, providing apossible means to find the answers to these philosophical questions. Butflaws in the materialistic paradigms of physics
have appeared in recent years.Where science has failed most has been its inability to cope with the questions of mind, will andconsciousness.As the twentieth century unfolded, discoveries in relativity and quantum physics electrifiedthe world. These discoveries excited imaginations and changed our notions of our place in theuniverse. Such discoveries also displaced and reduced man’s self-image. Most people followed theevolution theories, and left them, already suffering from their remoteness of God, with no place for God in the emptiness of space, no place for Him to be and no role for Him to play.
II. What Is The First Cause Of The Universe?
Although every creation musthave a creator, God is the Creator but not the Cause of the universe. A cause implies a dependencywith its effects. Since God is unchangeable God cannot be a cause. As Baha'u'llah explains, it is the"Word of God which is the Cause of the entire creation, while all else besides His Word are but thecreatures and the effects thereof."(Tablets, p 140)Baha’u’llah said that “Once in an age the Mighty God sent a Soul to earth endowed with the power of the Great Ether and that such a Soul had all power and was able to do anything.”
III. What Is The Reality Of Ether? In
1887, physicists Michelson and Morley triedto measure the difference in the speed of light while the point of measurement moved towards the sunin the morning as well as away from the sun in the evening. This experiment assumed that if space
was filled with ether, the measurements should indicate a higher speed of light as the earth movedthrough the ether towards the sun as well as a lower speed of light as the earth moved through the ether away from the sun. But no change in the velocity of light was ever observed! Later, Einstein declaredthe speed of light is constant regardless of the velocity of the observer. He also proposed that ether does not exist. Abdu'l-Baha, however, explained that ether does exist as an intellectual reality but isnot measurable. He stated that ether is known through the forces it exerts such as electromagneticradiation. The all-pervading ether is a spiritual reality filled with an infinity of attributes that give riseto particles and energy and whatever else is born. Ether is a spiritual manifestation of the Word of Godthat is the basic substance and potential generator of all created things, both material and spiritual. It isan eternal reality that is spiritual in nature and corresponds to the constituent substance of all thingsincluding that of the human spirit.
IV. What Are The Attributes Of Creation?
“What is the origin of this world? `Ether’, `hereplied. For all these beings take their rise from the ether and return into the ether. Ether is older thanthese, ether is their rest.” (Upanishads, vol. 1)The Creator creates through the Word of God the existence of creatures that manifest Its attributes.The Word of God possesses all of the attributes of God, where each is of infinite capacity. Ether, anintellectual substance, can also be thought of as consisting of all the attributes of God, where each isinfinite in potentiality.There is a possible equating of the Word of God with ether. However, as Baha'u'llah says in HisTablet of Wisdom, the Word of God "is higher and far superior to that which the senses can perceive,for It is sanctified from any property or substance. It transcendeth the limitations of known elementsand is exalted above all the essential and recognized substances. It became manifest without anysyllable or sound and is none but the Command of God which pervadeth all created things. It hathnever been withheld from the world of being...”“Brahman [The Word of God] is that from which the origin, subsistence and dissolution of this

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