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December 1st 2011

December 1st 2011

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Published by The Ontarion

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Published by: The Ontarion on Dec 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The University of Guelph’s Independent Student Newspaper 
thursday, december st, 
rts & ltre
ports & Health
oity Listigs
h I
W Wy,     W W Wc, p   pc  y nv 7  cp  pc y y  c,c,  pk w .
MaIann PoInn
C’  w
tdets start letter-ritig capaig orttaapiskat
beth Purdon-mcLeLLan
University of Guelph studentshave organized a letter-writing
campaign that calls on the FederalGovernment to address the urgent
 f Apk,  g-
inal community located on theWestern side of James Bay. Many
of the residents are without heat or
g ,  v 100 p-
ple are living in temporary tentsand trailers. Although the Red
C  g     
the form of sleeping bags and win-
ter clothing, as winter progresses
the situation in Attawapiskat is ex-
l  v.
ara Joly and Kayla Simms are
 f    
students and they organized thecampaign in less than four days.Simms describes the conditions
in the Attawapiskat community as
 xpl f “  l 
Canada.” Poverty in Attawapiskat
has been present for many years,
and the students claim that notenough has been done to make
   v 
basic amenities and infrastructure
 q.“T’ l  g 
funds are provided, but they’re
not being dealt with properly and
’  g ll  
proper situation,” said Simms.
“B f ’  ,  ’
an issue worth solving. A call to
    ll f f l,
that’s only a part of it. We wantto call attention to the fact that
      -
ucation on the handling of funds.”
Hp l  Fl Gv-
ernment has already given $90million in funds to the commu-
nity. However, that only translates
in $50, 000 per person which is
 l g  pv 
infrastructure to withstand north-
ern conditions. Homes that canaccommodate permafrost cost
ppxl $250,000  
does not solve the already present
 f v g.A f Nv. 30 Apk pl   p l.
Tis means that the communityno longer manages funds re-ceived by the government and
 pg   
by an outside party. Tis deci-sion comes dangerously close toblaming the community for thecrisis, and government has not
taken responsibility for the lack of 
IM IM,  Pag 8
T ay Kk
‘is the seaso to beiclsive
andrea Lamarre
Stone Road Mall is buzzing with the
collective energy of holiday shop-
p. Flg f p  p, 
seems that everyone is on the same
mission: to nd the perfect holi-
 gf. I   f  ll, 
entcher stands in the centre of his
“Al Kk,”   v f 
artisanal goods. entcher, a local
therapist, started the ability booth
as a means to support individuals
with disabilities in their produc-
tive pursuits. Employing dierentlyable individuals as contract workers,entcher opens his booth from Nov.25th-Dec. 24th to showcase various
cultural goods such as handmade
 jl  ,  ll f  pk  ll.“F  ,  
this would be a huge undertaking,”
said entcher. “hey’ve really
helped me get this dream going for
me, and then it helps them to reach
   ll. W  ,’ g.”
Te wares at the booth comefrom local artisans and individu-als with disabilities alike, though
the two are not mutually exclusive.
Ag  ,  k 
the Ability Kiosk’s success is en-couraging everyone to put his or
 kll  .
“It’s about a sense of pur-pose, and using your gifts,” said
Working with four or ve people
  ,  v  p-
port the micro-businesses of those
 pl .
“Teir own micro-businesses arean answer for them,” said entch-er. “Tey can work when they feelgood, and they can accommodate
A “micro-business” refers to a
xl v  ll 
with disabilities to work hours thatwork for them, to work from homeif needed, and to pursue their own
gl  . Ag 
entcher these micro-business-es often contribute to both theirlivelihoods and their sense of 
Trough the Ability Kiosk andhis support of micro-businesses,
entcher hopes to inspire openness
    g gz  gv v-  .“W I ll    
that these people rock- we need to
hire them,” he said. “People with
 l   l. Tv       lv.
We all have a disability [of some
Working at the Ability Kioskover the Christmas season gives
    lp  l-
ents sell their wares and to talk to
people about the ways in which
they can support the diverse mem-
 f  .
C     v oc   I
On Nov. 29, Mr. Hakkul of Lara vil-lage, India caused havoc by setting
snakes loose at the Land Revenue
Oce. He released the snakes aftera dispute with the oce. As the vil-
lage snake charmer, Mr. Hakkulis responsible for removing poi-sonous snakes if they are sightedin the area. He appealed to thegovernment for a plot of land to
create a conservation area for the
snakes after they had been caught.
Alg  l g  
approved, he had not acquired
 l  f g ll . A  fl
complaint, Mr. Hakkul freed thesnakes inside the oce, terroriz-
ing the clerks and oce personnel.Mr. Hakkul has yet to be found, and
 f  k  ll -g   .
pc v:  cp w
Scientists are now using mi-croscopic worms to study thebiological effects of long-termspace travel. Te worms, knownas C. elegans, undergo the samebiological processes as humans
g pg. S 
4,000 worms to the Internation-al Space Station in December of 2006. Tey were able to monitor
reproduction, growth, feeding andbehaviour using miniature cameras.Te experiment was fruitful because
 pv  l  p 
not deteriorate indenitely and willeventually plateau. Te researchershope to conduct future experimentsin order to monitor muscle growth
 p  p.
d c k  ppc   c
Mexican authorities have uneartheda second underground tunnel out-
side of San Ysidro, California. Te
l  00   lg   l  p g  US-Mx . T
Mexican entrance to the tunnel was
located only 100 metres from thefederal police, a military air baseand a customs oce. Te tunnel
was equipped with electric lighting,
steel tracks and carts, suggestingthat drug cartels are becomingmore ecient at shipping drugsinto the United States.
(Te Na-
tional Post)Compiled by Beth Purdon-McLellan 
Last week we referred to those
kg  F Nv  vl-
unteers. hey’re actually paid
employees. Also, in a caption for
Rose, we referred to the play as anadaptation of Snow White. It is anadaptation of Sleeping Beauty. Te
O g  .
aIC:   p p
xperiecig the besto both orlds
beth Purdon-mcLeLLan
Students at the University of Guelph
v  q pp  -
velop their leadership skills with
AIESEC, the world’s largest interna-
tional internship program. AIESEC
is a student run non-prot orga-
z   p  v 100.
“It’s a student-helping-student
process. AIESEC Guelph members
will help students nd the kindof internship they are looking for
g  l ,” 
Shristi Gartaula, vice president of 
communications at AIESEC Guelph.“We support the whole process from
visa issuing to helping with socialintegration. Between leaving Can-
ada and arriving in the participating
country, there will always be an
AIESEC chapter to provide support.”
he organization was found-ed in Europe during the 1930s forstudents studying economics andbusiness. However, as more stu-
dents participate in the program, it
has expanded to provide a variety of 
internships where students can de-
velop their skills by working abroad.
“AIESEC encourages students to
realize the kind of leadership poten-
tial they have,” said Gartaula. “By
volunteering to represent and man-
g  f f  gz
on campus, students have the op-
portunity to learn and develop skills
 g, l  k-
ing, nance, event planning, and
gg.”S k   
as India, Spain, China, Kenya andBrazil. AIESEC also oers an ex-
change program, which means thatmany students from other countriescome to work for local businesses inGuelph. Currently, there are over 70
students participating in the AIE-
SEC Glp.
“Te ones that are interested inrunning the organization within
Glp  p  pfl 
interest them such as corporaterelations, nance, or communica-tions,” said Gartaula. “Tey then
g  pfl  lf f 
the organization by learning howto manage people, how to create
partnerships within the community,and how to facilitate the internshipneeds of students who are interested
 gg .”
AIESEC is fortunate enough to
have the support of local partners.
Te Co-operators Group Limited
 $25, 000  AIESEC  l-
ebrate 30 years of working with the
 c  T ay Kk  p pp w  c  w c.
VICoIa MaIn
aIC    , p   v  ppy   . .
hII gaaa
ChCK o h honaIon.CoM xCIV
Cck y : W     k C
W Wy y
v p  pc 
december st – th, 

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