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How to Cure Bad Breath

How to Cure Bad Breath

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Published by bravest12u
Even after cleaning the mouth some individuals
may suffer from bad breath due to some
problem in the mouth or in the nearby areas.
Even after cleaning the mouth some individuals
may suffer from bad breath due to some
problem in the mouth or in the nearby areas.

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Published by: bravest12u on Dec 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Cure Bad Breath And Halitosis 
*******************************************************************************************************Bad Breath Kills Relationships and even marriages. Are youat a loss as to why you keep getting dumped?Don't suffer from bad breath any longer Do something aboutit. Click Here To Get Rid Of Your Bad BreathNow!
Bad breath is a common health problem in thesociety. Offensive smell from the mouth may bedue to various reasons.The main reason is the presence of anaerobicbacteria in the biofilm formed on the tongue .These bacteria degrades the proteins present inthe food resulting in the production of someoffensive gases like hydrogen sulphide,skatoletc.Bad odor from the mouth in the early morning isseen in almost all individuals. This can becontrolled by maintaining oral hygiene.Even after cleaning the mouth some individualsmay suffer from bad breath due to someproblem in the mouth or in the nearby areas.Some general disease condition can also producebad breath.Exact cause has to be identified and should betreated accordingly. Some common measures tocure or reduce bad breath are discussed here.
1) Oral hygiene:Mouth should be kept clean every time to reducethe bacterial action. After food gargling withlukewarm water is very essential.Even after small food articles like snacks,sweets,biscuits cleaning with water is needed. Brushingshould be done twice daily.It is said that early morning brushing is forbeauty and bed time brushing is for good health.2) Brushing techniques:Normal brushing technique should be followedfor better result. Many people brush vigorouslycausing damage to the gums.Brushing after every food and drink can damagethe enamel .Bristles of the tooth brush should besmooth but hard enough to remove the foodparticles from the gaps.The direction of brushing is the most importantthing.The upper teeth should be brushed in adownward direction and the lower in upward

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