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Interrobang issue for December 5th, 2011

Interrobang issue for December 5th, 2011

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Published by interrobangfsu
The December 5th issue of the Interrobang features holiday recipe and gift ideas, the top Christmas movies, and a look at headlines from the past year.
The December 5th issue of the Interrobang features holiday recipe and gift ideas, the top Christmas movies, and a look at headlines from the past year.

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Published by: interrobangfsu on Dec 01, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Volume 44 Issue No. 15 December 5, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Jess Toso is in her first year of Radio Broadcasting. “I am out-going and fun and will always bedown for a laugh and a goodtime,” said Toso. “I believe in liv-ing each day like it was your lastand am thankful every day forthe amazing people I have in mylife!”
1. Why are you here?
Because radio is awesome!
2. What was your life-changingmoment?
When I decided to come toFanshawe. I was attending another school and about to finish my pro-gram when I realized I wasn’thappy. I decided last minute toattend Fanshawe and since then Ihaven’t looked back. It’s an amaz-ing program and everyone rocks!
3. What music are you currentlylistening to?
“The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars.
4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t eat that chicken, its gone bad! ... saved me a few times froma sick stomach.
5. Who is your role model?
My mother, she is one of thestrongest, beautiful people I know.She has supported my brother andI for our whole lives with a smileand is always there when we needher. I could never tell her enoughhow much I love and appreciateher.
6. Where in the world have youtravelled?
Various places in Canada, Chicagoand Florida BABY! I would loveto travel and see more of the world.
7. What was your first job?
Camp Counselor! Woop woop!
8. What would your last mealbe?
Sushi! I absolutely love it... kind of obsessed.
9. What makes you uneasy?
Sharks and spiders! I know it’sslightly irrational, but they arefreaky!
10. What is your passion?
I love to perform and entertain people. If I can make someonelaugh, it’s a good day.
 Do you want Fanshawe to know 10Things About You? Just head onover to fsu.ca/interrobang and click on the 10 Things I Know About You link at the top.
10 Things I Know About You...
It’s the Jess Toso show
Jess Toso avoids chicken when possible.
A drenched but happy Veronica Barahona, FSU President, posed with members of Fanshawe’s cross countryteam when Rick Hansen’s 25th Anniversary Relay Team stopped by the college at the end of November.Barahona trekked out in the rain with some of Fanshawe’s finest runners, wearing a commemorative medal thatwill make its way across Canada. The relay began on August 24 in Cape Spear, Newfoundland and Labrador andwill complete its journey in Vancouver, British Columbia on May 22, 2012. “I’m happy that this is an experiencethat Fanshawe can be a part of,” Barahona said proudly.
Mischa Kavin
“Our imaginary Christmastree - it’s not really a tree, justbranches in a bucket that wedecorate.”
“I love opening a gift onChristmas Eve.”
Brooke Surridge
“It would definitely begoing out in the snow tomake snow angels, fortsand snowmen. Also beer-bogganing.”
Ben Kitchen
“For me, it would have to bewhen my mom makes stickybuns.”
Faith Maudsley
“Decorating the Christmastree - it can get pretty silly.For Winter Solstice, we alsowassail the tree by spittingapple cider at it, which isn’tquite how they traditionallydid it, haha.”
First Run Film:
Rainbow Cinemas (in Citi Plaza)$3.50 STUDENTS | $5 GUESTS7PM
Naughty Christmas Pub
OBS – 9:30PM$3 ADV | $4 DOOR
Happy Holidays 
from the FSU!
 Volume 44 Issue No. 15 December 5, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Even the holliest jolliestChristmas elf has something heor she hates about the holidays.Whether it’s getting a terrible giftfrom your Secret Santa or tryingto navigate the bustling malls insearch of the last few items onyour list, Josephine Cleo is cele- brating the things we love to hateabout the “best” time of the year.In her show, Holiday Snidings,Cleo is taking her snark andsongs to the Wolf PerformanceHall stage on December 10,telling stories, performingChristmas songs and three of her own original songs. The showwill be fun for all ages – “nothingsaucy, just sassy,” said Cleo.Zach Havens, of the band ToTell, will accompany her songson the piano.“Christmas is just rife withopportunities to make fun of it – and I don’t mean the religiousaspect,” she said. “I’m billing itas ‘Celebrating the things welove to hate,’ but it’s not mean-spirited in hate, it’s the annoy-ances.” Though the show may poke fun at some holiday tradi-tions, Cleo compared it to “thegrumpy old man with the heart of gold,” adding that it was reallyabout getting into the Christmasspirit.Cleo said she draws some of her inspiration from working at aMAC makeup counter at a mallduring the holiday season, whenher co-workers would sometimes be up to half an hour late for their shifts because they couldn’t finda place to park. “You think it’ssupposed to be this time of givingand goodwill, but (people) willram your car to get your parkingspot,” she laughed.“It’s a show meant for fun, andI want people to come to laugh(because I’m funny), forget their troubles (because the show isengaging) and bond over the not-so-great holiday headaches (mis-ery loves company!),” she added.“I also hope they will walk awayfrom the show having found afresh new voice in London(mine) that aspires to reach theheights of the Divine MissMidler,” of whom Cleo is a hugefan.Cleo is already on her way toBette Midler-level stardom, hav-ing a small piece of the star’s his-tory on stage with her onDecember 10. After finding anonline auction of one of Midler’smicrophones from a show Cleoherself had attended at Caesar’sPalace in Las Vegas, “a split-sec-ond decision and mouse click later, and I am now the proudowner of Bette’s Shure KSM9handheld vocal microphone inchampagne finish,” she grinned.“I said to myself that if I wonthe auction, it would be an omenthat good things are to come, andthat I am on the right path towardmy dream of being a singer.Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but if Bette started inBathhouses, then surely I can begin my career at the Wolf Performance Hall!”Cleo is a graduate of theAccounting program atFanshawe, and is currently work-ing as an Accountant in London.Though she is fairly new to our city’s music scene, this is not her first time on stage. In May thisyear, she put on a show about her  journey to becoming a singer.“I’ve known since I was 11 that Iwanted to sing, but I just never ended up getting there,” she said.Her May show had people in hys-terics, and this Christmas show promises to be another excellentnight of entertainment.Part of the proceeds fromHoliday Snidings’ ticket saleswill benefit London’s HumaneSociety. Cleo has a dog and a catfrom the Humane Society andsaid she thinks they do a greatservice for the furry citizens of our city. “A relationship with a pet is like no other. It’s uncondi-tional love,” she said. “Anythingthat I can do to support (theHumane Society), I will.” She isalso encouraging people to bringdonations of wet or dry cat foodto the show, as well as monetarydonations to purchase raffle tick-ets for some awesome prizes,including a MAC cosmetics gift basket and gift cards to Best Buy,Weezi and Grooves.Tickets for Holiday Snidingsare on sale at Weezi (2-204Albert St.), Grooves (353Clarence St.) and her website josephinecleo.com. Tickets are$20, and the show starts at 6:30 p.m.
Seasonal snark to put youin the holiday spirit
On December 6 at noon in theAlumni Lounge, the Women’sCampus Safety Committee will be providing a memorial for the14 young women, all engineeringstudents at École Polytechniquein Montréal, who were murderedon December 6, 1989 by MarcLepine. Fourteen other students,of which four were male, wereinjured and Marc Lepine subse-quently killed himself.The murder of such talentedyoung women profoundlyshocked everyone – both womenand men. For women, it was aterrifying reminder of their vul-nerability to hatred and harm as aresult of their sex and aspirations.For men, it was a stark realiza-tion of the fear that women faceevery day of their lives.There was no doubt that MarcLepine had targeted the women.His suicide note talked aboutother women whom he wished tokill. When he first entered theuniversity, he separated the menin the building from the womenand made statements during theshootings about “fighting femi-nism.”December 6 has become theanniversary of what is known asthe “Montréal Massacres,” butmore importantly, it has beendesignated as the National Day of Remembrance and Action OnViolence Against Women. Butthere is a present perception bysome that women are no longer  particularly at risk of violenceand that there is no longer a needto advocate for social and politi-cal change, or education andtraining to prevent violenceagainst women. Others suggestthat the violence that womenexperience is no different fromthe violence experienced by menand that is mostly perpetrated bystrangers or casual acquaintanc-es.In Ontario, a Committee wasformed in 2003 by the Chief Coroner’s Office to reviewdomestic violence related homi-cides in Ontario each year. Thesecases are homicides perpetrated by intimate partners – notstrangers or casual acquaintanc-es. In Ontario, there are approxi-mately 20 to 30 domestic vio-lence related homicides a year. In2010, there were 18 cases,involving 36 deaths reviewed bythe Domestic Violence ReviewCommittee. Most of the victimswere female. There were twomale victims and both of thesewere the children of the perpetra-tor. All of the perpetrators weremale.It is estimated that there areover 600 cases of missing andmurdered Aboriginal women inCanada. In spite of repeatedattempts by families of thesewomen to have these cases fullyinvestigated, the tragedies thatthese families experience – Amnesty International callsthese tragedies of a national pro- portion – continue.What can you do about it?Acknowledge that this vio-lence is still happening. Learn torecognize the signs of abuse andknow what actions to take.Attend the memorial onDecember 6 at noon in theAlumni Lounge to honour the 14engineering students, to honour the missing and murderedAboriginal women and to honour all of the women – our mothers,our sisters, our neighbours, our friends – who have been abusedor lost their lives in our owncommunities through violence.
Remembering December 6with on-campus memorial
Josephine Cleo is putting on a holiday show at the Wolf Performance Hallon December 10 to benefit the Humane Society.
Grades will be available on WebAdvisor December 21 after 6:00 pm.(for programs ending December 16th)It is important to check your grades and academic standing as soon aspossible in case you have failed pre-requisite courses for the Winter Termand/or are required to reapply to your program.If your academic standing is "Required to Reapply" you must contact yourAcademic School before December 23, 2011 or the week of January 2, 2012.Many of the Schools will have extended hours the first week of January to assiststudents.More information regarding grades, academic standing and registration forthe next term can be found on MyFanshawe underOffice of the Registrar, Student Records.We wish you good luck on your exams andfinal assignments.
We're here to help you succeed.
A memorial to the victims on theexterior wall of ÉcolePolytechnique in Montréal remem-bers the victims of the MontrealMassacre that happened onDecember 6, 1989.

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