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Tales feature concept

Tales feature concept

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Published by Tim Meester

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Published by: Tim Meester on Dec 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Tim MeesterTales of the TravelerFeature Film Concept The Tales of the Traveler would be a Fantasy/Comedy deriving itshumor from the tension created by subverting a lofty highbrow stylewith vulgar situations and subtexts. While remaining accessibleenough to entertain everybody, the film would deeply engage with theclassic texts from the Western Canon. The story begins when a quixotic traveler attempts to follow aprocession of social elites into a palace where a weeklong private partyis being held. The doorman, thinking the Traveler is merely an insanedelusional commoner, tells the Traveler that he can only enter after hehas displayed a bag of gold to prove his worth. When the Travelerreturns three days later with a bag of gold, the doorman is bewilderedand demands an explanation. The Traveler recalls waking up in themiddle of a forest with a bag of gold after having passed out drunk inan anthropomorphic toad’s cottage. The Traveler enters the partyafter giving the ecstatic, but confused, doorman all of the gold.Inside the party, the Traveler proclaims his love to Ruth, awoman he finds alone in a room. Later, her jealous husband, John, arational-minded, materialistic preacher, demands an explanation whenhe learns of the encounter. She denies knowing the Traveler andinsists that he’s a madman who has been stalking her. John tells herabout the Traveler’s encounter with the doorman, having eavesdropped on them earlier and suggests that Ruth vow to reciprocate the Traveler’s love only after he’s brought her an unattainable object; anobject that only exists in the world of a story. Despite theimplausibility of the Traveler’s tale, John is convinced the Traveler canmake him rich just like the doorman and so he decides to accompanythe Traveler. When the Traveler hears of Ruth’s request, he vows toreturn with the object and consents to taking John with him, though heis ignorant that the two are married.After several days of wandering through the wilderness, an alert Traveler arouses John from sleep to tell him that their path has beenUSC – School of Cinematic ArtsMFA – Television & Film Production2012
 Tim MeesterTales of the TravelerFeature Film Conceptmade clear to him in a dream, where an old crone visited him. Theymust acquire three objects of great material value and bring them to acave at the top of the mountain where they will be needed for theobject they seek. In order to acquire the objects, however, they willneed to traverse through perpetually dangerous territories. John thinksthe Traveler’s dream is laughable, but continues on with the mad questenticed by the prospect of acquiring material wealth.For the remainder of the second act, John’s spirit is graduallybroken by the journey’s adversity and he progressively desires to gohome, but perseveres because the Traveler continues producing theobjects that increase in value each time. As his thoughts turnhomeward, John gives the Traveler an insight into his unhappymarriage, which chiefly stems from Ruth’s inability to get pregnant. The Traveler remains a mystery to John because he is never aroundwhen the Traveler finds the objects and the Traveler’s explanation forfinding them are highly implausible because they seem more likefantastic moral allegories designed to instruct John.At the climax of the film, John discovers the Traveler, afterhaving been absent, putting on his clothes and receiving the thirdobject from a wealthy old man who leaves in a coach. John appears tohave a revelation: the Traveler is a wandering prostitute whosedelusional stories are symptomatic of repression. John wants to askabout it, but the Traveler insists the time has come to climb themountain and get what they set out to acquire, an object John believeswill be the most valuable of all. When the Traveler emerges from thecave with an ordinary rock and says that it was necessary to sacrificethe other valuable objects, John is furious at first, but starts to pity the Traveler and insists that they return home together.Having suffered through various calamities for a fruitlessambition, John is elated to finally make it home where he is excited todiscover that Ruth is three months pregnant. John has learned toUSC – School of Cinematic ArtsMFA – Television & Film Production2012

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